יויו Can you read this??? Weeks Nov. 20 and 27 Jewish Studies

 - by Morah Rachel

Wishing all of our families a Happy Thanksgiving this week!!  We give thanks everyday for our wonderful students and their sweet families.   We really do sing each day…. מודה אני  Modeh Ani (Modah Ani for a girl) as we are thankful for so many things in our lives!  Hope to see y’all on Tuesday at VIP Day at 9 AM.

We have enjoyed playing with our friends during recess.  We swing together, climb together and slide together!

We also love to dance together on Friday afternoons.  Come join us when we Israeli dance with our VIP guests on Tuesday!!

אריאות Ariyot Our Letter lion

For the letter ט    Tet last week, we made………….

טוסט  TOAST !!!!   It was yummy with a little honey on it!  (Luckily, it wasn’t burned!)


The next letter we are studying is the letter  י  yod   with words like:

יד  yad   hand

יושב  yoshev  sits for a boy

יושבת  yoshevet sits for a girl

יויו  yoyo   YOYO!!! 🙂    You CAN read this!!!   (Imagine a dot above each vov)

חגיגה  chaggigah   celebration

By the way, our   חגיגת הסידור Haggigat HaSiddur Celebration of the Siddur  is on Friday and Saturday mornings  2/2/18 and 2/3/18  SAVE THE DATES— More info to follow!!

חידה  chidah   puzzle

AND we have a student with that letter in the beginning of his name!!!!

יוסף Yosef!!!!!!

פרשת השבוע   Parshat HaShavua Torah  Portions of the week:

ויצא Vayetze   Jacob’s dream of a ladder and Jacob having lots of children

וישלח Vayishlach  Jacob & Esau reuniting… Jacob’s name is changed to Israel


חנוכה שמח Chanukah Sameach Happy Chanukah!!    Yes, before we know it it will be that time again!!

We will learn lots in our חנוכה שמח  Chanukah Sameach  Happy Chanukah workbook.    Just ask any of us soon which is the correct way to light the  חנוכיה Chanukiya and we will show you  how!!

We are learning words for the holiday :

יהודים Yehudim  Jews

יונים  Yevanim  Syrian Greeks

בית המקדש  Bet HaMikdash  The Holy Temple

אסור  asoor   forbidden

פסל  pesel   idol

נס נסים  nes,  nisim    miracle (s)

שמן  shemen   oil

חנוכיה   Chanukiyah    Chanukah  9 branched candleholder

סביבון  sevivon    dreidel

לביבות   levivot   latkes

ספגניות  sufganiyot    jelly donuts

Thanks to Mrs. Gutterman for helping us make our golden pasta Chanukiyot.  תודה רבה  A BIG THANK YOU to Morah Hanna and her handy, kind husband, Moshe Bendit, for getting all the materials ready for this project every year.   WOW!!!   You will soon enjoy these treasured gifts for years to come.

“When two vowels go walking, the first one does the talking!”

 - by arielnewton

Last week, our first grade class was introduced to the long A vowel teams. This is yet another concept that is invaluable to students as they begin to decode tricky words within their leveled readers.  I first introduced the vowel teams ai, ay, and a_e  by the sounds they make.  We brainstormed words with these patterns and wrote them in a 3-way sort, completed a poetry study, and ended the week with long A word dictation.  The kids identified long A vowel teams in everything we read and were excited to share what they had learned.  Your children might have even introduced you to the song, “When Two Vowels Go Walking”.  Our class has been requesting this song and video every morning and has done an amazing job of learning the lyrics and singing along.  I have linked the video below for you and your child’s enjoyment!

Vowel Teams Video


Week of Nov. 13–Jewish Studies–טוסט Toast!!!!

 - by Morah Rachel

Our newest letter is:  ט tet

and our newest vowels are ..   eh

Words with ט tet:

טבח  tabach   chef

אוטו oto  automobile

טלויזיה televisia  television

טוסט toast  toast

טוב tov good for boy

טובה tovah  for girl

It’s a great story about a crazy chef who loves cars!!!   (and makes burnt toast!!)

