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May 1-5 General Studies

Hello!  I apologize for missing so many posts.  All of a sudden time completely flew by.  We have been so incredibly busy here in 2nd grade as we close our year.

We are finishing up our last unit in math, Geometry.  It has been fun looking hard at our 3 dimensional solids.  We have learned about the faces, edges, and vertices of each shape.  We even attempted to make them with straws and clay.  The pyramid was the most successful while the cube kept flopping over.

We also finished up our Responding to Reading unit in writer’s workshop.  We have started our unit on learning to write like a scientist.  The children are learning how to write up a well written and precise lab report about an experiment.  So far, we have written our question, hypothesis, procedure, results and conclusion. Now, we are fine cartier bracelets tuning the experiments and our writing.

Our literature circles have ended and we embarked on our final unit of Fairy Tales.  We have been exploring many types fairy tales.  Did you know there are different versions of one story?  We have learned the components that help us identify a fairy tale and have searched for these in a Fairy Tale Scavenger Hunt.  We are exploring the many different kinds of characters that make these stories come alive.  Soon we will be assigned to a play and the children will act out a fairy tale themselves.  This gives them the opportunity to really work on fluency and expression.

Economics is exciting with our Flea mens cartier bracelets
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topic of conversation will be saving money.

Have a wonderful weekend!!!