March 1–Jewish Studies ק פורים שמח

March 1st, 2015


1.  Baking Hamentashen  this Monday—March 2 at 1:30 in Gym!!!

2. Purim is this Wednesday night (shpiel will be fun!)  & Thursday–Costumes required!!!



Here we are making our משלוח מנות  Mishloach Manot baskets for פורים Purim in the style of Jackson Pollock….. drip, drip!  Thanks to Ms. Gutterman for all her help and letting us get messy!!

Below, see Morah Rachel’s granddaughters 2 years ago at the Met in NYC viewing Jackson Pollock’s work, Autumn Rhythm (Number 30)  We could have made something just like that!!


Here’s some of our final product!! Watch for them this week with Hamentashen inside!! Each one is beautiful and unique!  Todah again to Ms. Gutterman for all her help!


First Grade « Mrs. Gutterman_s Art Blog

To learn more about “Action” Jackson, we saw this video:


יום הפוך Yom Hafooch   Backwards Day  We had a great time in our pj’s!! It was suolubaf !!!!! Hot cocoa, sitting on our desks, even singing Pesach songs….. it truly was fabulous!



פורים שמח Purim Sameach! Happy Purim!!  Come and hear the megillah read on Wednesday night and Thursday morning.  Dress up, make some noise, eat some hamentashen and have a great time!

אריאות Ariyot  We are working on the letters צ   ץ   ק  Tzadee, Tzadee Sofit (final) and beginning the new letter Kof.  Here are words from this new story:

מקשיב   maksheev  pays attention for a boy

מקשיבה  maksheeva   pays attention for a girl

מקשיבים  maksheevim  pays attention for many

מקליט  makleet   records (a voice or sound) for a boy

מקליטה makleeta    records for a girl

מקליטים  makleetim  records for many

קול  kol   voice

מדביק  madbeek    glues for a boy

מדביקה   madbeeka  glues for a girl

מדביקים  madbeekim  glues for many

קוף kof  boy monkey

קופה  kofah  girl monkey

קופים  kofim   monkeys

קופץ  kofetz   jumps for a boy

קופצת  kofetzet  jumps for a girl

קופצים  koftzim  jumps for many

צוחק   tzochek    laughs for a boy

צוחקת  tzocheket  laughs for a girl

צוחקים  tzochakim  laughs for man


פרשת השבוע כי תשא Parshat HaShavua— Ki Tisa    This week’s Torah portion is about the Golden Calf and the broken tablets.


26th Week of 1st Grade – General Studies

February 27th, 2015

On Monday morning we started our day with some warm up math problems!  After our morning meeting we started read to self.

IMG_6740 IMG_6737 IMG_6738 IMG_6739 IMG_6741 IMG_6742 IMG_6743 IMG_6744 After read to self, we had a mini lesson about prefixes and suffixes.  We learned that a prefix is at the beginning of the word and a suffix is at the end!  We learned about re- as a prefix, and -ly or -ful as suffixes.


Then we started work on writing!  We got to start writing our very own expository!!  We wrote our topic and grabber last week and today we added our 7 details (sentences) of information and facts.

IMG_6745 IMG_6746

We took a break for snack and then started math.  During math, we started one of Ms. Lewis’ favorite units!  GRAPHING!!  After we worked in out textbook, we did a bit of graphing on our own!

IMG_6747 IMG_6748 IMG_6750

After math it was time for art.


Then we were off to lunch!  When lunch was over, we got to go outside until Jewish studies.

IMG_6755 Ms. Lewis and Mrs. Mcvearry even did our folders outside so we got extra playtime :)

Tuesday morning we had some choices!  After our journal and morning meeting, we started read to self.  During read to self, we were able to choose if we wanted to read is small groups, or if we wanted to read on our own!  Those of us whoe read on our own enjoyed our time and if we were in a small group we were with Mrs. Mcvearry or Ms. Lewis.  We were even able to switch up the reading groups!  Then we changed gears for word work.  We added our words to our word bank and we were given options to pratice our words!  We were able to write our words 3 times, make a word collage, do rainbow writing or pyramid words, or we could write sentences. Some of us even did more than one!  Then we were off to PE with Coach Simon!!

When we got back from PE, we had snack.  We enjoyed reading with Mrs. Mcvearry and then we started math.  We worked in our workbooks and learned more about graphing!  If we finished early, Ms. Lewis even gave us a challenge!!  No one even finished the challenge and Ms. Lewis collected them for us to work on tomorrow.  Then we were off to lunch!  Right from lunch we went to music and then off to Jewish studies.

On Wednesday we were busy!  We started with read to self–if we chose not to have small groups yesterday, than we did today; those of us who did have small groups yesterday got to enjoy our own books!  We also did work on writing.  Most of us are finishing our first draft of our first expository writing!!!  We can’t wait to post them to our blogfolios when we finish with the writing process.  Next, we were off to see Coach Simon for PE.

