172nd Day of 1st Grade

 - by pamelalewis

WELCOME HOME JERRY!!!!  We are so glad Jerry came home 🙂 Look below for pictures and fun from his trip!

We did our morning work, took our spelling test, and were off to library!!  When we came back from library we got to watch a show until snack time.  We got a special snack today to celebrate Lucy’s birthday!!

After snack time we did math.  We practiced our numbers up to 40, and also reviewed our multiplication and division.  Ms. Lewis would say the problem and we had to put our bodies into the position of the problem (number wise).  So for example, Ms. Lewis said I have 3 equal groups that add up to six.  So we had to get into 3 groups of 2 which equaled 6.

After math we did show and tell and then got to go to recess!  We went to lunch and came back for our surprise.  We got to see what was in the box with Jerry!!  There were pamphlets from all sorts of attractions by Niagara Falls!  There was a book too!  Also, Jerry’s journal!!!!

Jerryback jerryback2 jerryback1 JerryQR1 JerryQR2  To hear the QR codes, simply use your smart device and hold your phone over the code with a QR code app.  Once you have a QR code scanner app, you should be able to hear the fun 🙂  They should be free to download!

We went to Jewish studies as soon as we were finished with our Jerry fun!  Be on the lookout for a video from Morah Rachel 🙂

Shabbat Shalom everyone!  I hope you are excited for all the fun we will have next week!!!!!!!!!