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February 21-24 General Studies

Please mark March 24th on your calendars.  This is the date cartier love bracelet for our parent/teacher conferences.  Please also consider coming to our Purim Carnival next weekend.  The PTA has worked very hard and it’s a super fun experience.  Please sign up to help out with our second grade booth if you haven’t done so already.

We started a new unit in Writer’s Workshop.  We are writing letters to future readers in our class about our opinions.  We are learning letter format, the difference between fact and opinion, and backing our opinion up with evidence from the text.

We are having a blast with our fractions.  We learned what a fraction is, how to make a whole, and how to order cartier love necklace fractions.  Ask us about it!

Our class has started literature circles.  We have learned how to use the various comprehension strategies and we are applying them during this time.  The children have a selection of books they can choose from and groups replica cartier are formed.  They read and do a literacy job.  Then we meet and discuss the book.  It’s a great opportunity to apply our skills and teach each other.

We started our unit on Famous Inventors.  Each child was assigned an inventor that they have to research.  This is the first step to creating mens cartier bracelets
our projects.

Thank you to our guest reader Skyler Kaplan!  A very happy birthday to Mason and Joey.