When we came back from PE, we enjoyed snack time.  After snack we started math.  We continued to work in our workbooks and did more graphing!  We also got to continue working on our challenge that we started yesterday.  Before we knew it, we were off to lunch!  When we got back, we got to play outside for recess..our finger crossing worked!!  We played until it was time to change into our jammies  for Jewish studies!

Thursday we enjoyed starting our day with PE!  We had snack afterwards to rebuild our energy.  When we got our energy back, we started word work.

FullSizeRender_3 FullSizeRender FullSizeRender_1 FullSizeRender_2 IMG_6799

Then we moved on to work on writing.  During work on writing, we continued to finish our expository writing and some of us even began to conference with Ms. Lewis or Mrs. Mcvearry!!  We were so excited about our writing that we were late to visiting the science fair!  We really enjoyed looking at all the hard work done by the middle school students!

IMG_6804 IMG_6806 IMG_6805 IMG_6808

When we came back from science fair, it was time to take our AR quizzes.  Then we were off to lunch.  When we came back we took a math test about graphing.  We worked our hardest and did great!!  (We even noticed all the graphs we saw on the research at the science fair!!!)  We packed up after our test and we were off to Jewish studies.

Friday morning we enjoyed our word searches!  We were off to library and then came back to watch Magic School Bus.  Ms. Lewis started spelling tests, but then we took a break for recess!  When we came back in, we started show and tell while Ms. Lewis started spelling tests again.  When everything was finished, we reviewed Code Red drills and then we were off to lunch.

After lunch we anxiously awaited our mystery reader….our clues were hard!!  We were stumped.  We drum rolled, and in came…………….

FullSizeRender_1 IMG_6828 FullSizeRender

Ms. Amanda!!!!!  We were so excited for her to read to us!!  When she left, we played Homeworkopoly and we even did ticket drawings for the chatter chart!! Then we packed up and headed to Jewish studies for Israeli dancing.

COMING SOON TO 1st GRADE……………………………….

We hope to see you Sunday at the Purim Carnival!!

We can’t wait to dress up for Purim on Thursday, March 5th.

We are going to the ZOO on Tuesday, March 10th.

Next week we get new spelling words, new math homework, and we are back to our normal reading groups!  We are looking forward to so much and are ready for another great week next week.

Shabbat Shalom y’all :)

Week of Feb. 23—Jewish Studies יום הפוך

February 22nd, 2015

“משנכנס אדר Me-sheh-nichnas Adar When Adar comes

מרבים בשמחה Marbim b’simcha There is much happiness!”

Yes, it’s  Adar, the Hebrew month! AND we are getting close to the Purim festivities.


We made great masks and had fun in class celebrating Rosh Hodesh Adar.


(Backwards Day in Jewish Studies on 2/25, Baking Hamentashen on 3/2, and Costumes on Thursday, 3/5 in honor of Purim!)


Becuase of the holiday that is celebrated during this month…..

פורים Purim!!!

Everything is upside down and crooked in our classroom!

Nwodedispu! ??????????????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

WHY??? Because the Jews celebrated and Haman didn’t!!!!

Listen for more songs (like the one above at the top of the page) and lots of noise (Rash, Rash, Rash!!)




יום הפוך Yom Hafooch!  Backwards Day!  PLEASE SEND A BAG WITH P.J.’S OR A ROBE AND SLIPPERS for your child.

We will change into our pajamas after General Studies and enjoy an upside down, backwards class on Wednesday afternoon in our Jewish Studies class. Sitting on desks will be allowed, pretending it is night time and lots of other craziness will take place!


BAKING HAMENTASHEN with your children and grandchildren is the best!!! Please volunteer and bake with us on MONDAY 3/2 at 1:30 PM. You will love it and so will we!!! Let us know who can come. NO experience needed!!!

We will celebrate Purim at school on Thursday, 3/5 in costume!! Come hear the Megillah on Wednesday evening 3/4 and Thursday AM!!

אריאות Ariyot We are still working on last week’s letters.  Enjoying it all!!



Each of us flew our עפיפון  afifone kite ( the wind helped!)  and we ate

מלפפון melafafone cucumbers that had been soured (aka pickles)   YUM!!!


25th Week of 1st Grade – General Studies

February 20th, 2015

We were glad to be back in our uniforms and we even had to remind ourselves that it was Tuesday..not Monday!  We had a busy day on Tuesday and we were barely in our classroom!!  We started our morning with read to self.  Mrs. Teitelbaum joined us and each group got to meet with a teacher!  Not only did we do our reading, but we also worked in some word work into our reading!!  Next we were on to work on writing.  We did one last example together-all about snakes.

IMG_6659 Next time we do work on writing, we get to start our own expository story!!

We were off to PE before we knew it!  When we came back, we had to have a speedy snack because it was time to meet for the Memories of Love fun run!!!

