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Budding Bloggers, Week 21

Hello and Happy Last Friday of Second Grade!

What a wonderful week this has been! With most of our curriculum covered, we were able to focus on Math and Wordly Wise this week, as well as some fun activities.

Here is a summary of our week's lessons brought to you by the following Bloggers:

Spelling Blogger (Julia): Today, we had a Spelling Bee with Mrs. Bernard's class on Homophones and our last spelling list! It was very fun.

Reading Blogger (Jeremy): This week, we read Charlotte's Web because there were no more stories in our Reading book. We are going to try to finish reading the book on Monday. My favorite part so far was when Wilbur tried to make a web like Charlotte does!

Skype Blogger (Ariella): This week on Thursday, we had a Skype call with a girl named Lily from Ghana, Africa! She and her brother Nathan will be at our school next year. Nathan will be in 6th grade, and Lily will be in 3rd grade with us. Both second grade classes were in Miss Stein's classroom on Thursday when we Skyped.                                      P.S. - I feel happy about next year because all of us will be together in Mrs. Rogo's room, and Mrs. Bernard will be our teacher too!

Wordly Wise Blogger (Evan): This week, we studied lessons 1-15 and took our cumulative test.

Math Blogger (Emily): This week in Math, we were studying A.M. and P.M. We took a test also, but we did it altogether.

Special Art Project Blogger (Arin): This week, we made a "koala-fy" bear. It was a fun project where we wrote why we qualify for Third Grade. We brainstormed many things that we learned this year. Here are some pictures:

Please remember to send in two cans of fruits or vegetables with your child either Monday or Tuesday for the Bikkurim Festival on Tuesday morning. Also, please have your child wear white on Tuesday. Following that festival, a yearbook signing, and some other activities, there will be a NOON DISMISSAL. Thank you for making this an incredible school year!

Shabbat Shalom,

Miss Stein

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    1. amy.stein

      I'm so happy that you enjoyed the project! You definitely "koala-fy" for Third Grade!

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