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Budding Bloggers, Week 7

Happy Friday! This was a very productive week, and the students have definitely earned their three-day weekend! We would like to thank Mrs. Shirley Bielski for being our special Mystery Reader today. She did a wonderful job!

Here is a summary of our week's lessons brought to you by the following Bloggers:

Spelling Blogger (Jasmine): This week in Spelling, we studied words with the sound oi and the sound oy. We also did some work and a wordsearch with our spelling words. 

Reading Blogger (Josh): This week in  Reading, we did a packet, we read a story in our Reading book called "I Like Where I Am," and we had our Reading Test. It was fun!!

Grammar Blogger (Parker): This week, what we did in grammar was learn about adjectives that compare, and adverbs that tell when or where. We started this in our Journals, and next week we will be doing more with adverbs.  For example: The truck came today. Today tells when.

Wordly Wise Blogger (Zach): This week in Wordly Wise, our words were: absorb, anchor, brush, bud, center, core, factory, hive, sapling, and trunk. We had 3 tests this week! One of the tests covered Lessons 1-4, and the other two were on Lesson 5. IT WAS REALLY FUN! Here are some pictures of us quizzing each other before the big test... 

Math Blogger (Benjamin): In Math, we learned about adding money up to a certain amount of money in our homework. We learned about different ways to add 2-digit numbers. We did Plant Crop Coordinates for homework. It went along with Science.

Social Studies an Science Blogger (Julia): This week in Social Studies, we studied  presidents. It was fun! Miss Stein let us pick a name out of a cup. We are doing our reports at school. This week in Science, we went to the M.O.S.H. We saw a show called "What's The Matter?" about the forms of matter, and another show called "In The Attic" about old-fashioned inventions. Here is a picture of us holding the names of our presidents in alphabetical order.

Shabbat Shalom,

Miss Stein