Every week a new portion in the Torah is read.  The   פרשת השבוע  Parshat HaShavuah portion of the week is: תולדות Toldot Family History.  We are happy for Rivka and Yitzchak…and they have twins!!

We have been “rocking” science!

 - by arielnewton

Science is always a joy to experience with our first graders, as we learn to investigate and question the world around us.  This week, we have been studying the Earth’s crust and all of its geographical features.  As we live in Florida, the class was excited to learn about the features of our beautiful beaches.  In order to further investigate erosion, the earth’s surface, and landforms, students completed an interactive lesson in which they answered the question, “Why is there sand at the beach?” By the end of our lab, students had explored, reenacted, and evaluated the effects of rocks tumbling in a river and were able to construct an explanation for this overarching question.  The video below explains the process of our experiment and investigation.

Mystery Science Video Clip

Hispanic America!

 - by arielnewton

This week in Social Studies we have been learning all about Hispanic Americans and their traditions and culture.  Students were introduced to accomplishments of significant historical figures such as Ellen Ochoa and Cesar Chavez.  We also discussed holidays and festivals including Dia de los Muertos and the Calle Ocho Festival in Miami.  After sparking our first graders’ interests in Hispanic music, dance, and cuisine, students participated in an engineering STEAM activity.

Students were given the task of creating a Hispanic American instrument using limited supplies and specific guidelines for construction.  Individually, we constructed functional maracas using using only straws, cups, pipe cleaners, beans, and tape.  Our maracas had to remain intact upon use, make the appropriate sounds when shaken, and had to be constructed to include a handle.  It was so exciting to witness our class overcoming challenges and embracing a sense of accomplishment.

Please reference your child’s blogfolio to see a picture of his or her completed maracas. I know you must be enjoying the musical performances at home.




Clear Your Throat!!! Week of Nov. 6–Jewish Studies

 - by Morah Rachel

Thanks for returning the  siddurim prayerbooks HaSiddur Sheli  and keep sending in those photographs if you haven’t completed them !!  It is a joy for the students to see the pictures corresponding to the prayer.

אריאות  Ariyot   We learn a new letter:

ח  Chet    (Clear your throat!!)  like in the word Chanukah!!  חנוכה

Whose name begins with this letter????

מורה     חנה  our very own Morah   CHANA!!

Some other words that we learn  are:

אח  ach  brother

אחות achot  sister

חגיגה  chagigah   celebration   (our חגיגת הסידור Chagigat HaSiddur  Celebration of us getting our new Shabbat prayerbooks  is  coming in February!)

חדש  chadash   new (for a boy)

חדשה  chadasha  new (for a girl)

משפחה  mishpacha family

The story this week tells us about a wonderful event ….

ברית מילה  brit milah  (covenant of circumcision— bris).

תפילות  Tefilot  Prayers  We are moving forward with many prayers like ואהבת  V’Ahavta  “And you shall love”  which is the paragraph after the  שמע  Shema and many others!!  Rabbi Rosenbloom taught us about תפילין Tefillin … part of the “costume” that Jews wear when they pray everyday.

In the Torah this week coming up is all about our Matriarch Rebecca.    פרשת השבוע חיי שרה Parshat HaShavua Chayei Sarah The life of Sarah…. Yes, we learn about the first funeral in the Torah and how life goes on.

The Siddur Comes Alive!!! Week of Oct. 30–Jewish Studies

 - by Morah Rachel

הסידור שלי HaSiddur Sheli   My Prayerbook

It comes to life thanks to our families!!!

We are very excited about the creation of a siddur (prayerbook) by each of our students.  This project is designed to enable our students to see themselves on the pages of the siddur and make it more meaningful. The addition of your child’s photographs  will give new meaning to the text.  IT WILL BE  OUR VERY OWN PERSONALIZED SIDDUR!!



SEE LETTER THAT CAME HOME in your child’s folder from Open House. On the left side of the folder was all the information that you need for this project.

PLEASE help us by taking pictures of your child doing things that illustrate or dramatize the prayers listed on the left in the letter. The page numbers in HaSiddur Sheli are on the far left side circled.  We offer a list of suggested photographs as examples on the right.  You may use what we suggest or better still, be creative and come up with your own.  Parents from Kitah Bet can assist you if you have questions… they did a great job last year!!

