Ulichnie’s Last Update

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The last few weeks have been busy and fun filled.  We have spent the last few weeks reviewing and assessing for second grade.  Here are some pictures of the memories we have made.   I am so grateful to have been this amazing group’s teacher this year.  Thank you for all of your support during our first grade adventure.  I know great things are ahead in second grade.  Don’t forget to read this summer and practice those math facts.  Have a wonderful summer!

Color Wars included tug of war, basketball race, sack race, scavenger hunt, capture the flag, popsicles, and the egg race.

Thanks for coming to the Donuts with Dad event.  Here are the superhero pictures of our kids.  One cutie wasn’t feeling the superhero theme, but I think he’s super cute anyway.  It makes me sad seeing them flying off into second grade.

Here are the last week of first grade pictures.  You have such adorable children!  Think of how much they have accomplished this year.  Yes, I am getting sentimental.  These are our portraits of success.  This year has been full of word work, spelling, handwriting, writing personal narratives, informational writing, opinion writing, fiction writing, daily 5, reading groups (my favorite), addition, subtraction, fractions, telling time, measuring, multiplication, division, place value, science, social studies, art, music, P.E., library, and best of all friends.

Happy Summer!

Happy Summer!


 - by Morah Rachel

Our last blog post of Jewish Studies for this year  🙁

We had a wonderful time for לג בעומר Lag B’Omer and enjoyed Color War last Thursday!

The holiday of  שבועות Shavuot is the next holiday and we will celebrate it on June 11-13. We are so proud that we are learning all about the 10 Commandments!  AND we can write them in cursive!!

חג שמח  Chag Sameach!! We will finish counting the Omer….49 days!!

The school year has flown by!! We have enjoyed every moment with this fabulous group!!

We have lots of fun planned for the last days of Jewish Studies this school year filled with reading and writing and singing and dancing!!  Don’t forget over the summer to read, write, and speak Hebrew.  Also, even if we are not at school, Shabbat, Shavuot  and Torah readings continue!!  See you at shul???

פרשת השבוע  Parshat HaShavua This week’s Torah portion is בחקותי Bechukotai  And we learn that if we do—

מעשים טובים  Ma’asim tovim  good deeds, we will be rewarded!


We have enjoyed our Torah service on Thursdays with the Chazzan. Each one of us has had the opportunity to be called to the Torah and say our full names in Hebrew and say the blessings.  Thanks to  Chazzan Holzer for leading us!!


Check out their blue writing notebooks to see what they can read in their own cursive handwriting.  We’ll be writing lots more in cursive from now on!!  Please use their blue writing notebooks to practice cursive reading & writing over the summer!

Thank you to Rabbi Tilman for davening with us on Tuesdays.  We appreciate you taking the time to be with us and answering a lot of  our questions!!  You are a great Jeopardy player!!!

We know the Birkat HaMazon… the Grace after Meals… and we all led it at lunch !!



להתראות  L’hitraot……. See you later!!!


To our sweet כיתה א  Kitah Alef class and loyal readers:

Thank you for the generous gifts that you so kindly gave us.  We appreciate all your kindnesses!

We have truly loved teaching this class and expect great things from them in the future.  Thanks also to the wonderful families who have been so supportive.

באהבה B’Ahava   With love,

מורה רחל ומורה חנה  Morah Rachel and Morah Hanna

Week of May 23–Jewish Studies

 - by Morah Rachel

Happy Lag B’Omer…. the 33rd day of the counting of the Omer!  לג בעומר Lag B’Omer  is this  Thursday 5/26 so  we will enjoy all the fun…. picnic, games, etc.

אריאות כותב  Ariyot Kotev  Ariyot Writes in CURSIVE !!!  

We are very busy practicing our handwriting, writing cursive words & creating stories!  It is amazing how quickly we have picked up  this skill.  Cursive really does flow!!  Please remember to continue reading —old stories from Ariyot ( it’s a good idea to keep old Tal Am workbooks for this purpose) and the new words in cursive.  Review is key!!  The writing homework should not take very long to complete, but they need to be able to read what they wrote as well!!

פרשת השבוע בהר Parshat HaShavua Behar  This week’s Torah portion is about how good it is to study and how the land needs to rest every 7 years.

We are testing their prayer skills individually and we are very proud of our  students!!! Hope you’re seeing them at home and at synagogue following the prayers and chanting them correctly!! WOW!! How far we’ve come!!

Ulichnie’s Update May 20th

 - by erinulichnie

The end of the school year has snuck up on us.  We are almost ready for second grade, I can’t believe it!

