WELCOME!! ברוכים הבאים B’ruchim HaBa-im

August 20th, 2015

We are so excited to start the new year in First Grade —KITAH ALEF!!!   Check here on Sunday mornings early for weekly posts from both of us!!

Mrs. Ulichnie & Morah Rachel

Kitah Alef’s Cursive Dictionary

June 2nd, 2015

Our LAST (full) week of 1st Grade- General Studies

May 31st, 2015

We hope everyone enjoyed the long weekend.  We came back well rested and ready for our last (full) week of 1st grade!  I can’t believe how fast it’s gone!!!!

We started our morning by writing about our long weekend in our journal.  We had our morning meeting and then started Daily 5!!  In order to get ready for 2nd grade, we had complete choice during Daily 5.  We were able to choose between read to self, word work, or work on writing.  We had to do at least 2 of the options.  Ms. Lewis helped us by setting timers to remind us to switch our activity.

After Daily 5 it was time for snack.  Next, we started math.  During math we were working with our numbers to 100!!  We were able to go through the beginning of the lesson pretty quickly!!  We also started to talk about estimation of numbers.

We had some time before lunch and got a surprise recess!!!  Then, we were off to lunch and right up to music.  We came back to pack up and go to Jewish studies.

We started our morning with some fun math!  We learned about greater than and less than…but we thought about them as alligators!!!  The alligator is always hungry and eats the bigger number :)  We had our morning meeting and then we headed to library.  We did not need to bring our books because we were working on our animal projects.

After library we went right to PE and then came back to have snack.  We started math and working in our workbooks.  We were working with our numbers to 100!!  We worked until it was time to go to lunch.  After lunch we enjoyed recess!  We came in to go to Jewish studies.

Thursday we enjoyed writing about our favorite parts of first grade in our journal.  Then we had our morning meeting and headed right to PE!  When we came back we did our LAST AR quiz and had snack.  After snack it was time to started our Daily 5 choices.  We could do word work with our words from our word bank, read to self, or work on writing.  Ms. Lewis was busy recording our spring reading, be sure to check our our blogfolios!  It’s fun to look at our fall reading video and then watch our spring reading video :) Wow, we have grown!!  After Daily 5, we started math.  We were back in our textbooks and we learned about adding and subtracting numbers to 100!!  We also reviewed greater than and less than again.

Then we were off to lunch and recess to follow.  When we came inside, it was time to pack up for Jewish studies.

OUR LAST FRIDAY TOGETHER :( We enjoyed more practice with greather than and less than..with numbers all the way up to 900!!!!  We had our morning meeting and we were off to library to finish our project.  We did library and daily 5 at the same time!  Mrs. Hallett was recording our voices for our project so we went a few at a time and enjoyed daily 5 while our friends were taking turns in the library.

After library we had snack and enjoyed some Curious George!  Then we worked on math.  We worked in our workbook and had fun with the big numbers!!  Before we knew it, we were off to lunch and then out to the playground to enjoy recess!  When we came back inside, we packed up for Jewish studies and went to meet Morah Rachel and Morah Hannah for our last Israeli dancing.

COMING SOON TO 1st GRADE………………………………

We will be having nothing but FUN next week :)  On Monday we will be bringing home a lot of our stuff.  Don’t forget to wear your PJ’s!!

Thanks for a great years!!!!!!

37th Week of 1st Grade – General Studies

May 26th, 2015

What a fun and busy Monday!!  We did our morning work and had our morning meeting.  We had a really fun lesson on mental images and we even learned a new word: schema.  Ask us what it means :)  We did math earlier than usual.  In our workbooks, we got to show off our skills about counting coins!  When we were finished, we had an early snack and then enjoyed recess.  We went to art and then came back for Daily 5!  We enjoyed read to self, but we got distracted by one of our friends with a very loose tooth!!!  We got our homework packets and then packed up for Jewish studies.

On Tuesday we enjoyed starting our morning with the Rosh Chodesh assembly!  We were proud of ourselves for completing the A-Z reading challenge!  It was fun to see our friends and/or siblings getting award too.  We went to PE right after our assembly and then we finally came back to Ms. Lewis for snack.  After snack we did word work and read to self!  Then we were off to lunch and music.  Before we knew it, we had to pack up for Jewish studies!

