152nd Day of 1st Grade

 - by pamelalewis

What an amazing Wednesday!  We started our morning with the journal question, the weather, and the days of the week.  We all got to share our journal responses so we worked up until it was time for PE.

When we came back from PE we started math.  We began with our problem of the day and then started to work independently in our workbooks.  We were still working on counting change.  It is important that we practice at home!!  We can help at the grocery store, or just count some change at home to get familiar with the names and values of each coin.

We had snack and then had the BEST SKYPE CALL EVER!!!

We finally got to meet the infamous Mike Fisher.  He came to us via Skype wearing a sombrero and sunglasses.  He was silly!  It made us think he was in Mexico, but he tricked us!

fishskype2  We guess where he was first.  He gave us some tricky answers, but we figured it out!  fishskype5  He was in Buffalo, NY!  After we figured out where Mr. Fisher was we asked some fun questions.  Mr. Fisher shared some of the poems he wrote with the 4th grade illustrations.  Mr. Fisher did something VERY special and even wrote a poem JUST FOR US!  We have a secret plan (It’s so secret that only Ms. Lewis and Ms. Tolisano know about it..so far!!) about something fun we are going to do with the poem Mr. Fisher wrote for us.  Mr. Fisher asked us questions about school, about our favorite books, and about traveling!  We introduced Jerry also.  We all came up with a plan…..Jerry is going to TRAVEL to Mr. Fisher!  We are going to send Jerry to Mr. Fisher next Monday and the following week, when Mr. Fisher has Jerry and Jerry’s journal, he is going to take Jerry somewhere special and we will Skype again.  Ask your kids where Jerry will be going 🙂

fishskype3 fishskype4 fishskype6   After our 47 minute Skype call (!!!!!!!) we started language arts.

During language arts we talked more about commands and we worked with our high frequency words.  We also read our next story.  We started our LAST reading street book today!  Our story was called ‘Tippy-Toe, Chick Go!’  It was a very good story!  It told us that it doesn’t matter how small you are, you can always solve a problem if you try your best and use your brain 🙂

After language arts it was time for lunch.  We got to go outside after lunch and then when we came back inside we started our spelling bee.  During our spelling bee we had a practice code red.  Ms. Lewis and Ms. Tolisano were SO proud of how well we did!  We all got to move our clips up for doing a great practice drill!

We finished our spelling bee and then it was time to pack up for Jewish studies.

Tomorrow is Thursday.  We have PE, AR quizzes, and music.  DO NOT FORGET YOUR AR BOOK!