First Grade – Kitah Alef

Ms. Lewis and Morah Rachel

Week of August 18—–Welcome to Kitah Alef!!


We welcome you to our Jewish Studies classroom! We had a great first day!!!

For your information:

1.  Don’t be alarmed if your child comes home saying,  ”I don’t understand a thing!”.  It will get better every day!

2.  The name of this terrific program is TaL AM.  Please check out its description and its books.  Ariyot is our Letter Lion who will be an integral part of our curriculum.

3.  A Hebrew Alef Bet chart is always useful if needed for adults only.

4.  Homework!!! Reading every night with an adult is the most important homework in Kitah Alef.  Pages with circled page numbers are those that we have covered in class.  At home, these circled pages should be completed in writing and reviewed by reading.

5. This week’s homework was a creative collage of the letter Alef.  Thanks to those who have already sent in such fabulous creative Alefs.  Please don’t forget to send in your child’s Alef.

6.  All “textbooks” must be returned daily to school unless we have completed the entire unit. On Thursday nights, textbooks willl NOT come home with your child.  Relax!!  The work will be checked and then returned to your child on Friday.

7.  Friday white folders will come home with work to be reviewed and important notes to be read.  Please sign folder and return it to Kitah Alef on Monday.

8.  We need two (2) photographs from you:

-a family photo

-your child’s most recent birthday photo

Thanks again to those who sent in the 2 photos!

9.  Please read, enjoy and return the Hebrew library books and CD’s ASAP. (IF possible, the next school day!!)

10.  We are looking forward to a spectacular year with lots of surprises!  Come learn along with Ariyot and us!  DON’T WORRY —There is lots of fun ahead.  There are no Jewish Studies Homework folders (except white ones on Friday).  Homework is in our Ariyot consumable books.

11. If there are any concerns, please don’t hesitate to email us or call us and we will return your call ASAP!

12. Tzedakah (either $$ or canned food)  should be brought on Fridays to fulfill the mitzvah of giving to the needy.

מורה רחל ומורה חנה    Morah Rachel U’Morah Hanna

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Week of June 2–Jewish Studies Last Blog!!

Our last blog post of Jewish Studies for this year  :(

On Tuesday morning,  the 3rd, we will be enjoying the בכורים Bikkurim  First Fruits ceremony with the whole school in honor of the holiday of  שבועות Shavuot. Please note that we will be dressed in white and will bring fruit  to be donated. Baskets should be labeled so we can return them with your child after (1/2 day of) school on Tuesday. The holiday begins on Tuesday PM and continues through Thursday PM.  We are so proud that we are learning all about the 10 Commandments! See our picture below with the 10 commandments!!! We will remember them hopefully all the rest of our lives.


חג שמח Chag Sameach!  Happy Holiday of Shavuot!!  Our counting of the Omer is finally over!!   And life continues….the school year has flown by!! We have enjoyed every moment with this fabulous group!!

Can’t believe the time is finally here.  We have lots of fun planned for the next (last)  day of Jewish Studies this school year. Don’t forget over the summer to read, write, and speak Hebrew.  Also, even if we are not at school, Shabbat and Torah readings continue!!  See you at shul???

Check out their blue writing notebooks to see what they can read in their own cursive handwriting.  We’ll be writing lots more in cursive from now on!!

Mazal Tov to our own Morah Hanna on the Bar Mitzvah of her grandson!!

Look for our video (soon to be posted) of our best Israeli dancing!!!  We LOVE to dance on Fridays in honor of Shabbat.  And so…….

להתראות  L’hitraot……. See you later!!!

To our sweet כיתה א  Kitah Alef class and loyal readers:

Thank you for the generous gift cards that y’all so kindly gave us.  We will really enjoy using them!

We have truly loved teaching this class and expect great things from them in the future.  Thanks also to the wonderful families who have been so supportive.

באהבה B’Ahava   With love,

מורה רחל ומורה חנה  Morah Rachel and Morah Hanna

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38th Week of 1st Grade – General Studies

Can you believe we only have (barely) 2 weeks left of school?!  Whew!! It has flow by…but we still have some fun and learning ahead..