Wednesday we had a surprise!  We had our morning meeting and did our morning work, then we went to library!!! We missed library last Friday due to conference day, so we got to go today!  We are working on the next part of our research project.  Now we are making riddles about our animals!!  We may even turn it into a book 😉 After library we played a round of freeze dance and headed to PE.  When we got back from PE we got to enjoy snack and frozen treats.

Then we got down to business!  We worked in our math textbook and we learned about shopping with money!  We each got to ‘buy’ something with Ms. Lewis and them make our number sentence with our money!! We worked all the way up until it was time to go to lunch.  We got to play at recess after lunch and then we were off to Jewish studies.

Thursday we had fun!!  We started our day with PE and came back to take our AR quizzes.  We are wokring on our spring reading videos, too!  Keep an eye out for them on our blogfolio.  It’s fun to listen to our reading from the fall and see how much we have improved :)

We enjoyed snack and started math.  We were working in our workbook and had some challenges with counting our money.  We really have to look at the coins and remember their value..sometimes its hard, but practice makes perfect!  We worked until it was time to start work on writing.  Some of us have finished our 1st ‘how-to’ writing!

We were soon off to lunch, recess, and then back inside to pack up for Jewish studies.

Friday we enjoyed the Bikkurim festival!!!!

FullSizeRender IMG_8423 IMG_8425 IMG_8427 IMG_8429

THIS WEEK IN 1st GRADE…………………………………

There is no spelling homework!  We finished our spelling for the year.  We will still be working on our spelling during school with Daily 5.

There will be math homework!  Keep an eye out for our homework packet.

On Thursday, our middle schoolers will be graduating at 7:30pm.

Next Tuesday, June 2, is our last day of school..and a half day!!!


Last Weeks–May 26 & June 1 Jewish Studies

May 26th, 2015

 Our last blog post of Jewish Studies for this year  :(

On Friday morning,  5/22, we enjoyed the בכורים Bikkurim  First Fruits ceremony with the whole school in honor of the holiday of  שבועות Shavuot We are so proud that we are learning all about the 10 Commandments!  We remember them from our Haggigat HaSiddur and will remember them hopefully all the rest of our lives.

חג שמח Chag Sameach!  Hope it was a  Happy Holiday of Shavuot!!  We have finished counting the Omer….  And life continues….the school year has flown by!! We have enjoyed every moment with this fabulous group!!

We have lots of fun planned for the last days of Jewish Studies this school year filled with reading and writing and singing and dancing!!  Don’t forget over the summer to read, write, and speak Hebrew.  Also, even if we are not at school, Shabbat and Torah readings continue!!  See you at shul???

פרשת השבוע  Parshat HaShavua This week’s Torah portion is נשא Naso and we learn the Priestly blessing.   Many of us receive this blessing on Friday nights from our parents.   “May Adonai bless you and guard you, May Adonai show you favor and be gracious to you. May Adonai show you kindness and grant you peace.”


We have enjoyed our Torah service on Thursdays with the Chazzan. Each one of us has had the opportunity to be called to the Torah and say our full names in Hebrew and say the blessings.  Thanks to  Chazzan Holzer for leading us!!

3-1 0-11

Check out their blue writing notebooks to see what they can read in their own cursive handwriting.  We’ll be writing lots more in cursive from now on!!  Please use their blue writing notebooks to practice cursive reading & writing over the summer!

Thanks to “Morah Galit” and Ms. Hallett for their help with the iPads and SmartBoards. This year wouldn’t have been the same without you!!

Thank you to Rabbi Tilman for davening with us on Tuesdays.  We appreciate you taking the time to be with us and answering a lot of  our questions!!


להתראות  L’hitraot……. See you later!!!  Especially to our friend Itamar….. we won’t say good bye but be seeing you soon!!  You and your wonderful family will be missed!!  Stay warm!!


To our sweet כיתה א  Kitah Alef class and loyal readers:

Thank you for the generous gifts that you so kindly gave us.  We appreciate all your kindnesses!

