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September 6-9

We had a short week due to Labor Day.  I am looking forward to seeing everyone at Back To School Night this Thursday evening.

I have recently replaced our chairs with yoga balls.  Children are in constant motion...wiggling, tapping, sitting up on their feet, falling out of their chairs, etc.  When a child sits on their yoga ball, they are able to direct their natural need for movement in a positive way.  They have to constantly move their bodies on the chair to maintain their balance, keeping them alert.  These chairs channel their energy in a positive way, allowing them to focus on their work more completely and reach their full potential as learners.  Right now we are learning to use small bounces and treat our new chairs responsibly.  We shall see how it works out in our classroom!


We have officially started Writer's Workshop this week.  We had talked about finding the seed, 'small' moment, inside the larger moment.  This week, we brainstormed some more of our own moments in our writer's journal and chose one we wanted to focus on.  We talked about bringing our story to life a bit by having the people in our story talking.  The students use quotation marks to let the reader know that someone is speaking.  They will be working on their personal narrative for quite a few weeks while they learn about the true writing process.

In Math, we are headed into a unit on addition and subtraction.  We will be learning mental math strategies and how to 'rename' (regroup) when necessary.  A lot of us do the math in our heads and I can't wait to hear about how they do it.

Our government unit is almost finished!  We talked about citizenship and how we are good citizens in our school and outside life.  The students are filled with a lot of kindness and good deeds.  This week will be our final project where we will have small groups work together like our government to create their own cities with legos.

DAILY 5 has launched and we are trying our best to be in charge of our learning.  While I read with children, they are responsible for working on a variety of literacy activities;  working with their spelling words, reading to a friend, reading to self, writing, and listening to books.  They are learning to monitor their time and complete these tasks within the week...and do them well.  They also have to learn patience and compromise, which are both difficult tasks at this age.  It's tough, but we are off to a good start.

Happiest 8th Birthday Honey!!


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