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After finishing our science unit on animal habitats,we had the opportunity to visit the Museum of Science and History. We spent the morning learning about animal adaptations and how they live in different parts of the world. The students got to interact with real animals which they thoroughly enjoyed! Our class was also able to explore the second floor exhibits that centered around our lives in the future.

The 2nd graders had loads of fun on Tuesday to mark the 100th day of school. We began the afternoon by sampling 10 different snacks and counting out 10 of each snack in order to fill up our "snack wall". Students were able to read and share different books that take characters through their own 100th day. We ended the day with "pom pom" art. They all counted out 100 pom poms and were able to design a picture of their choosing using the materials that were given. All in all it was a fun day and they were most excited to be allowed to stray from the regular classroom schedule!


Second grade has had many exciting science activities in the past few months.We have learned about force and motion as well as beginning a unit on the human body.

The students had a great time planning and designing Tinker Toy cars and ramps for their STEM project which focused on motion.We started the lesson on a Monday and discussed force and motion and how it pertains to speed.The students began by planning their cars and ramps on paper then proceeded to build the cars the following day.The object of this STEM project was for students to race their cars down the ramps and measure which car went the farthest.The class was divided up into groups of two or three students.These groups worked well together planning and designing their cars and ramps.When one particular group raced their car down the ramp and discovered that the car was not going very fast~ they had to redo the entire ramp.

The anticipation of race day was especially exciting because of the competitive nature of a few of the students.We has a first and a second place winner for the car that went the farthest after traveling down the ramp.We will continue to do these types of projects throughout the year.The students really enjoyed creating their own projects and working in cooperative groups.

Our first human body activity  in response to the question, "Why do our skeletons have so many bones?"

In this experiment students consider what would happen if their body didn't have any bones.We used baby oil,Qtips,construction paper and dark colored crayons.The students traced their hands and drew their bones by opening and closing their hand in a fist.They were able to "feel" the joints when the hand was open and then when they made a fist.Then they outlined their bones on the hand that they had drawn earlier. Using a QTip, they were able to fill in the gaps and the joints with baby oil. After the oil was dry on the paper we hung up our finished pictures on the window so that when the the light shines through we can see our "bones".



When we recite the Hanukkah blessings, we say:  ...... "SheAsa Nisim LaAvoteinu"......  Nisim are miracles ~ there were 2 Hannukah miracles.  One was the military victory of the few Maccabees over the mighty Greek army.  The second miracle was that the small pitcher of oil lasted for 8 days and nights.

In Kitah Bet we learn about the miracles through stories and songs.   Watch us learning & singing about the military victory נס המלחמה and the miracle of the oil נס פך השמן.



What Hebrew month is it now?  The year ended with the month of Elul and began again with the month of Tishrei. It is now one month after Tishrei and one month before Kislev. Just listen and find out! We'll be singing this song before every holiday to find out in which month we celebrate the holiday. Check back at Chanukah!

      Second grade has been very busy with learning exciting and creative ways to add and subtract. We are using the Singapore Math curriculum which is new to me this year. I spent two days in math training and learned all about strategies that help all students compute and really understand math concepts. Singapore Math focuses on mastery instead of memorization. The small island country of Singapore ranked in the top three in fourth and eighth grade math scores, while the United States ranked ninth and eleventh respectively. The goal is for children to perform well because they have a deeper understanding of the concept instead of studying to pass a test. 

      In our second grade class, the students are playing with different types of manipulatives each day in order to strengthen their math skills. For instance, this past week they used "VersaTiles" which involve solving problems with puzzle pieces. If their answers are not correct, then the puzzle pieces will not fit and the answers need to be recalculated. They have really enjoyed the challenge and some look for more difficult puzzles immediately after finishing their classwork. 

     As for homework, I usually send two pages of math or grammar home each night. Your children should be reading out loud to an adult or to themselves for at least 20 minutes each night. I encourage you to listen to them read every night and ask a few comprehension questions. 
     Please email me with any concerns about your child and I look forward to seeing you at Open House at 7:00 pm on Oct. 24 and also at parent-teacher conferences on November 1st. I will email you that schedule as soon as it is available.

        Last Wednesday a special guest artist visited our classroom. The students were very excited to meet Mrs.Scharf-Anderson's mother, Roberta Scharf! Mrs. Scharf demonstrated how to bead necklaces and fastened them onto sunglasses or eyeglasses for every child. The students worked very hard on this project and were so happy to be able to take them home. Yesterday your child should have come home with a beaded eyeglass chain.