We started our morning with some relaxing Read to Self.  When we finished, we jumped into math!  We are starting a new unit about number to 100!  When we started this morning, Ms. Lewis was blown away by our knowledge!!!  We flew through our textbook and even our workbook pages too!!  We were learning about tens and ones with bigger numbers like 74 or 89!!!  We worked on our math until it was time to go to PE.

After PE we had snack, and then started word work.

ww1 ww2 ww3 ww4 ww5 Now, everyone has been to each station at least once!!

We got to go to the big blue playground for recess!  We also had some friends to bring with us to recess….

bf2 bf1 bf3 bf4 bf5 bf6 It was time to release all 5 of our butterflies!!!!  ALL 5 of our friends came out of their chrysalides, spread their wings, and were ready to fly into nature!!!  We played, and kept an eye on our butterflies, until it was time to go to lunch.  After lunch we enjoyed music with Mr. Susman!!!  It looked like so much fun that Mrs. Mcveary and Ms. Lewis even stayed for the fun :)

music1 music7 music8 music3 music5 music 6 music2 music4 We came back from music, jammin’ our hearts out, and got our folders and headed off to Jewish studies!

We started our Wednesday morning (our last Wednesday in 1st Grade!!) with some Read to Self.  Then, after reflection, we jumped into math!  During math we continued working with numbers to 100.  today we focused specifically on estimation!  We had some fun doing it too :) Then we were off to PE!

When we came back, we had snack and started Work on Writing.  During WOW, we did something different (and fun!).  We used our Work on Writing time to make our ‘Summer Bucket List’.  Feel free to check them out on our bulletin board!!

photo-29 photo 1 photo 2 photo 3

When we finished our project for Work on Writing, it was time for lunch!  So we cleaned up and went on our way.  After lunch, we were given a choice of special treat–recess or a movie.  The kids chose to watch a movie because they knew they were going outside in Jewish studies (smart kiddos!!).  We had a relaxing afternoon on the floor with our pillows :) When it was time, we got our folders and headed out to recess and Jewish studies!

Thursday we started our morning with Read to Self.  When we finished, we reflected and went right to PE!  We came back after PE to have snack and even our frozen treats.

We quickly moved onto math.  During math we started learning about greater than and less then!!  It was so much fun.   We learned that the alligator eats the bigger number!  Tomorrow we will do a fun activity about greater than and less than.

gl gl1 gl2 gl3  After math we moved on to Word Work.  During WW, Ms. Lewis gave us all an activity to do.  We did rainbow writing so it would help us practice for our LAST spelling test tomorrow!!  We also got to play boggle with one of our words if we finished early.

ww2 11 ww1 ww5

We got to go to recess next then right to lunch.  After lunch we took our last AR quiz and then had time to play freeze dance!!

On our last Friday, dressed in our Shabbat clothes, we started our day the right way…..with SHOW AND TELL!!!!!  Such a fun way for us to start the morning.  When we finished, it was time for library.  This was our last library class in 1st grade!  It’s crazy how everything is starting to wrap up…

When we came back from library we had snack.  We are almost done with our most recent Magic Tree House book!  After snack we did a fun math activity that helped us learn about greater than and less than.  We even got to cut and glue!!  When we finished our activity, we started our last Word Work.  We wanted to have a chance to look at our spelling words one last time before our test!

Then it was time for our spelling test.  We went out to the big blue playground and Ms. Lewis gave us our test one at a time while the rest of us got to play!  When we finished testing and playing, it was time for lunch.  We came back from lunch to continue watching our movie!!

NEXT WEEK IS OUR LAST WEEK OF SCHOOL!!!!!  We will have no homework and it will be a fun week!  There is A LOT going on…please be sure you know the details!!!

MONDAY:  We are planning on doing some science experiments, a SECRET father’s day project, and we will also be cleaning out our desks.  PLEASE BRING AN EXTRA BAG incase our backpacks aren’t working for us.  We will probably finish our movie and enjoy some recess time!  Also, please be on the LOOK OUT for a permission slip to come home about our end of the year party ;)

TUESDAY (HALF DAY): We will be wearing WHITE to school and will have the Bikkurim festival.  Make sure you bring a BASKET of FRUIT with your NAME ON THE BASKET!  We will also have our yearbook signing on Tuesday.  NOON DISMISSAL!


