173rd Day of 1st Grade

 - by pamelalewis

Can you believe it’s the last week of school?!?!  We have a SUPER fun week ahead!!  Read the bottom portion for some important announcements about what is coming up!

After our journal, weather, and days of the week we started language arts.  We did a whole story in one day!  We read about the person who created the first telephone!  In our practice book we worked with some high frequency words and what would be our spelling words.  In our grammar book we learned the difference about using “I” and “me”.

We went to art for a little bit but then came back for a great opportunity!  We got to Skype with author Peter H. Reynolds!!  He is the author of “The Dot” and many more books that we love!!  He even read his book to us!!  We were so honored to hear from him because we know how busy he is!

dotskype dotskype1dotskype2

When we finished our Skype call we got to go back to art.  After art we had snack and got to watch an episode of The Magic School Bus!  It was all about our blood system.  During snack we also sang happy birthday to Jacob M.  He will be celebrating his birthday in Jewish studies, but we still sang and ‘cha cha cha’d’!


We then got to go outside for recess until it was time for lunch.

When we came back from lunch we had a mystery reader!  Our clues helped us to figure out that it was…………

mommymystery4 mommymystery3 mommymyster5

Ms. Lewis’ mommy!  She read us 3 really cool books!  We even got to have popsicles while Mrs. Lewis read to us.  Thanks for coming!!

After mystery reader it was time for Jewish studies.



‘What did one wall say to the other wall?’   Leave your response as a comment.  They will not be approved until later this week so that no one can copy.



*Please continue to bring in any and all library books to avoid paying the fine for the books to be replaced.

*WEDNESDAY WILL BE OUR ‘END OF THE YEAR’ PAJAMA PARTY! The kids voted on wearing our pajamas.  We will spend the day in our comfy’s watching a movie, playing outside (SO WE WILL NEED SNEAKERS!!) and cuddling with the one stuffed animal/blanket we are allowed to bring.  We can wear slippers, but as noted above, we WILL need a pair of sneakers too.  Ms. Lewis is getting us snacks and we will have a wonderful end to our amazing year!!

*There will be a surprise guest in our room tomorrow, Tuesday…stay tuned to find out who 🙂

**After tomorrow, Tuesday, we will be done using our books/workbooks.  Feel free to come in the morning or afternoons with a bag to help our kids take things home.  If you do not take things home, they will be donated to Ms. Lewis or will be thrown away!**


Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with Ms. Lewis regarding any questions or concerns!!