Please  glue the pictures on the correct page in the siddur.    THE SIDDUR MUST BE RETURNED TO SCHOOL by Thursday NOV. 2nd.  Not all the photos have to be done by Thursday.  Additional time will be given to your family to complete the assignment, if needed.  Pictures can be sent in at your convenience as long as they are labeled with the number and name of the prayer on the back. However, we need HaSiddur Sheli– My Prayerbook at school on that Thursday (or earlier if possible)!!!

We thank you in advance for your time and effort in making this project a success.  You are helping make the tradition come alive for your children.

Luckily, technology has enabled us to do this assignment easily at home.  If there are difficulties, don’t worry!  Let us know how we can help!!!

IF THERE ARE QUESTIONS>>> SEE YOU AT CONFERENCE DAY ON WEDNESDAY!!!  (Thanks to those parents who came to Open House on Tuesday evening.  We loved seeing you!!)


אריאות Ariyot

We learned the letter  ו vav in our second Ariyot book… and must underscore how important it is to review this with your child. It is confusing!  FYI  — the letter vav can be a letter AND  a vowel.  It makes the sound of O when it has a dot Over its head like in the word  שלום Shalom.  Please review all the vowels we have learned so far…. ah, ee, o

We have a new letter this week…..

ז the letter Zayin

AND we have a student who has this letter in the beginning of his name…..

זכאי  Zachai!!!

Here are the words in Hebrew, transliteration and English that we will focus on this week:

אוז Avaz   a male goose

אוזה  avazah   a female goose

אוזון  avazone  a baby goose

זז  zaz  moves for a boy

זזה   zazah  moves for a girl

זהב  zahav   gold

We meet the cutest little goose in this story ….

זוזו האוזון   Zozo HaAvazone   Zozo the baby goose. (His name is Zozo and each time I tell the story in Hebrew,   I make a honking sound when I say his name!!)

Enjoy reading and re-reading this story with your child.  Act out the parts…. it’s fun!

Please read the letter in the OPEN HOUSE folder about our new Ariot Cal — our online version of Ariyot.   You should have your child’s username and password  on the letter and then let them enjoy the site.  There are still a few problems we are having …….. like only the letters Alef and Shin are available to us right now…..but we are working on it!! Our students can always review those two letters and they LOVE singing and playing on Ariot Cal!!  We will let you know ASAP when more letters open up. It seems that once your child has played every game with the letter, they can’t go back again. We are working on that.  Sorry for any inconvenience.

פרשת השבוע  Parshat HaShavua    Portion of the Week  in the

תורה  TORAH  5 Books of Moses

This week’s portion is וירא Vayera……. about Avraham and Sarah showing hospitality and learning that they’re going to have a baby!!

A Glimpse of Reading and Writing Workshop

 - by arielnewton

We finished a complete week of school together in the first grade and it went off splendidly! This week in reading workshop we have continued building good reading habits by using our strategies for solving tricky words and developing reading partnerships.  The kids practiced their partnered reading by implementing book introductions. Prior to reading with their assigned partners, the students self-initiate an introduction in which they introduce the title of their new book, give a brief synopsis of the main events, get their partners interested in the text, and pick a model for reading together.  It is amazing to see first graders working together to sound out and read hard words.  Their confidence is increasing each day!

In writing workshop, we have been reviewing the parts of a sentence including capital letters and end marks.  Students were excited to put their knowledge to the test while completing a silly sentence scramble activity.

This upcoming week, we will continue reviewing our letter sounds and blends to make our reading and spelling even more fluent for this school year!  View our eager readers and silly sentence activity below.



Partner Reading and Book Introductions:

!!!לך Lech!!! GO!! Week of Oct. 23–Jewish Studies

 - by Morah Rachel


GO!!! To our OPEN HOUSE on Tuesday evening at 7PM.  See you there!!!  We will be introducing a new online program to use at home with your child.  It’s called Ariot Cal and you and your family will love it!!!


אריאות  Ariyot    Get ready….. a new letter and a new book is here!!!

