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Budding Bloggers, Week 15

Good Afternoon and Happy Passover Break!

Here is a summary of our week's lessons brought to you by the following Bloggers:

Spelling Blogger (Parker): This week, we studied contractions. My favorite word was "oughtn't" and some of them were easy. Yesterday, we took the practice test and today we took the real test. The spelling test is not that fun.

Reading Blogger (Zach): In Reading this week, our story was called "Just Like Josh Gibson." It was about a girl in the 1940's who loved baseball, but wasn't allowed to play. When she tells the story to her granddaughter, she is called Grandmama.

Grammar Blogger (Benjamin): In Grammar, we worked on using capital letters and talked about where we use them. We use them in days of the week, months, holidays, and titles.

Wordly Wise Blogger (Julia): This week in Wordly Wise, we did some fun words like arch, award, and excess. My favorite word was demolish.

Math Blogger (Jeremy): This week in Math, we studied Geometry. We learned about sides and angles of 2-D shapes. We also learned about flat surfaces, edges, and vertices of 3-D shapes. The shapes we learned about today are hexagons, trapezoids, and parallelograms.

"National Poem-In-My-Pocket Day" Blogger (Ariella): Thursday was "National Poem-In-My-Pocket Day." One of the poems are called How To Not Have To Dry The Dishes. This is how it goes. "If you have to dry the dishes, [Such an awful boring chore.] If you have to dry the dishes, ['Stead of going to the store.] If you have to dry the dishes and you drop one on the floor, Maybe they won't let you dry the dishes anymore!" Everyone got their own poem and this one was Emily's. I enjoyed it!

On Thursday, we also worked with Mrs. Kagan on geometrical puzzles called "Tangrams." These puzzles originated hundreds of years ago in China. Working in partners, the students first carefully cut out seven shapes. Then, they tried to recreate various designs, such as a sailboat and a kangaroo, using only the perimeters of those designs as their guide. It was a very challenging, hands-on activity, and it was insightful for me to further see which students are visual and kinesthetic learners! Please click on each picture to enlarge it.

Hag Pesach Sameach,

Miss Stein