FRIDAY:  This is our last day of school and a DRESS DOWN day!  We will be having our party on Friday–again, make sure to see the permission slip on MONDAY.  I am bringing in nail polish for the girls (they have been begging!!!) and the boys will enjoy some legos and Pokemon!  We will ALL enjoy each-other’s company while watching the LEGO movie!!! We will also be celebrating Amelia’s birthday!! NOON DISMISSAL!!!

If you have any questions or concerns about anything at all, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with Ms. Lewis!  Have a great weekend and Shabbat Shalom :)

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Week of May 26–Jewish Studies

Hope y’all have/had an enjoyable Memorial Day.  We are back to school for just a short amount of time left.  Hard to believe that it’s almost June!

On Wednesday, we will be celebrating יום ירושלים Yom Yerushalayim  Jerusalem Day.   Our pictures of a golden Jerusalem and the Kotel (the Western Wall) are on our board outside our room.



Morah Hanna and I also feel very appreciated …. on Wedneday evening is our annual Teacher appreciation dinner.  Thanks to all for this wonderful  evening.

On Thursday, we will celebrate with the 8th graders as they graduate at 7:30PM.  It’s like a blink of an eye that they were just in Kitah Alef!!

אריאות כותב Ariyot Kotev   We’re writing in cursive beautifully and we will continue for the rest of our lives using our best handwriting that we have learned in Kitah Alef!!!  PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT!!

פרשת השבוע נשא Parshat HaShavua Naso  This week’s Torah portion is Naso. Extra credit last week went to Simcha and Moshe…… yes, it’s the book of Bemidbar or Numbers in English!!  Good job!!!

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37th Week of 1st Grade – General Studies

What a nice change of pace to start our week out on a Tuesday!  We had a great morning.  We started our day by reading a special book.  We read a Berenstain Bear book about what to do if we have a bossy or braggy friend.  We were able to talk about different scenarios and it was helpful for us to think about what it means to be a ‘fun’ friend.  When we finished, we started Word Work.  We had new stations and we were so, SO excited!!

WW WW1 WW2 WW3 WW4 ww5 ww6  After all our hard work, we took a break for snack.  During snack we got to start a new Magic Tree House book!!  We were off to PE after we finished (and digested!) our snack.

We noticed some changes when we came back from PE…

ww8 ww9 There were new rocks in Biggy and Baby’s tank!!  Plus, there was a new fish-which we so appropriately named ‘Sucker’.  We learned that parrot fish are semi-aggresive, so we kept an eye on Sucker for a couple of minutes before we moved on to math.

We are starting to tell time in math!!!  Today we focused mainly on ‘o’clock’ and ‘half past’ times.  We had lots of fun with our introduction today.  We even had a silly visitor…


When we finished math, we got to play outside for a few minutes before lunch!  After lunch we were headed to music and then off to Jewish studies.

On Wednesday, first thing we did was check on our fish!!  We were a bit worried about Sucker, but he survived the night! Whew.  Once more of our friends got to school, we started our day with another special book.  Our book was called ‘Martin Is Our Friend’.  This book was about being friends with someone who is different, or handicapped, or just not the same as us!  It was a great way to bring us together for the day ahead.


We moved onto Work on Writing.  We tried something new today, we kind of played a game to see what we would write about!  Our game helped us to pick a setting for our story, our characters, and even the plot!  (We changed some of the results to be more suitable for our knowledgeable first graders!)

photo 1photo 2

After we figured out our scene for our story, we spent our Work on Writing time brainstorming ideas instead of starting to write right away.  We will be ready to go and excited to start our writing block tomorrow!  We briefly reflected about how we liked this strategy versus others that we have tried, and then we were off to the science lab!!!

We had so much fun making hypothesis for several different experiments with Mrs. Jaffa!!

sl1 sl2 sl3 sl4 sl5 sl6 sl7 sl8

After science, we went right to PE.  We got to play volleyball!!  Then, after our busy morning, we were hungry!!  We came back from PE to have snack and wind down with the Magic Tree House.

