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Trading Card Experts

We have made three trading cards in the computer lab. The first one we did was about ourselves. The second one was about what we thought was the strongest element or thing in the world. We read a story called "The Strongest One," and that is how we got the idea to make that trading card. The third trading card we created was about a rescue dog. In our reading book we read a story about rescue dogs.

Now we are experts because we know how to make trading cards very well. It was fun making trading cards. You should make a trading card, too.

How-to Make a Trading Card

Step 1- Go to BigHugeLabs.  Scroll down and choose "trading card." (Or you can click on the picture below. We made it a link.)

Step 2- Use a picture that you have saved on your computer. We save ours to the desktop so that we can easily find it. Next click on "choose file" to find your picture and upload it.

Step 3-  Click on one of the three choices for where the picture goes "top left, bottom right or center." Then pick your background color.

Step 4- Choose a title for your card. For example, on a trading card about the strongest element, the title might be "Hail." The sub-title would be "The Strongest One." Another example from one of our trading cards is title: "Rescue Dogs" and sub-title: "German Shepherds."

For the description, we wrote adjectives that described our topic, and we also wrote one or two sentences. We pre-wrote our thoughts in our journals before we went to the computer lab.

Step 5-

We did not choose any icons, but you could if you want. Next, press create and you will see your trading card.

Step 6-  Then look at your card, and make sure it looks the way you like. Read it over to make sure you don't have any mistakes. If you need to change something, click "edit" to go back. If it is the way you want it to be, click "save" and if you want to print it, click "print."

We hope you have fun making your trading cards. We hope our directions help you. Thank you for reading our blog post. Please leave a comment if you have any questions for us or to tell us about your trading cards.
- by Miss Stein's 2nd graders.

2 thoughts on “Trading Card Experts

  1. andrea.hernandez

    Dear Miss Stein's 2nd Graders-
    I am really proud of you for sharing your expertise. I know how hard you worked to become trading card experts. I also know how hard you worked to write this great blog post sharing your learning with others. I am a very lucky teacher to work with you!
    -Ms. H

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