We have truly loved teaching this class and expect great things from them in the future.  Thanks also to the wonderful families who have been so supportive.

באהבה B’Ahava   With love,

מורה רחל ומורה חנה  Morah Rachel and Morah Hanna

Week of May 18–Jewish Studies

May 17th, 2015

יום הולדת שמח למורה חנה  Yom Huledet Sameach l’Morah Hanna!!!

Happy Birthday to our wonderful Morah Hanna!!!!

0 6


We practiced all of our “clothing” vocabulary..on real models!!4

יו3אני לובש                                                                          אני לובשת

Anee Lovesh   I (boy) am wearing……

Anee Loveshet  I (girl) am wearing…….

אריאות כותב  Ariyot Kotev  Ariyot Writes

We are winding down to the end of this workbook with the last few letters in cursive.  Not to worry, there will be lots more time for practicing  our reading & writing in the future!!  We have many pages left in our blue writing notebooks!!!

Please check out this amazing finger puppet show on Youtube.  It tells the story (with the  cursive letters of Mem and Mem Sofit) of a brother & a sister and how he tries to do everything she does!! The story is called Gam Anee… Me Too!! It was created by one of our own students.  Todah to Elie and his mom!! WOW!!!

יום ירושלים  Yom Yerushalayim  Jerusalem Day is TODAY  (Sunday).   The songs we have learned about Israel and Jerusalem can be found in the workbook that was sent home this week.  Enjoy!

פרשת השבוע במדבר Parshat Hashavua Bamidbar  The portion of the week is called  Bamidbar  In the Desert.  This week we begin another new book in the Torah!  FYI  — the portion and the book have the same name!!  This week we learn how the Children of Israel  took a census in the desert and how the campsite  (with all 12 tribes) was arranged.

חג השבועות Chag Shavuot  The holiday of Shavuot (feast of weeks) begins on Saturday evening.  We know that because (finally) we are finished counting the Omer since the 2nd seder!!!

חג הביכורים Chag HaBikkurim (the holiday of the first fruits)  is another name for this holiday and that’s why on Friday we will all dress in white, with flowers in our hair and bring  fresh fruit  to donate in baskets.  (We will return the baskets to you!)

We also remember that this is when Moses received the 10 commandments.  Ask us …. we know these important rules!!

We wish you all a happy Shavuot!  חג שבועות  שמח Chag Shavuot Sameach!

36th Week of 1st Grade – General Studies

May 14th, 2015

We hope all our Mommie’s had a wonderful Mother’s Day!!  We are heading into a 4-day week, with conference day on Friday..we will see you there!!

Monday morning we began our day with journal, morning meeting, and daily 5.  We had our small groups and then moved into work on writing.  During work on writing we continued to conquer ‘how-to’ writing and some of us are already for conferences!  After all our hard work we took a break for snack.

After snack we ran two laps outside in the courtyard and we came back in to take a math test.  We took a test all about time!! Then we were off to art.  After art we headed to lunch and then enjoyed recess outside at the big blue playground!  We came back inside to pack up our stuff and head to Jewish studies.

Tuesday flew by quickly!  We had a quick morning meeting after our review of time during our morning work.  We started read to self, and Mrs. Teilelbaum joined us and every group got to meet with a teacher!  We started word work and enjoyed our activities!  We went to PE afterwards and came back to have snack.  During snack, like usual, we get to listen to reading and sometimes we get to take an AR quiz!!  On Tuesday, we had several brave friends try the quiz.  Way to go–A for Effort!!

After snack we started math.  We started a new unit–MONEY!!  We were excited to get familiar with our coin names and their values!  We were having some trouble, so we took out our magnets and got into our learning :)

IMG_8325 IMG_8326 IMG_8328 IMG_8329 IMG_8330 IMG_8331 IMG_8333  After we got out our magnets, we had a better understanding!! We are excited to continue our learning in our workbook later this week.

We were off to lunch, then music, and then came back to pack up for Jewish studies.