After snack we started math.  We continued working in our textbook to learn about time.  Today, we focused on estimating time!  We even got to have our own clocks to helps us figure things out :)  when we finished working together in our textbook, we got to show off our skills in our workbook!

time1 time2 time3 time4

Keep in mind that this is our introduction to telling time!  We really focus on the ‘o’clock, the half past, or 30′, and estimating time.  We worked until it was time for lunch!

After lunch we got to go to the big blue playground for recess!!  We had our bags packed and folders put away so that we could have extra time to play before Jewish studies.

Thursday we had a lovely morning and enjoyed starting our day with Read to Self.  We went straight to PE and came back to enjoy snack.  During snack, we noticed something amazing….

bf1 bf2 bf3 bf4

Our first BUTTERFLY!!!!!  We also noticed some ‘blood’ looking liquid.  We learned that it was extra color that the butterfly didn’t need to use from its’ wings.  WHEW!! Later in the day, another butterfly came out!!! So now, we have 2 out of our 5 butterflies.  When we come back on Tuesday, we may have all 5!!

After snack, Mrs. Stephanie, our Community of Kindness leader helped us learn about being good friends!  We have been working hard this week to make sure that we have great feelings going into our summer break!


When Mrs. Stephanie left we took a math test about time.  When everyone was finished, we got to do Word Work!!

ww12 ww13 ww14 ww15 ww16 We reflected afterwards and headed to lunch.  Word Work seems to be a favorite part of the Daily 5 :)

We came back from lunch and took our AR quizzes.  We even had time to play freeze dance!!!  Then we got our folders and were off to Jewish studies.

We look forward to seeing mostly everyone tomorrow for Parent/Teacher conferences tomorrow!!

Keep in mind that our SPELLING TEST and HOMEWORK packet will be due NEXT Friday.  This is our last homework packet and spelling test for the year…I know how sad everyone is ;) The year is winding down but we will still be learning..and having fun while doing so!!! We hope everyone enjoys the long weekend!

As always, please do not hesitate to get in touch with Ms. Lewis about any questions or concerns about the next few weeks :)

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Week of May 19–Jewish Studies

Happy Lag B’Omer…. the 33rd day of the counting of the Omer!  Today 5/18 is Lag B’Omer so go and enjoy…. picnics, etc.

This is a short school week!!!  But we still have lots to do in Kitah Alef!!!

****************See below for extra credit to our loyal readers!!!

אריאות כותב  Ariyot Kotev  Ariyot Writes in CURSIVE !!!  

We are very busy practicing our handwriting and reading our cursive stories!  We even used Twizzlers and popcorn to write in cursive….Kaf, Chaf and Chaf Sofit!!כך   Perhaps the way to learning is through our tummies??



מחברת Machberet is our  blue writing notebook.   Most of our students are doing an excellent job and continue writing each day.  We move quickly from one new letter to another but we hope that more practice makes for better learning!!  Don’t be discouraged….. more cursive practice continues in Kitah Bet.  Also, practicing over the summer will be encouraged.  Reading is always part of the homework, TOO!!!

פרשת השבוע בחוקותי  Parshat HaShavua B’Chukotai   This is the last portion of the Torah in the book of Yayikra.  We need strength to continue reading the Torah!


TO OUR LOYAL READERS:   PLease send in with your child the English & Hebrew name of the next book of the Torah!!!!   :)  EXTRA CREDIT!!!!

We are working on our Community of Kindness and  showing better behavior to each other and our teachers.  Thankfully,  during tests in our class,  almost everyone is exhibiting their patience and kindness to each other by not talking during the test and waiting patiently for the next question/dictation.   BIG IMPROVEMENT!!!  More to come!!!



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36th Week of 1st Grade – General Studies

We came in Monday morning ready for a great week!  We started our morning with Read to Self.  Ms. Lewis was able to meet with two groups during our 20 minute block of stamina time!  We also reflected for 10 minutes before moving onto math.