IMG_6660 IMG_6663

We got to watch everyone else run and then we washed our hands and got ready for lunch.  After lunch we went right to music and then came back to pack up for Jewish studies.

Wednesday we were back to a normal day.  We enjoyed daily 5 in the morning and even started word work!  Then we were off to PE.  When we got back, it was time for snack.  When snack time was over we started math.  We took a test about comparing numbers!  When we finished our test, it was already time for lunch.  After lunch, we got to enjoy recess until Jewish studies.

Thursday was a whirlwind of a day!!  We barely saw Ms. Lewis and Mrs. Mcveary.  We started our morning with a Rosh Chodesh assembly.


After Rosh Chodesh, we came back to class and had the fastest snack we have ever had!  We had a make-up art class to go to since we missed art on Monday.  When art was finished, we had about 20 minutes before we were off again.  During that 20 minutes, we did work on writing.  We finally got to start our own writing.  Today, we picked our expository writing topic and we wrote our first sentence–the opening sentence or the grabber!!  When everyone was finished, it was time to go to PE.  Coach was able to switch our time since we were supposed to go to PE during the assembly.  When we came back from PE it was time to take our AR quizzes.  Then we were off to lunch!  After lunch we took a math test and then got to color on our privacy folders as we waited for our friends to finish.  Before we knew it, we were packing up and heading to Jewish studies!

Friday was another busy, but fun day!  We started our morning with our word search and then our meeting.  We were off to library next.

FullSizeRender We are wrapping up our MJGDS ABC book soon!!

After library we enjoyed snack and the Magic School Bus!  Ms. Lewis started spelling tests and continued while Mrs. Mcvearry started show and tell!!!  We were excited to have show and tell again :) it was fun!

When we finished, we did a weekly reader all about the Chinese New year!  It was really cool!!  Then we enjoyed recess until it was time for lunch.  After lunch we welcomed a mystery reader!  As a guy who was an Alabama fan…..we figure out that it was…………..

IMG_6691 IMG_6690 IMG_6703 Mr. Teitelbaum!!!!  He read us one book about silly underpants and another book about princesses wearing boots :)  Thanks for joining us!!!

We had time for freeze dance before we packed up and met Morah Rachel and Morah Hannah for Israeli dancing.


We have a field trip coming up!  On March 10th, we are venturing to the Zoo!!  Anyone is welcome to join us..just be sure to tell Ms. Lewis.  You will need to drive and pay for yourself, but your company would be fun!  Everyone will need a bagged dairy lunch.

Next week we will have a new homework packet with math, spelling and our reading homework will be sent home on Wednesday.

Science Fair is on Thursday, February 26th at 6:30pm.  First grade gets to tour the show and see all the projects during the day, too!

There is an all school Kabbalat Shabbat on Friday, February 27th.  We hope to see you there at 3pm!

If there are any questions, concerns, or compliments please feel free to reach out to Ms. Lewis!  Shabbat Shalom :)

Week of February 16–Jewish Studies צ

February 15th, 2015




We made delicious salad……סלט של פילים עם פלפל ומלפפון Salat shel pilim im pilpel v’melafifon   Elephant salad with peppers and cucumber.  YUM!!  Just like in our story in Ariyot!!

More words for the letter Fay:

עפיפון  Afeefone   kite

טלפון  Teleephone    phone

עף  off     flies for a boy

עפה   offah    flies for a girl


אריאות  Ariyot continues….. we are finishing up the letters פ ף Pay, Fay, and Fay Sofit  and moving on……

צ  ץ    Tzadee and Tzadee Sofit

This sounds like the tz in Tzedakah!!

עציץ   atzeet    plant

צב   tzav    turtle

צבי   tzvi   deer

ציפור   tzeepor   bird

צובע  tzoveh-a    paints for a boy

צובעת    tzovah-at   paints for a girl

צובעים    tzove-em   paint for many

מצביע    matz-bee-ah   points for a boy

מצביעה  matz-bee-AH   points for a girl

מצביעים   matz-bee=im  points for many

מצלמה    matz-leh-ma   camera

מציר      mi-tzayer   draws for a boy

מצירת   mi-tzayeret   draws for a girl

מצירים    mit-tza-yi-rim  draws for many

Hebrew reading and reviewing with your child is getting more and more important each week as we progress through the alef-bet.

פורים  Purim!!!!



Kitah Alef is excited to bake אוזני המן Oznay Haman (Hamentashen) on 3/2 and we would love to have helpers!! Grandparents, parents and friends are invited to help us.  Hint:  DON’T WEAR BLACK!! Please let us know if you can bake with us!!

We are really enjoying all the Purim activities in our class.  Everything’s upside down!!!     We are learning about the characters in the  מגילה Megillah  The Scroll of Esther.

אסתר  Esther the queen

אחשורוש  Ahashvarosh the king

המן   Haman   (Rash, rash, rash!)