In word work, we have been working on sight words, number words, and words with silent consonant (mb, lk, and kn).  We will have spelling next week, but there will be no spelling the last week of school.  Students learned about compound word and have been working on word ladders each week.  We are learning about nouns and verbs each week.

In writing, we are learning about fiction pieces.  We learned to make up characters and an adventure for our characters.  We learned to take something from real life and turn it into fiction by changing the names and details.  We also wrapped up our poetry unit.  I was really proud of the poetry reading.  I thought the kids did so well.  Thank you for attending!  Here is a picture of all of your portrait we created in art.


I completed reading assessments which include oral reading, comprehension, and sight words this week.  We will take our last STAR test next week, and I will send those results home.  We have also been working very hard on an animal research project in the library.  Students have created an ebook and written about their animals.  These turned out super cute.  They will be finished next week.

In math, students have been reviewing double digit subtraction and double digit addition with regrouping.  These are important concepts for next year.  Please continue to work with your child on basic addition and subtraction facts to 20.   Students also worked on place value and reviewed odd and even numbers.We will spend time for the next couple weeks reviewing all of our math units this year.  Then, we will have a cumulative test to assess our skills.


Playing math games together

We went to the science lab this week and learned about forces and motion.  Students came up with inventions and created these in art.  We are also learning about various inventors, like Alexander Graham Bell, Thomas Edison and Chester Greenwood (the inventor of earmuffs).  The inventions are on display in the hall along with the description students wrote.

Last week was so much fun celebrating Israeli Independence Day.  We played several games and learned a lot.

The next few weeks will be busy.  Please check out these upcoming events.

Upcoming Events:

Thursday, May 26   Color wars

Friday, May 27         Donuts with Dad at 8:15 a.m.

The invitation below was sent out last week.

Monday, May 30     No school Memorial Day

Friday, June 3          Last day of school 🙁  Noon dismissal


Week of May 16–Jewish Studies

 - by Morah Rachel


Cursive homework continues!!!!  We are so proud of our beautiful handwriting!! It’s sooo fun!  We love writing carefully in our  writing notebooks!  We will soon be writing the letters ג ר ה ב ב  Gimel, Resh, Hey, Bet and Vet. etc.   WOW!!! We are moving very quickly —approximately one letter a day! We are being sticklers about HOW to write each letter.  Most letters are based on the letter Resh…. starting from the top like a crescent .   Cursive writing homework  should be fun and not last more than 5-10 minutes each night.  Reading should continue at home of all the old Ariyot books.   Reviewing means remembering!!

We want to thank you and the PTA for the wonderful week we had last week.  We feel very appreciated!!


AND here we are with our T-shirts ready for Israel’s 68th Birthday!!!  יום העצמאות שמח  Yom HaAtzmaoot Sameach!  Happy Israel Independence Day!!  It was great…. more pictures  to follow!!

Week of May 9–Jewish Studies

 - by Morah Rachel

It’s great to be in כיתה א Kitah Alef!!  Lots of interesting and fun happenings occur daily…. like loosing teeth!!! מזל טוב Mazal Tov to all those who have lost teeth recently.  We’re growing up!!!  Everyone seems taller, too!

Happy Mother’s Day—-יום האם  Yom Ha-Em   We hope you enjoyed the hugs we made for you and the song we sang:

אמא יקרה לי  Ema Yikara Li   My dear Mother!!

And now…..

אריאות  Ariyot   Yes, we are completing the 4th book of Ariyot and finishing the Alef-Bet!!  Mazal Tov!!

ת  Tof is the last letter  and we learn words like:

תודה todah   thanks

תורה תורות  Torah  Torot    5 Books of Moses

תעודה תעודות te-u-dah   te-u-dot  certificate (s)

אותיות o-tee-yot   letters

תנועות te-nu-ot  vowels

מתנה מתנות  matanah  matanot  present (s)

חוברת חוברות  choveret  chov-rot  workbook (s)

תפילה תפילות  tefila tefilot  prayer (s)

There is no “test” at the end of this letter….. BEWARE!!!  Cursive is coming!!   WOW!

ספירת העומר  Sefirat HaOmer  Counting of the Omer    From the 2nd night of Pesach  we count each day until we reach the holiday of Shavuot.  We are anticipating receiving  the 10 Commandments!!!  We include this in our daily prayers.  Ask your child what day of the Omer is it today??

תפילות Tefilot Prayers   At this point of the year, we are checking to see if our students can chant and read the prayers we have learned this year.  We are also learning more about these prayers with Rabbi Tilman.

