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Budding Bloggers, Week 8

Happy Friday! Despite a four-day week, and my two-day absence, we accomplished a lot. For our Presidents Reports, the students used their books to independently research historical facts and interesting facts; and they also came up with a question that they would have liked to ask their president. Then as a whole class, we began writing our rough drafts. We used our hamburger chart to help us remember to indent, write a topic sentence, and write supporting detail sentences. The writing process will continue next week!

Here is a summary of our week's lessons brought to you by the following Bloggers:

Spelling Blogger (Julia): Hello! This week in spelling, we took a test, and here are some of the words: too, curfew, new, and cockatoo. There were lots more!

Reading Blogger (Jeremy): Our story this week was "Helen Keller and the Big Storm." It was about a girl that couldn't talk (mute), couldn't see (blind), and couldn't hear (deaf).

Grammar Blogger (Ariella): In Grammar this week, we studied Adverbs that tell when & where. We also did a packet in grammar.

Wordly Wise Blogger (Evan): In Wordly Wise this week, we had our Lesson 6 test. My  favorite word was miner. The test was a little bit hard. 

Math Blogger (Emily): In math this week, we did a little game called "Bean Bag Champs." We also practiced using data from a chart and took a quiz. On Monday, we are taking a test on Chapter 5 which covers estimating and regrouping. Sometimes we do a timed test so Miss Stein knows what we know.

Science Blogger (Arin): Next week we will have a test on plants. We have learned about the parts of a plant, how a seed grows, and some fun vocabulary words, like life cycle and germinate.

Shabbat Shalom,

Miss Stein