Wednesday morning some of us enjoyed Waffles for Wishes!!!  It was a lot of fun to see everyone who came at breakfast :) When the school day started we were back in our classroom and we had a free write to start the day!   After our morning meeting we started Daily 5.  We enjoyed reading our own books during read to self and then we had the opportunity to taker AR quizzes on our seat sack books.  Then we started word work.  During word work we knew that our spelling test was sooner than usual, so we really took the word work time to help us study our words!

Then we were off to PE and back for snack time.  After snack we worked in our textbook.  We had a lot of fun working with our coins and learning more about money. Before going to lunch, we got to play a few rounds of ‘higher or lower’ to pick a number!  Then we were off to lunch, then recess, and back to pack up for Jewish studies.

Thursday we were excited because we knew there was no school on Friday!!  We had  a busy day ahead and we started by working on some math.  After our morning meeting we were off to PE.  We came back to take our AR quizzes and then we enjoyed snack.  Ms. Lewis started spelling tests while we watched Magic School Bus!  We then got to take a math test.  We took a cumulative test to show everyone at conferences!  After our test, we voted to do work on writing.  During work on writing we started to conference and work on our final drafts of our ‘how-to’ writing.  Then we were off to lunch!  We enjoyed recess after lunch and then came back to surprise Morah Hannah for her birthday!!

COMING SOON TO 1st GRADE…………………………………..

NO SCHOOL for students on Friday, May 15.  We look forward to seeing all Mommies and Daddies though!!

Tuesday morning, May 19th, we have a Rosh Chodesh assembly.

Friday, May 22nd, we will be having our Bikkurim Festival.  We should wear white and bring a basket of fruit!

There is NO SCHOOL Monday, May 25th.

Week of May 11–Jewish Studies

May 10th, 2015

We wish all of our moms יום האם שמח Yom HaEm Sameach!! Happy Mother’s Day!!  Hope you enjoyed our little gift & song!  We appreciate you not just one Sunday a year but everyday!!! We say thanks for being such good moms to our students and for helping us out in Kitah Alef!!

We are also celebrating at the end of this week  יום ירושלים Yom Yerushalayim  Day of Jerusalem. We remember on this day  in 1967 Yerushalayim became one city.  Listen for more beautiful songs!!!

In  אריאות כותב Ariyot Kotev Ariyot Writes  we have learned the letters ש ק ח ד כ כ ך Shin, Kof, Chet, Dalet,Kaf, Chaf and Chaf Sofit. It’s amazing how well we can write in cursive and how much fun it is to write like the grown-ups do!!!  We are moving fast….. so keep practicing!!!

We are (finally) back to  a fun workbook  שלום בבית ובחוץ Shalom Babayit U’VaChutz  Shalom in the House and outside.  We know about clothes we’re wearing and food we’re eating!!

פרשת השבוע  בהר בחחקתי  Parshat HaShavua  Portion of the Week Behar AND Bechukotai   Once again this week we have 2 portions!!  We learn about the Shmitah year (this year FYI) in Israel where we let the land rest every 7 years and how good it is to do mitzvot.

35th Week of 1st Grade – General Studies

May 8th, 2015

Monday morning we were ready to work!  Ms. Lewis was happy to come back to a great report after her absence on Friday.  We started our day with a journal entry, and our morning meeting.  Then we moved on to Daily 5.  We started by reading our own books during read to self.

IMG_8186 IMG_8182 IMG_8179 IMG_8176 IMG_8175 IMG_8174 IMG_8180 IMG_8183 IMG_8177 IMG_8178 IMG_8181 IMG_8184 IMG_8185 Then we started work on writing.  We got to start our OWN how-to!!!!  We realized it may be a bit harder than we thought, but we are going to learn to edit 😉 We only started with our opening grabber and our statement sentence.  Some of us did a bit more, and some of us didn’t!

We had a break for snack and then started math.  During math we started our time unit!  We talked about telling ‘o’clock’ time and also about telling ‘half past’ time for ‘:30’ time.  We had a lot of fun and we got to use our own clocks.

Then we were off to art, then lunch.  We came back to pack up and get ready for Jewish studies, but we had time to go out to recess first!! Morah Rachel and Morah Hannah met us outside.