We are beginning our new book of————

אריאות  Ariyot       WOW!!!!  It is green!!  Halleluyah!!

(Please remember  the homework is to READ with your child!!! And you can always review the old letters.  Don’t get rid of our orange Ariyot…. hold on to it so your child can review. )

ו The letter vav continues to surprise us!  We love meeting:

אדון בלון  Adon Balon Mr. Balloon  and the always changing balloon that is

ורוד  Varode  pink!  (In this word, it is not only a letter but also a vowel!!)

Please note that this letter can be found linking words as the word AND!!!

אבא ואמא  Aba V’Ema    Father AND Mother

שחר ושרונה Shachar V’Sharona  Shachar AND Sharona


Thanks to our loyal readers who answered the question correctly.…… What are we beginning again??? THE TORAH   The book of B’reisheet.  Thanks and extra credit goes to:

אסתר שנדל      מקסים     נועם     שמעון    אסתר חנה

Esther Shendel, Maksim, Noam, Shimone and Esther Hana

There will be other opportunities to read our blog and get extra credit!!!

בראשית B’reisheet   (In the beginning) Genesis is our first book of Torah portions and each week we will read along with the rest of the Jewish world the portion of the  week.  WE LOVE LEARNING TORAH!!!

The weekly Torah Portion   פרשת השבוע  Parshat HaShavuah  for this week is

לך לך   Lech Lecha  GO!!!!   Avraham and Sarah are told  to GO!!! And they didn’t even know where they were going!!!

We are also returning to our workbook called Shalom and we will be learning in Hebrew  about what’s in our classroom and in our backpacks.

Here’s a sweet video of us saying מי בכיתה Mi Bakitah Who’s in the class?  All the students in Morah Shira’s virtual class!!!

Beginning Again???? Week of Oct. 16–Jewish Studies

 - by Morah Rachel

We  finally have a complete week of school ahead.   But here’s the question:   WHAT are we beginning again???  PLEASE send in with your child  a written note  (can be one word in Hebrew or English)  and tell us what exactly we are beginning again.  Extra credit to those who read our blog and answer this question: What are we beginning again???

The holidays are over and we move ahead!!!  Don’t forget to review all the old letters and stories!!

HEY!!  We are learning another letter…..

ה  The letter Hey   We finally will get to finish this letter and complete this book!!

הללויה Halleluyah!

הר    har  mountain

הרים  harim  mountains

הבהב  HavHav  a dog’s name and the sound a dog makes in Hebrew (BowWow!)

הלל  Hillel  a boy student in  Morah Shira’s virtural classroom

הדסה  Hadassah   a girl student in Morah Shira’s virtual classroom

המורה שירה  HaMorah Shira  the teacher whose name is Shira in the virtual classroom

ה the letter Hey (with a vowel that makes an AH  sound)   in the beginning of a word means THE

Keep up the good work…. reading, singing and reviewing.   We appreciate all your efforts!  We LOVE this class!!!

Here are some photos from our class:


Gone Fishin’     דג דג דגים  Dag  Dag  Dagim    Fish, fish , many fish!

We fished with magnets.  We ate  fishing poles ( pretzel rods) and fished in water (blue frosting). We enjoyed our Sukkah hop and each got an etrog from Rabbi Lubliner’s tree!

תודה רבה Todah Raba  THANK YOU to our drivers (Noam, Andi and Madison’s moms) and our hosts (the Lubliners and Wolpoffs) for helping make this Sukkah Hop so special. We loved our snacks and appreciate your kind hospitality!!  So happy that Ms. Newton and Rabbi Rosenblum joined us also!!!

If you’re still reading this blogpost,  MAZAL TOV!!! You and your child will be rewarded with the answer to our question….What are we beginning again?  The Torah   התורה   The 5 books of Moses.  We end and begin the Torah all over again on Simchat Torah (which was on Thursday evening and Friday!)  So each week we will be learning another Torah portion.  Last week’s portion and this week’s portion are:

the story of Creation בראשית B’reisheet  in the beginning

נח  Noah  The flood etc.

Each portion is called פרשת השבוע Parshat HaShavuah the portion of the week. Learn along with us!!!