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Weekly Update

Shalom, Families!

Since I am still catching up from my days of being absent due to the flu, this is a two-part Weekly Update, beginning with this week. I'm so grateful to Mrs. McVearry and Mrs. Paul for keeping things running very smoothly in the classroom!

Jewish Studies

In Torah, we started a new chapter this week. We learned that in the Garden of Eden, God said that Adam and Eve were allowed to eat from any tree except the Tree of Knowledge. The snake then influenced Eve, and she ate from the forbidden tree. Next week, we will find out the consequences of this action.

In Parasha, we talked about the kosher animals (fish and birds) that we are allowed to eat, and the non-kosher animals that we are not. We learned to differentiate between these two groups, based on signs from the Torah. You can read more about Parashat Shemini here.

We have also begun to learn about Yom Ha'Atzmaut, Israeli Independence Day. In class, we sang a song, and discussed the two holidays that occur during the month of Iyyar.

General Studies

Reading Blogger (Aleeya) - Wednesday I did reading in daily five with Anna. On thursday we read Russell Sprouts it was fun and we learned a new bad word schmatz.

This is Ms. Stein. To clarify, Russell Sprouts is the main chatacter in a read aloud book we're enjoying. Russell is six years old, and is just realizing that some words are appropriate, while others are not. After getting in trouble for saying a bad word, he invents the make-believe bad word "schmatz." He can use this word when he is feeling angry, without being rude or offending anyone.

Math Blogger (Alon) - On Wednesday we got a new workbook and textbook. It was awesome! We also got for homework pages7-8 in our workbook. On Thursday we went over part+part=Whole. In class we did pages11-12 in our textbook.Then we checked those pages.

Our Mystery Reader today was Mrs. Socher. She read the class a book completely in Hebrew! Afterward, the kids retold the story to Ms. Stein and Mrs. McVearry.

Mrs. Socher 1 Mrs. Socher 2 Mrs. Socher 3 Mrs. Socher 4 Mrs. Socher 5

The Week Before Pesach Break

We are so proud of the wonderful job the kids did performing in their Pesach play! You can enjoy it again by clicking here.

On Tuesday, we reviewed the order of the Haggadah and then tie-dyed our pillowcases. On Wednesday, we decorated the pillowcases with Pesach-related words and symbols. We hope your child enjoyed reclining during your Pesach Seder!  During the rest of the week, we studied Parashat Tzav, searched for chametz, and cleaned up our classroom.

Wordly Wise Blogger (Danny) - We did w.w words on the window. I hope we have fun. We did w.w p.65 .  We did a review and checked it.It took a while.

Spelling Blogger (Eva) On  Monday  we did a pre test. We are studying oo,ui,ew. On Tuesday for h.w it was spelling 3X each. On Wednesday we had spelling story. On Thursday we studied. On Friday we took a test.

Math Blogger (Saylor) On Monday, we read a book called "The best worst day",and there is a chapter called "Math Problems".On Tuesday,we did some 3 multiplication tables.It was AWESOME!!On Wednesday, we did text book page 120 in our math journal. On Thursday, we checked our morning work witch was:8x3,5x2,3x6,2x4,3x9,7x2,11x3,8x2 & 3x7. The answers were:24,10,18,8,27,14,33,16,& 21.We also checked our homework witch was pages 148-151.We also did pages95-98. On Friday, we played an AWESOME math game.

Community of Kindness Blogger (Moe) - I saw Isaac give his chair to Ariel in music. We did community of kindness leafs. These leafs we will put on are community of kindness tree. It will be fun. We write something nice about someone on a leaf.everyone is nice in are class. Everyone is complementing someone in our class.

Tree 1

Tree 2 Tree 3

Our Mystery Reader this week was Moti's Uncle Jay. He read us a great book called        The Elijah Door, A Passover Tale!

Moti 1-1  Moti 2 Moti 3 Moti 4 Moti 5

Shabbat Shalom,

Morah Rivka & Ms. Stein


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  1. Mrs. Hernandez

    I really like that 2nd grade is making such an effort to notice kindness. What a great idea to have a kindness blogger- I love it! And the kindness tree looks like it has a lot of beautiful leaves showing the many acts of kindness happening in Kitah Bet.

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