מרדכי  Mordecai, Esther’s cousin
The portion of the week    פרשת השבוע Parshat HaShavua is תרומה Terumah


24th Week of 1st Grade – General Studies

February 13th, 2015

We started our Monday in all different era’s for blast from the past day!  After our journal and morning meeting, we started daily 5.  We did read to self first with Mrs. Teiltelbaum, Mrs. Mcvearry, and Ms. Lewis.  Then, we started work on writing…and we actually got to write!!!  We all wrote an expository story with Ms. Lewis about…you guess it, cats!


Then we got to have snack.  After snack, we started math.  We took a cumulative test.  This was our last test!!  Now, we FINALLY get to start our new textbook!  We were supposed to go to art next, but Mrs. Gutterman asked us to reschedule.  So, instead, Mrs. Mcvearry did an art project with us!!  Then we were off to lunch.  Since it was raining, we weren’t able to go outside for recess, so we enjoyed freeze dance!!

Tuesday we were a little sleepy since we were in our PJ’s!  Luckily, we had a super busy day to keep us alert and awake. We started our morning and jumped into daily 5.  We did read to self, all on our own!  Instead of reading groups, today we got to read our own ‘good fit’ books.

IMG_6437 IMG_6438 IMG_6439 IMG_6441 IMG_6442

Next, we got to celebrate Maytal’s birthday!  Bubbie came to share the fun and we even had Popsicles :) We made a graph about our Popsicle bottom colors, too.  Bubbie even got to read us a story while we enjoyed our snack!!

IMG_6446 IMG_6443 IMG_6448 IMG_6450

Then we were off to practice for our Sea to Shining Sea performance!  The whole school met in the gym and we went through the performance.  When we finished, it was time for PE.  Coach was nice enough to switch our time so we didn’t miss out on PE.

After PE we did word work.  We only had time to add our words to our word bank.

IMG_6454 IMG_6455

Then it was time for lunch already!  Then after lunch we went right to music class and back to pack up for Jewish studies.

On Wednesday Mrs. Mcveary and I were so confused…our class had gone somewhere and Elsa, a Doctor, Anna, and other characters had come to first grade…we decided to keep learning and we hoped that our first grade class would come back soon!!!

We started our morning by taking the STAR test!  We used iPads to take the test and we took our time :)

IMG_6462 IMG_6463 IMG_6464  When we were finished, we got to do read to self on our own at our seats (it helped to keep us quiet while everyone was finishing their test).  When everyone finished their test, we started word work.  We did pyramid words, rainbow writing, and using our words in a sentence!

IMG_6466 IMG_6467 IMG_6468

Then we were off to PE!  On our way to PE, we saw Elsa!!!!  We were star-struck ;)


We came back and enjoyed snack.  After snack, we got to start math. We started our new math textbook, we were so excited!!!!  We started a unit all about comparing numbers.  We had time to play a round of freeze dance before heading off to lunch.  We got to enjoy recess after lunch and then Morah Rachel and Morah Hannah met us outside for Jewish studies.

Thursday we were rooting for our team as we imagined what it would be like to be a football player, soccer player, baseball player or cheerleader!  We had PE to wake us up and get our bodies moving!  Please remember to send a jacket with us to school, not only is our classroom cold, but sometimes we go outside with Coach when it’s a little chilly.  After PE we took our AR quizzes early.  When we finished with our quizzes we got to have snack!  We started word work next.  Then we worked together to make another expository example during work on writing.  We wrote about fish!


Then, after our hard work, we were able to go outside for recess until it was time for lunch.


When we got back from lunch, it was time for math.  We were excited to work in our new math workbooks!  We worked independently.  When everyone was finished, we were able to play a speed round of freeze dance before packing up for Jewish studies.

Friday morning, instead of our usual word search, we continued with our spirit week journal questions and we asked ‘What is the craziest thing you’ve ever done? and some of our answers were very crazy ;)

We were off to library and then back for snack.  Ms. Lewis started our spelling tests and we enjoyed the Magic School Bus.  While Ms. Lewis continued our tests, we started math with Mrs. Mcvearry.  We worked independently in our workbooks and then we got to have recess when we were finished!  When recess was over we came inside to do a weekly reader all about George Washington!  It was just in time for President’s day :) Then we were off to lunch!

We came back to have a mystery reader.  We were able to guess our reader because our clues were so great.  We were excited to see………………

IMG_6498 IMG_6496 IMG_6499 Nadav and Ema!!!! What a treat.  Nadav read us a Frog and Toad story.

When Nadav had to leave, we did our ticket drawing and enjoyed freeze dance before going to meet Morah Hannah for Israeli dancing.

COMING SOON TO 1st GRADE…………………………

No school on Monday, February 16 in honor of President’s day.

PTA spirit night at Pump It Up is on Thursday, February 19th.

We have a FIELD TRIP on MARCH 10th to the Zoo!!!  We will be learning more about animal adaptations and kindergarten will be joining us.

