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Bloggers by Mrs. B.’s Kids

Before we blog about today. We will first include an activity we left out in yesterday's blog. We had Minds-in-Motion come to our classroom to work on a Constitution of Caring.

Today, we had a Spelling test and everyone did a terrific job.

We worked on our bat reports in our groups coming up with sentences for every letter in the alphabet.

We then went to the computer lab to start putting our work on the computer. We were able to complete up to the letter "I".

As for our friend Flat Travis, He met Morah Eta today.

Please continue reading our blog because we will have a lot more information to share with you.

Shalom to all!

2 thoughts on “Bloggers by Mrs. B.’s Kids

  1. carla.bernard

    Hi Zach,
    Are you asking me, Mrs. Bernard or Morah Eta if she likes Flat Travis? If you are asking me, I do.

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