יום העצמאות Yom Ha-Atzmaoot   Israel’s Independence Day  is approaching next week.  Listen for some great songs about Israel’s Birthday on the 5th day ( ה Hay)  of the Hebrew month of Iyar.

פרשת השבוע  Parshat HaShavua  Portion of the Week  קדושים Kedoshim  This portion teaches us how we can be holy—- by doing good deeds!

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Ulichnie’s Update in Pictures

 - by erinulichnie

Hello!  I have so many fun pictures from the last few months I wanted to share with you all.  You can tell from our pictures that there is never a dull moment in our class!

Thanks for sharing your children with me!  I have so much fun learning with them each day.

Weeks of April 18 and May 2–Jewish Studies פסח כשר ושמח

 - by Morah Rachel

YAY!! BLOGS ARE BACK!!!  THANKS for continuing to  read!!!! 

Pesach Kasher V’Sameach   A Kosher and Happy Passover!!! Have a wonder Pesach Break!!

We know that our “Ambassadors” from Kitah Alef will shine at your family’s Seders!!  We are so proud of them and how much they’ve learned about Pesach.  Enjoy!!

Please remember that our Model Seder is this Tuesday, 4/19 at 1:00 PM.  Also thanks to anyone who wants to help set up our seder….come at 12:30!!!   This is going to be a memorable (and perhaps lengthy) afternoon!!!  WE LOVE TO SING!!!!

NOTE:   There are no hot lunches this week….before Pesach!!!

And when we return after Pesach, we will finish the alef bet with the letter  ת Taf  and move on to cursive!!

Thursday, May 5 we will be remembering the Shoah and the 6 million Jews who died.

AND on Friday, May 6 we will be celebrating  יום האם Yom Ha-Em Mother’s Day   in General Studies at 9:45 AM.    DONT MISS IT!

פרשת השבוע אחרי מות  Parshat HaShavua Acharay Mot  The Portion of the Torah is about the Scapegoat…. and Yom Kippur.   Details to follow.

Ulichnie’s Update April 15th

 - by erinulichnie

The blog is back!  Thank you for your patience.  Don’t forget to scroll all the way down to the friendly reminders section.   I hope my emails have been keeping you well informed.  We had an awesome week.  The highlight was our field trip to the St. Augustine Alligator farm.  It was a beautiful day and I was so glad the weather cooperated.  We have been reading about different types of reptiles to get ready for our trip.  Students loved the hands on class on animal adaptations.  I am sure you heard that we got to touch a turtle, chinchilla, skink, and a baby alligator!  Here are a few pictures.

In word work, we are learning about the “bossy r”.  Our word list included words with ar, ir, and ur.  I hope you are using spelling city to review our spelling words each week.

For our reading lessons this week, we started a new series, Puppy Place by Ellen Miles.  We read Oscar this week and responded to our reading each day in our lit logs.  Students worked on connections and visualizations.  Connections are when a student thinks of something in his or her own life that relates to the story.  Visualizations are when we picture what is happening in the story in our heads.  The story had a sad ending, and we almost had a few tears.

In writer’s workshop this week, we are working on fiction writing.  We have already worked on personal narratives, informational, and opinion writing this year.  Fiction is our last unit this year.  We are creating characters, coming up with names and adventures for those characters.  We love writer’s workshop!

It has been great learning about money for the last couple weeks.  We should know how to identify all the coins and their values.   Students have been counting coins and dollars all week.  We even used grocery ads and showed the cost of various products with pictures.  We also got to see some old and new types of Israeli money.  Thank you Mr. Zagagi for helping me explain them to the class.  There is even an old phone token in the picture, so cool!  We had a lot of fun playing 2 money games on www.abcya.com here is the link.  The kids liked the games called learning coins and money bingo.


Students created sock puppets today in math.  They had to purchase items with play money to make the sock puppet.  For example, a sock cost 75 cents, so students would have to show that amount and pay to purchase it.  They bought various craft supplies for different amounts to create a puppet.  The puppets turned out really cute!  Here we are reading to and playing with our puppet friends.

Friendly reminders:

There will be no hot lunch served next week.  Please make sure to pack a lunch for your cutie.

Please send 6 family photos by email to me before spring break.  It can be of your child, siblings, parents, grandparents, or anyone special to the family.  I will be using them for our Mother’s Day special event coming soon!  Thanks for sending them in!

Tuesday, April 19 is the first grade Seder at 1:00

April 21-May 1 is spring break, enjoy!

Don’t forget to save the date Friday, May 6th for our special Mother’s Day poetry reading.  The poetry reading will begin 9:45-ish and shouldn’t last more than an hour.