Shabbat Shalom!  Please don’t ever hesitate to get in touch with Ms. Lewis regarding any questions, comments, or concerns!  She is available via email or phone call.  Enjoy the long weekend :)

Week of February 9–Jewish Studies פף

February 8th, 2015

מזל טוב  MAZAL TOV  to all our Kitah Alef students and their families for a fabulous

חגיגת הסידור  Haggigat HaSiddur.   It truly was a memorable moment for all of us. We are still kvelling (showing pride) over our students.   Once again, a hearty  תודה רבה Todah raba  thank you to everyone who made it possible. It is an exceptional class with wonderful families to support us.  Our students will enjoy using their new Siddurim with their unique covers every Friday for Kabbalat Shabbat here at school!  WOW!!!!

ושננתם לבניך V’Sheenantam l’vanecha   “And you shall teach your children”.  We sang this as part of our program on Shabbat and we sing it every time we pray the Shema.   Here we are in front of those very words in the hall in our school!!!  WE ARE THOSE CHILDREN!!!


Thank you to our wonderful class & families for our beautiful framed & personalized Tree pictures that were made for us!!  We appreciate how each child wrote their names and put their thumbprint on it.   We are only “watering” your seeds…. let them grow and grow and grow in their Jewish education.  We will treasure the tree and your children  always!!

טו בשבט Tu B’Shevat was a great day at school last week.  Here we are with our parsley seeds planted ! Thanks to Ms. Gutterman for her help!!  Check out our blogs for our pictures of a tree!!  Thanks to Ms. Hallett for her assistance and patience while we worked on the laptops!! Plus we did 100’s of fun things that day!!!


מזל טוב  MAZAL TOV to our students as we finish another book of

אריאות Ariyot.  We completed the 3rd book and are  now ready for the 4th!

 (EXTRA CREDIT  to many students  for their creative clouds!!  THANKS for reading!!)


פ פ ף  Pay, Fay and Fay Sofit (final Fay) are our latest letters!!!!  WE LOVE these letters!! Check out all the words we know with these letters!

Note that the Pay has a dot, Fay does not!  Other words we are learning are:

פיל פילה פילים peel, peela, peelim    boy elephant, girl elephant, elephants

פילון  peelone   baby elephant  (our favorite!!)

פנים וגוף panim v’goof     face and body

פה  peh   mouth

אף  off   nose

טיפה טיפות  teepah  teepote   drop/s  (raindrops or little drops of something)

פלפל  peelpel    pepper

מלפפון  m’lafifone   cucumber

ציפור עם כנפים  tzeepor im k’nafyim    bird with wings

In this sweet story about the elephant family making and eating dinner, we will enjoy doing the same!!!  We learn that you have to eat your veggies before you get dessert!

פודנג  pudding   (chocolate is our favorite!)

More words that we know with this letter:

פרשת השבוע Parshat HaShavuah Torah Portion of the week

פורים Purim our next holiday—-You will be hearing lots of singing & fun for this holiday!!

תפילות Tefilot prayers

PLEASE check out Voicethread….. fun stuff for all!!
The portion of the week    פרשת השבוע Parshat HaShavua is משפטים Mishpatim.

23rd Week of 1st Grade – General Studies

February 6th, 2015

Happy Groundhog Day!!  We started our morning at the carpet and had some general announcements–100th day of school t-shirts, spirit week coming up, and we predicted if the groundhog would see his shadow or not!


We then jumped into daily 5!  We started with read to self.  Mrs. Teitelbaum took a group, Mrs. Mcvearry had a group, and so did Ms. Lewis!  We love it when everyone gets to meet with a teacher.  Then, we moved on to work on writing!  We did more reading during our writing block since we are still learning the differences in the writing styles of narrative and expository.  Today, our comparisons were made about two different books about fish!  When we finished with our writing lesson, we had snack.

We started math next.  We worked in our workbook and continued to learn about capacity.  When we were finished, we were off to art!  Then we went right to lunch.  After lunch, the sun was shining long enough for us to go to recess!!!  When it was time, we packed up and went to Jewish studies.

Tuesday we were excited and busy!  We did math problems to get our brains pumping and we started our day!  First things first, we had to find out what happened on Groundhog’s day!!!  We watched the announcement on the smartboard.

IMG_6281 IMG_6283 6 more weeks of Winter…there was a shadow!

We had read to self, and again, every group got to meet with a teacher!!!  We even got to have some time to read our own good fit books :) Ms. Lewis got us some giant puzzle pieces to use during read to self, also.  What a fun way to read!!!

IMG_6285 IMG_6286 IMG_6287

During word work, we added our new words to our word banks and we had 3 options: sentences using our words, pyramid words, or rainbow writing.

