165th Day of 1st Grade

 - by pamelalewis

We had our morning work and worked all the way up until it was time for PE.  When we came back from PE it was time to FaceTime with Mr. Fisher!  We finally got to see how Jerry has been doing!!!


Jerry kept wanting to go for a swim in the falls!  He would have gotten SOAKED! We are glad he stayed dry with Mr. Fisher!!  Jerry will be back home to MJGDS soon 🙂

When we finished our FaceTime call we started language arts.  We worked in our practice book and in our grammar book.  In our practice book we worked with our spelling and high frequency words; we used the words to complete sentences and to identify some pictures!  In our grammar book we worked more with how sentences begin and end.  This has been really easy for us since we already know that sentences start with a capital and end with a form of punctuation!!

We had snack and also did our AR quizzes.  Then it was off to music.  We went to lunch from music and finally came back to Ms. Lewis’ room.  When we got back to our classroom it was time to practice for our reader’s theater show tomorrow!  We get to skype with our friends in Canada to finally put our plays together!!

play practice


When we finished practicing all 3 plays, we got to go outside!  We played until it was time for Jewish studies.

Tomorrow is Friday.  We have library, a Skype call, and a birthday celebration!  WE WILL be able to do show and tell, so BRING SOMETHING COOL 🙂 We also get to have a ticket drawing.

Kol Tov