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Weekly Update

Jewish Studies

In Torah, we discussed how God confronted Adam and Eve about them eating from the forbidden tree. We talked about taking responsibility for our actions, instead of blaming others. We related this important lesson to our own, daily lives.

This week, we read Parashot Tazria-Metzora. These Parashot discuss purification rituals and skin infections. We compared and contrasted the doctors of today and the Cohen of long ago. You can read more about these Parashot here: Parasha Tazria Parasha Metzora

We continued learning about Yom HaAtzmaut, Israeli Independence Day. We discussed the Israeli flag and the symbol of Israel (the menorah and olive branch.)

Here we are singing Kachol v'lavan!

During the Rosh Hodesh Iyar assembly, we sang songs for Yom HaAtzmaut. On Tuesday, we will celebrate Israeli Independence Day with Yom Sport (a day of sports). Please remember to have your child wear the correct color t-shirt.

General Studies

Community of Kindness Blogger (Mason) - Mrs. McVearry made more leaves. Anna, Aleeya, and May gave Moti an eraser. Eva,Daisy,May,Yisrael,Moe, Danny, and I help clean up the library and find the missing book.

Wordly Wise Blogger (Ariel) - This week in Wordly Wise we took a test. I  had a lot of fun.

This is Ms. Stein. In Wordly Wise this week, in addition to learning some great vocabulary words with multiple meanings, we also learned about George Ferris, the inventor of the Ferris wheel! We read about the London Eye, which is the world's largest Ferris wheel! It is located on the banks of the Thames River in London, England. Then, Mrs. Hallett visited our classroom to tell us about her personal experiences on the London Eye. We discovered that Mrs. Hallett visited this famous landmark five years ago; and that it has closed cars for safety and for protection from the weather. We then discussed other famous landmarks in London: Big Ben and London Bridge. It was special to have a guest speaker, rather than simply reading about these places. 

Mrs. Hallett

Spelling Blogger (Danny) - We did a spelling pretest. We reviewed our spelling lists. We did a spelling Word search. We did spelling stories. We did a spelling test. We shared our spelling stories.

Science Blogger (Eliana) - On Monday we did not do any science. I  hope we do science tomorrow. On Tuesday in Wordly Wise we talked about inventors which use science. Ms. Stein said that Wordly Wise and science go together. On Wednesday  in our book called Russell Sprouts the next chapter is called the Science Fair we are going to read it tomorrow. It is the last chapter in the book. On Thursday we went to the Science Lab. We learned about energy. We learned about three different kinds of energy heat,light and sound. We made light with lemons. It was so cool! You could actually see light! We used cold water and hot water. We saw that food coloring absorbs slower in cold water and faster in hot water. It was really cool! We used a tuning fork to hear,feel and see a sound wave. You have to hit the tuning fork on the table and put the tuning fork close to your ear to hear the sound wave. You can actually hear the sound wave! To feel the sound wave you have to hit the tuning fork on the table and then put the tuning fork on your nose. You can actually feel the sound wave! Everyone thought the sound wave tickled even me! To see the sound wave you have to hit the tuning fork on the table and lightly put it on top of the water. It makes a big splash! You can actually see the sound wave!  A tuning fork is a scientific tool. Mrs. Burkhart says "Tally Ho" to get your attention. I think Tally Ho is Mrs. Burkhart's favorite word. We had a lot of fun in the Science Lab. On Friday we did not do any science. I felt disappointed because I love science. Science is so much fun! Bye!

Energy 1 Energy 2 Energy 3 Energy 4 Energy 5More pictures are coming soon!

Our Mystery Reader on Friday was Dr. Mitzmacher!

MR 1 MR 2 MR 3

It was wonderful to see so many of you at Community University today! See you tomorrow!

Ms. Stein & Morah Rivka