IMG_6290 IMG_6291 IMG_6293

Then we were off to PE!  When we got back we enjoyed snack.  We started math and did a review in our workbook!  We are very excited to start our new workbook soon!  Before we knew it, it was time for lunch!! Since 2nd grade and 3rd grade were both on field trips–we ruled the cafeteria with only kindergarten there, too.  We even got to be the chazanim (leaders) for the birkat!!


After lunch we were off to music and then we came back to pack up for Jewish studies!

THE 100th DAY IS HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

IMG_6294 We were ready!! We had so much fun!!! We LOVED watching everyone come in with their t-shirts decorated for the 100th day!!


We started our day by starting in our classroom and walking 100 steps.  We wanted to see where we would end up?!  We ended up on the back side of the library.  Then we continued all the way to 200!!! What amazing counting!!!


When we made it back to class we had our morning meeting and started the fun!  First, we made necklaces with 100 star beads.

IMG_6327 IMG_6325 IMG_6334 IMG_6335 IMG_6326 IMG_6329 IMG_6333 IMG_6332

Before it was time for snack, we had a Hershey hunt in the courtyard.  There just happen to be 100 Hershey kisses scattered around..we had to find them all before we got to eat one :)

IMG_6339 IMG_6340 IMG_6343 IMG_6342 IMG_6344 IMG_6351 FullSizeRender IMG_6354

Next we had snack and read books about the 100th Day of School!!!  Then, we started our big project–a cupcake recipe with 100 sprinkles!  We had to divide up the different colored sprinkles to equal 100.  We were adding, subtracting, and doing great math!!!  When we had our recipe, we got to get our sprinkles and add them to our cupcake.  Be sure to check out our recipe’s on the wall above our cubbies!

FullSizeRender(2) IMG_6359 IMG_6361 IMG_6362 IMG_6364 IMG_6371

Whenever we had extra time in between activities, we were supposed to think of 100 words!!!  We only had 4 people complete the challenge..congratulations!!


To wrap up our day, we got to play with the 100 balloons that scattered our floor all day long!!  It was hard to resist all day ;)

IMG_6365 IMG_6368 IMG_6366 IMG_6378

Before we knew it, we had finished our 100th day in general studies and we were off to Jewish studies!

Thursday we had to get back to work after all the excitement from the 100th day!  We started our morning by a silly journal question.  We had our morning meeting and were off to PE.  When we came back, we enjoyed snack time!

We started daily 5 with word work.  We did partner quizzing!!  Then during work on writing, we did one last comparison of narrative and expository writing.  We read a Frog and Toad book and then we compared it to a non-fiction book about frogs!  We even talked about the authors purpose about each book: to entertain or to inform.  After daily 5, we got to play outside until it was time to come in and take our AR quizzes.  We were off to lunch!  We worked in our workbooks during math and we finished our first math workbook!!!

Morah Rachel and Morah Hannah came to get us, so we packed up and headed off to Jewish studies.  We were very excited to go to rehearsal for our consecration!

Friday morning we started with our spelling review word search and jumped into our morning meeting.  Then we were off to library!  We came back to enjoy snack and our Magic School Bus episode.  Ms. Lewis started giving spelling tests.  When snack was over, we took a math test.  Our test was all about capacity.  Next week, we will have a cumulative test and then we will be moving on to our next math book!

When we finished our test, we had done so much testing and thinking–with our spelling test and our big math test–that we got to go outside until lunch!!  What a great treat :) We were off to lunch and came back excited for our mystery reader!!!

We were excited to welcome………………


Adrielle’s Mommy!!!  She gave great clues and we guessed it was her :) She read an AMAZING book about Rosa Parks! It reminded us about what we learned about MLK.  Adrielle’s Mommy even stayed for a round of freeze dance before we packed up and went off to Jewish studies.


Mazel Tov to all of Kitah Alef on your consecration!!!  We are all so proud of you.

Next week is SPIRIT WEEK!  We have discussed this at length in class and have gone over several options to wear each day ;)

Monday-Blast from the Past Day

Tuesday-bring a pair, wear a pair of PJ’s Day

Wednesday-Character Day

Thursday-Team Spirit Day

Friday-Crazy Hat Day

Thursday is also the Sea to Shining Sea Performance, we hope to see you there!

Lots of fun goings on next week, but we will still be busy learning.  Shabbat Shalom!

Week of February 2–Jewish Studies It’s finally here!!!

February 1st, 2015

מזל טוב  MAZAL TOV   Best wishes to Kitah Alef  and our families as we reach our Haggigat HaSiddur!  YES, IT’S FINALLY HERE!!!


Here are the answers  (one more time) to Frequently Asked Questions:

1. When do we have to be there?     On this coming Shabbat morning, Feb. 7th,  we will meet your children at 11 AM in the Youth Lounge. (by the maintenance office).   Please drop them off and return to your seats to enjoy.  (We will be sending home a diagram of the sanctuary so that you can see where your child will be standing on the pulpit and then you will know where to sit for best viewing.)   We encourage all to come earlier (especially if you have a part in the service) so that you can sit with your child until 11 AM in the main sanctuary.  And the whole family can kvell (be proud) of the adult’s participation in our service!!

