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September 12-16

 A productive week in 2nd grade!  We are continuing to work hard, establish our routine, and get cruising on our curriculum before the holidays start in October.

We are finishing up our unit on government this week.  We are concluding the unit with a STEAM project (Science/Technology/Engineering/Art/Math).  The children were placed into groups and each were given a specific job.  This was intended to simulate some of our government jobs and working together as a government.  We had leaders, citizens, smaller tasks, etc.  Each student had to stick to their job, they had to follow the rules of other members of their teams, and they had to work together.  Extremely hard tasks for kids...and for adults!  A lot of confusion, arguing (just like when they made the Constitution!), breaking of rules, etc.  Most groups settled into their jobs and created an amazing final project.  Others simply gave up and did things on their own.  It was a lesson on government, cooperation, patience, respect, and many more skills.  Here are the pictures of our groups building.

In Singapore math, we worked on two and three digit addition and subtraction without renaming (regrouping).  This week we will be working on two and three digit addition with renaming.  Please continue to work on memorizing basic math facts to make the more complicated problems a bit easier.

Our personal narratives are in the first phase of the writing process.  We have made mind movies of our stories, sketched our ideas, and have written the very beginnings of what will be a long revision process.


Thank you to everyone who came out for our Back to School night.  I was only able to talk briefly about the amazing things we will do this year.  I will share on our blog as the year progresses.  Here is the link for my presentation from that night.

DAILY 5 during Read to Self and our weekly spelling pattern.

Thank you to our first mystery reader, Natalie Dayan!