On Tuesday we enjoyed reviewing fact families as our morning warm up!  We had our morning meeting and then started read to self.  We had small groups and enjoyed meeting with our teachers!  After read to self, we started word work.  We had a new option to do!!! KEYBOARD spelling!!  We got to type our words, and then write them.

IMG_8199 IMG_8200 IMG_8201 IMG_8202 IMG_8203 After word work we had snack.  When snack time was over, we decided to do something we have never done before…..we did MATH OUTSIDE!!!!!

IMG_8206 IMG_8207 IMG_8208 IMG_8209

After math, we got to play outside until lunch :) After lunch we went right to music and then packed up for Jewish studies.

Wednesday we did some morning writing and then we had our morning meeting.  We did something really special on Wednesday morning, but we cannot discuss it or post any pictures because it will ruin a future surprise 😉 We were soon off to PE!  When we came back from PE we had snack and then started math.

We started to learn about estimating time!

IMG_8256 When our lesson was finished, we had about 2 minutes before lunch…we started to exercise!  Some of us showed off our push up skills!!!

IMG_8259 We were off to lunch and then went to recess before coming back in to go to Jewish studies.

Thursday we had a BLAST celebrating Color Wars and Lag B’Omer!!!

FullSizeRender IMG_8280 IMG_8281 IMG_8282 IMG_8283 IMG_8288 IMG_8285 IMG_8286 IMG_8284 IMG_8287 IMG_8289 IMG_8293 IMG_8290 IMG_8291 IMG_8292 IMG_8294 IMG_8295 IMG_8296

Friday we started our morning with our spelling review word search.  We had our meeting and we were off to library!  When we came back, we enjoyed snack time and a movie we started after color war yesterday (we were exhausted!).  While we were having snack, Ms. Lewis started the spelling tests.  Then we did some read to self and reflected before moving on to math.  We worked in our workbooks during math and we learned more about estimating time!!!  We had time for a little freeze dance and then headed to lunch.  After lunch we enjoyed recess and then came in to pack up for Jewish studies!

MOMMIES: Please note..there is a special surprise for you.  You may not open it until Sunday, May 9th!!! Happy Mother’s Day :)

COMING SOON TO 1st GRADE………………………………………………

Next week is a 4-day week.  There is NO school on Friday for students…but we still get to see the Mommies and Daddies for conferences :)

We WILL have spelling and math homework next week.  SPELLING TESTS will be on THURSDAY.

We hope to see you at the Talent show on Thursday at 5pm!  We have lots of siblings with talent :)

Shabbat Shalom!!


Week of May 4—Jewish Studies

May 3rd, 2015

אריאות כותב  Ariyot Kotev   Ariyot Writes

We are really enjoying writing in cursive in Hebrew.  Practice reading & writing at home so as to really become an expert!!  We have approximately one letter each day to learn and write in Ariyot and in our blue writing notebook מחברת machberet.   It sounds like a lot but we’re so excited about each letter that the work seems easy & fun!  Great handwriting!!  Plus don’t forget to bring Ariyot and your blue Machberet to class each day (except on Thursdays— NO HOMEWORK!!)   

Once again….don’t forget to practice reading (and writing!!!)

תפילות Tefilot  Prayers  We have begun testing each student on the prayers that we have learned in our class.  It’s amazing to see what progress we have made!! The test includes reading, chanting and explaining the BIG IDEA of each prayer.  Don’t worry about this…. we have it under control!!

פרשת השבוע אמר Parshat Hashavua  Portion of the Torah this week is Emor.

ל”ג בעומר Lag B’Omer is this week!!!!  

On Thursday, May 7th, our school will be celebrating the 33rd day of the Omer (Lag B’Omer….ל”ג בעומר)

ל  Lamed equals 30

ג  Gimel equals 3

ל”ג  Lag equals 33

We will celebrate the 33rd day of the Omer with יום ספורט  Yom Sport!!!  More info to follow!!

Speaking of fun….WE LOVE RECESS הפסקה Hafsaka with all of our friends in Grades 1-5.