2. What to wear?? Shabbat clothes are appropriate!!!

3.  How long is the presentation?  Our presentation should take about 1/2 hour  and then there will be a light kiddush afterwards.  ENJOY!  There is free babysitting for the littler ones if needed during services.

4.  Can we take pictures/videos???     NO!!!        Our FINAL REHEARSAL will be THIS Thursday, February 5th  at 2PM in the sanctuary.  IT’S A KODAK MOMENT!!!  Please bring cameras and videos on Thursday as there will be no pictures taken on Shabbat.    Uniforms are worn on Thursday!

5.What part do I have?

Adult Parts in Service:  (Aliyot and the Torah service should begin a little before 10 AM!!)

Aliyot     Colman Brodsky, Jon Hill, Tracy Hilbert, Scotty Schwartz

Torah Reading    Howie Wolpoff (thanks for your help in coordinating!!)  , Simon Schuster, Todd Werwa

Haftarah  Jon Mitzmacher

Open  & Close Ark for Taking out Torah     Marc Kaye

Hagbah  (Lift Torah)–  Daniel Jaffa

Prayer for our Country– in English   Naida Gould

Prayer for Israel– English – Frannie  Teitelbaum

Open & Close Ark for Return of Torah–Amanda Watsky and Jill Sadowsky

Eyn Keloheynu– older siblings of our students (Please inform your older kids !!!)

Adon Olam–Kitah Alef!!!

Kitah Alef students don’t have to be nervous for any of this because we are well prepared.   Neither does an adult!   If a parent needs to practice their part in the service, we will be happy to help you on Thursday or anytime. Let us know!!

6. What about the  new Siddur (prayerbook)  and the covers?

Siddur covers must be at school by Monday, February 2nd.  They are beautiful and unique.  WOW!!

PLEASE NOTE:     When you enter the synagogue on   Shabbat morning , you can pick up your child’s siddur from the table in the Main Lobby and take it with you to your seat.  Towards the end of the service, the Rabbi will ask you to stand at your seat and give the siddur to your child. Folded inside the siddur will be a paper with the parents’ prayer that will be recited from your seat.   Hugs and kisses after the parents’ prayer will be perfect!   The new siddurim will NOT be going home with you.  We will collect them after services and they will be happily used each Friday for Kabbalat Shabbat at school!!!

Mazal Tov again on this wonderful simcha.  We are so proud of your (our) children!!  If there are any questions, please let us know.  SEE YOU FOR THE FINAL REHEARSAL ON THURSDAY, AT 2PM FOR PHOTOGRAPHING!!

תודה רבה Todah Raba!!!   THANK YOU to all our families for their help and love as we get ready for an amazing Shabbat this weekend.  We can’t wait to show you what we have learned and to receive our new siddurim!!

Special, special thanks to Rachel Brodsky for our wonderful pictures of where we like to pray and all her help– behind the scenes.  Thanks to Howie Wolpoff for all his help with the parts in the service.    Thanks to Galit Hill and Simon Schuster for their creative  help with the Siddur covers.     Also a thank you to Jessica Kaye and others for the terrific bags filled with good stuff for our students.   If we forgot to mention anyone,  let us know!  We LOVE appreciating parents!!! Also our thanks  goes to Robyn Waring for her patience and help this and every year!

We will be doing a bit of regular classwork this week….  don’t worry!!!

פרשת השבוע יתרו Parshat HaShavua Yitro   It is the week of Moses receiving 10 Commandments and we know them!!!

22nd week of 1st Grade – General Studies

January 30th, 2015

We were happy to see Ms. Lewis back on Monday, but we quickly learned that it would be a silly day since Ms. Lewis had no voice!!!!  We were all very quiet as Ms. Lewis whispered and we made it through our morning work and meeting.  We had read to self and then we read a weekly reader about Winter….which seemed appropriate for the cold week ahead!

After our weekly reader, we went to art–early–Mrs. Gutterman asked if we could switch!  When we came back from art, we enjoyed snack and a story read by Mrs. Mcvearry.  Next, we moved on to math.  We are excited to be wrapping up our weight unit.  We finished all the work in our workbook today and took the first, of two tests.  When we finished, we had time for only 1 round of freeze dance before we headed to lunch.  We got to play outside for recess after lunch and when we came inside it was time to pack up for Jewish studies!

Tuesday was quick and quiet as Ms. Lewis was still whispering.  We had our morning meeting and started daily 5.  During read to self we started out in our reading groups; Mrs. Teitelbaum joined us again so each group got to meet with a teacher!  When everyone finished in their small groups, we had a whole group lesson about comparing and contrasting.  We thought about the similarities and differences between kindergarten and 1st grade!