During math we started DIVISION!  We were so excited.  The division chapter in our textbook is a very basic (and short) introduction, so we will probably move onto something new next week!  We enjoyed working together in our textbook today.  We like when we get to work together, because its a great chance for us to participate and earn tickets!  Math didn’t take as long as Ms. Lewis thought it would (because we are so smart!) so we got to enjoy an early snack.  During snack we read a book that Brookie’s family got Ms. Lewis from the book fair!!  We really enjoyed it :)

After snack we did our Work on Writing block.  Like Ms. Lewis said, we scaled back and did about 10 minutes of work time and then reflected after.  We are looking forward to continuing our stories tomorrow!!  Some of us are even working on final drafts to be uploaded to our blogfolios soon!

Then, we got to learn about a new part of Daily 5.  We were introduced to Word Work.  We must say, that it looks like SO MUCH FUNNNNN!!!!  We get to play games, like hangman or boggle.  We get to work with partners, use small whiteboards, and even magnets!!  We are very excited to work on our spelling words in this new, fun way!

photo 2 photo 1 photo 3

After Word Work we went to art and then right to lunch!  We even got to go outside for recess until Jewish studies!

We started our morning with Read to Self.  We had 25 minutes of stamina!  We then jumped right into Work on Writing.  Unfortunately we weren’t able to keep our writing stamina.  We took a vote and decided that instead of the whole stopping Work on Writing, those of us who decide to break stamina will have to move our clip down.  We have talked ENDLESSLY about things to write about, we have given out tools, ideas on the board, there is NEVER nothing to write about!!  After we reflected we started math.

We worked in our workbook today during math.  We had some trouble though, so Mrs. Mcveary and Ms. Lewis both had groups to work with!  When we worked together, we did great!!  That’s okay though, because division is hard!!  We are doing our best :) We got to go to PE right after math.

We came back to have snack.  Then we were so excited, because we were starting Word Work for the first time, EVER!!!!!  We played hangman, played Boggle with one of our won words, or did rainbow writing!

ww1 ww2 ww3 ww4 ww5 ww6 When we reflected, we had nothing but POSITIVE things to say about Word Work!  We are so excited to continue this stage of Daily 5.  When we wrapped up, it was time for lunch.  We went from lunch to music then to Jewish studies!

Wednesday morning we came in to find a surprise….

photo-29 OUR CATERPILLARS HAVE ARRIVED!!!!!!!!!!  The craziest thing was that they were already in a chrysalis.  We think they must have been in the mail for quite some time ;) now, we get to observe them as they come out of their chrysalis and spread their wings.  We think that we will transfer them into the butterfly habitat before we leave on Friday.

After all the excitement, we did a little bit of Read to Self and moved into Work on Writing.  During Work on Writing, Ms. Lewis gave us a topic.  She asked us to specifically write about our new butterflies!  We could write about the life cycle, what we think they will look like, or even what we see!  Since all of us began our writing today, some of us will be ready to conference tomorrow!  We had snack after Work on Writing.

We were off to PE and then came back to start math.  We took a test!  Our test was partially about division, and it was also a review!! Most of us did GREAT!!  When we finished our test, we were able to go to recess.  Unfortunately, we had to come in early because everyone was fighting or complaining.  After some discussion, we decided we are going to try to go to the big blue playground to see if that helps our recess issues!  Hopefully we will be too busy playing with all the fun equipment to be fighting or complaining.  We were off to lunch!

We were SO excited to come bak and do Word Work, but instead, we took some time to review our 7 Habits of Happy Kids.  It’s important to Ms. Lewis and Mrs. Mcveary that we always have Community of Kindness in 1st grade.  So, just as a refresher, we took the time to review :) we will gladly return to Word Work tomorrow!!!

We also made a card for Morah Hannah’s birthday!!!  Morah Rachel came in to help us get it started in hebrew before we went to Jewish studies :)  We hope she enjoyed her day!!!

What a great Thursday!!  While the afternoon was very wet, we certainly made the most of our morning!  We started with Read to Self.  Once we reached our 15 minutes of stamina, it was time to go to PE!  Before we went to PE, we also spent a little time observing and talking about our butterflies!!

We came back from PE and had snack.  We love listening to our Magic Tree House book during snack!  When we finished, we started Work on Writing.  During Work on Writing, we continued to work on our butterfly pieces for the art show.  Some of us are working on our final drafts and others are still writing our original.  We jumped into math after we finished our writing time.

