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Your child should have a copy of the Purim story that he/she brought home today. We already read this together in school. Please have them read it for you before TUESDAY when they return from the long weekend. This is NOT a bonus activity - it is a homework assignment. Please do not quiz them on the story in English - we only discuss it in Hebrew.

In their folder you will see a series of tests papers. These are comprehension tests. Students have to listen and then mark each sentence yes or no. This is NOT easy as it involves listening, comprehending and responding. We are watching to see each child progress...if they start with a "60" we hope with practice, the score will improve gradually. You will notice that there are 11 questions on each test. That is because we are teaching the children that no one has to be perfect, they should all be very good!

Today we had a wonderful time at MOSH! We explored some of the fascinating exhibits, and saw two interactive shows! The first show was on the states of matter, and the second one was on old-fashioned items found in an attic. Please look for our slideshow which is coming soon!

Mrs. Bernard & Miss Stein

We are REALLY moving along! This week we started studying the Megillah, the story of Purim. In addition to learning the story, the language part of this unit focuses on feelings. We will be working with these adjectives and how to make them gender appropriate in Hebrew.

We are making good progress in ASHREI. You can encourage your child to practice for you at home.

This week in Torah we discussed the snake, Adam and Eve and the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. One of the things we will be discussing is accepting responsibility for our actions. Eve blames the snake and Adam blames Eve. We will be discussing the fact that we are ALL responsible for ourselves. We have choices and we have to make them for ourselves - not allow others to influence us to do what we know is wrong.

Have a wonderful Shabbat,

Morah Eta and Morah Rivka


Good Afternoon, Families!

We would like to thank today's Mystery Reader, Mrs. Tesler, for taking the time to read to our class today!

Here is a summary of our week's lessons brought to you by the following Bloggers:

Spelling Blogger (Jeremy): We studied the ou, ow sound. My favorite word was allowance.

Reading Blogger (Ariella): This week in Reading, we read a story called ''Frogs.'' We had Reading Workshop and the Centers were: Mini Book and Worksheet, Handwriting, Reading packet, and Write a Story.

Grammar Blogger (Evan): This week in Grammar, we learned about using er with an adjective to compare 2 things, and est with an adjective to compare 3 or more things. For example, longer and longest. It reminded me about a spelling list. We only did half a worksheet.

Wordly Wise Blogger (Emily): In Wordly Wise this week, we were reading a story called "Sa-so Says Hello." Our words were ape, brain, branch, cavern, chimney, dozen, flame, net, spear, and torch. I liked all of the words. We got to do a Crossword Puzzle. Some of the words in it were not our Wordly Wise words. I like when we practice the words, and I like it when we take the test because you practice all that time and you usually get it all right.

Math Blogger (Arin): This week in Math, we studied data in a table, estimated sums, found exact answers, and (last but not least) learned different ways to add 3 numbers.

Science Blogger (Jasmine): This week in Science, we continued to learn about plants with Mrs. B's class. First, we read about the life cycles of a bean plant and a pine tree. Then, we went outside to the playground and picked two pine cones, one open and the other closed. When we pulled apart the open pine cones, we saw the seeds inside.

On Thursday, we had fun working in Mrs. Kagan's room, studying the Main Ideas of cartoons!

Lastly, both second grades will be working on President Reports this month. In our class, we will be doing all of the work during class time. So you can sit back, relax, and look forward to enjoying the reports when they come home! : )

Shabbat Shalom,

Miss Stein

For tonight's Math homework assignment, I had the students copy down eight addition problems in their notebooks. This is a brief review of estimating and solving for exact answers. Every two problems go together. We discussed in class how you can use a ballpark estimate to make sure your exact solution makes sense.

I decided to post the problems here in case anyone cannot read their own writing, or did not leave enough space for their sums and wants to rewrite the problems. Please enjoy looking through the math notebook at the work we've been doing and send it back to school tomorrow. Thank you!

Miss Stein

1. 50+10   2. 49+13   3. 20+80   4. 24+79   5. 40+50   6. 42+47   7. 90+30   8. 88+31


In  Wordly Wise we read the story Sa-So Says Hello. It was about the Ice Age.

We had Mrs. Kagan and for a special treat she took us to her room to do our work. It was really a lot of fun. We picked cartoons to work on.

After Mrs. Kagan we worked in our Spelling and Grammar books.

During our free time we made Thank You Cards for Mr. Dave from Trads.We did a great job.


It was really exciting to get our President Books for our reports that we will be working on this month.

Today is the 100th day of school.

We had Wordly Wise and did work on page 30 and it was easy.

In Spelling we finished phrases using our spelling words.

Grammar was a lot of fun. We used adjectives to describe how we changed since we were a baby.

In Science we went to Miss Stein's class and studied different types of plant cycles. One was the bean plant and another was a pine tree. We read Lesson 3.  Also we went outside and collected pinecones to look for seeds. It was really cold. We also worked on our bat projects and hopefully we will finish them tomorrow. Ayden already finished his.

In art we finished our seascapes and then she gave us free time.