Then we got started on word work.  We added our new words to our word bank and then we had a few options: pyramid writing, rainbow writing, or making a story using our words!

IMG_6191 IMG_6192

We were off to PE and then came back to have snack.  During math we took a test.  This was our last test in our weight unit-we were focusing on comparing weight.  When we finished our test, we were able to play outside until lunch.  After lunch we were off to music and then we came back to get ready for Jewish studies.

Wednesday Ms. Lewis had some of her voice back.  Someone said that she sounded like a little old man….but we kept on going ;) We did something different for Daily 5–Ms. Lewis had some of us do work on writing, and some of us did word work.  Those of us who did work on writing wrote a letter to a pen-pal in 4th grade!!  We all wrote our own letters, but 4th grade has more students than 1st they needed a few more letters–Ms. Lewis asked for volunteers to write another letter!  Those who didn’t want to write another enjoyed a new activity in word work–write it, draw it, sentence it!  We came back together for read to self.  We had a whole group lesson about action verbs!  We also reviewed compare and contrast.  When we did our own reading, we were on the lookout for action verbs!

IMG_6199 IMG_6198 IMG_6200

We reflected and headed to PE.

We enjoyed snack, a story and frozen treats!!  Next we started math,  when we opened our textbook, there was a stir of excitement as we realized this was the last unit in our textbook!!!  We would soon be getting our next textbook.  We started our unit on capacity.  We learned that capacity is how much a container holds.  We talked about the differences between a cup, a mug, and a bottle!

After math we did a weekly reader, it was a cool way to review length!  We measured bears!!  We had time for a bit of freeze dance before we were off to lunch.  When we got back from lunch, we unfortunately had to review lunch-room behavior before we were able pack up and go to recess.  After our quick chat about lunch, we were able to play until it was time for Jewish studies.

Thursday we noticed Mrs. Mcvearry was missing!!  Luckily, Ms. Rosi was there to help..we sure did Miss Mrs. Mcvearry though.  We also noticed Ms. Lewis was finally getting her voice back!!  On Thursday, someone compared Ms. Lewis’ voice to a goose–wonderful ;) We had worked through our morning routine and were off to PE before we knew it.  When we came back, we enjoyed snack!

After snack, we started daily 5.  We began by taking off our shoes and meeting at the carpet!  Then, we started with work on writing.  Even though it’s called work on writing, today we did reading during writing–how silly!!  We are starting to learn about expository writing; so in order to understand the differences between narrative and expository, we are reading examples of both! For example, we started by reading a fictional book about a snake who became a sheriff and then we read a non-fiction story about scaly snakes!  We noted the differences in the stories and their writing by making a venn diagram.


Next we moved on to word work, where everyone did rainbow writing with their spelling words!  We even tried to make different patterns with our rainbow words–everyone got 2 colors to work with.

FullSizeRender_1 FullSizeRender_2 FullSizeRender IMG_6232  After word work, we transitioned into AR time.  We put our shoes back on and got ready to take our quizzes.  After we took our quiz with Ms. Lewis, we went to the library to get a new book.  When everyone was finished taking their quiz, and as we were waiting on people to return, we were able to play a round or two of freeze dance before heading to lunch.

After lunch, we started math.  We continued our unit in our textbook on capacity!  Yesterday we learned about comparing capacity, and today we learned how to measure capacity!  We also finished our first textbook!!!!!!  We were all very excited and proud of ourselves :) We got to go outside for recess after we finished math.  Morah Rachel and Morah Hannah met us outside and we got to keep playing for a bit!

Friday we were busy!  We started with our spelling review word search and then we were off to library.

IMG_6245 IMG_6246 IMG_6247 IMG_6248 IMG_6249

When we came back, we got to enjoy snack and a Magic School bus episode!  Ms. Lewis started giving us our spelling tests.  While Ms. Lewis continued giving out spelling tests, Mrs. Mcvearry did a weekly reader with us!  We learned about service animals.  Mrs. Mcvearry also did some handwriting with us.  We did a review page and we also focused on the letter ‘k’.  When we were finished, we got to go outside for recess until lunch!

When we came back from lunch, we had a mystery reader!  We had great clues and we were excited to welcome……………

IMG_6239 IMG_6241 IMG_6244 Meme!!!!!  Sam’s Grandma read us a story about Groundhog’s day!! She even made a chart for us so we could predict if there will be a shadow or no shadow!!  We cannot wait to find out :)

We played Homeworkopoly, and did chatter prizes before it was time to get our folders and pack up for Jewish studies.

COMING SOON TO 1st GRADE………………………..

We will get a new homework packet with spelling and math.  Be on the lookout for reading group homework.

On Tuesday, we will find out together if the groundhog showed his shadow or not!


On THURSDAY, at 2:00, there is a dress rehearsal for our Haggigat Hasiddur!  We are so proud of our kiddo’s on this important milestone!

Shabbat Shalom!