When we started math, we were excited to learn about halves and fourths!!  We started in our textbook, and guess what?  There were only 2 pages to learn about in our textbook, so we quickly moved on to our workbook!!!  We were excited to be working with halves and fourths.  We were even able to connect our learning at lunch with some of our PB&J sandwiches :)

We came back from lunch and took our AR quizzes.  When we came back, we took some time to have Word Work!!  We had so much fun and continued until it was time for Jewish studies!

Friday morning we began our day with Read to Self (again).  We moved on quickly and went to library.  When we cam back, we got to have an early snack and we even finished our Magic Tree House book!!  We are excited to start a new book next week!

After snack we finished our butterfly writing!!  Everyone wrote something to go along with their butterfly that they made in art.  It’s perfect timing too, since our caterpillars were moved into their habitat!!  They have formed chrysalides and we are waiting for them to come out now :)

photo 1 photo 2 Maybe when we come back to school on Tuesday we will have butterflies?!  So exciting!!!

We took a math test and then we went outside!  Our math test was only one page, it was all about halves and fourths. We are looking forward to starting our time unit in math next week!! We did fabulous on our test, though!!!  While we were outside, after math, Ms. Lewis gave us our spelling tests.  Ms. Lewis can really tell who does their homework and who doesn’t.  On Tuesday, we will get NEW WORDS.  We will have these words for TWO weeks and our next spelling test will be May, 30th.

When we were finished playing outside, we went to lunch.  AFter lunch we came back to do show and tell.  We also did our ticket drawing!  Micah, Ari, and Brooke were our lucky, winners.

There is NO SCHOOL on Monday, May 19th.  The MJGDS school talent show will be on Wednesday, May 21st, at 5pm.  Plus, we look forward to seeing everyone (no students, please) on Friday, May 23rd, for Parent-Teacher conferences!!!

Shabbat Shalom everyone :)

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Week of May 12–Jewish Studies

We really enjoyed our Yom HaAtzmaut celebration last week.  Here we are making Israeli salad… YUM!


IMG_2612 IMG_2611

We also enjoyed making flags and singing  Hatikvah earlier in the week.


יום האם  Yom Ha-Em  Mother’s Day is today/was this past Sunday and we hope all our moms and grandmoms enjoyed our song & gift.  We  appreciate what y’all do for our students and our school!

The song that is written on the red heart you received says:

“My dear mother,  she loves me very, very much.

I smile at you  and a little song,  I sing to you,

Because I love you, I love you.”

יום הולדת שמח למורה חנה  YOM HULEDET SAMEACH L’MORAH HANNA

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MORAH HANNA  on  Tuesday, 5/13 and many more…. until 120!!!!

כיתה א Kitah Alef  Most of our first graders are doing their work and getting things done!!  We are so proud of the children and can tell that they will be ready for Kitah Bet!!  Keep up the good work!

אריאות כותב Ariyot Kotev Ariyot Writes!  We  continue writing and reading in cursive.  We are moving quickly….. so keep up with us!!!  (Almost a letter a day!!)  We are writing in our blue writing books (machberet) as well as in Ariyot!! WOW!!!

תפילות Tefillot  Prayers  Our davening continues with wonderful leaders!!  הידד Heydad!!!

פרשת השבועך Parshat HaShavua  This week’s Torah portion is B’Chukotai about doing mitzvot.

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35th Week of 1st Grade – General Studies

On Monday, Ms. Lewis did not come to school because she was spending time with all her family from out of town.  Ms. Lewis’ little (not so little) brother graduated from college!!  Thank you so much to Mrs. Mcveary and Ms. Sarah for letting Ms. Lewis have a special day with family :)

On Tuesday we were excited to see Ms. Lewis and even more excited to go on our field trip, AND to celebrate Yom Ha’atzmaut!!!  What a terrific Tuesday!!!  We had a blast going to see Junie B. Jones at the Florida Theater.  It was extra fun because we knew a lot of the stories that were in the Junie B. play since we had read them in class!!  We also enjoyed playing at Mandarin Park after we ate lunch!

jbj1 jbj4 jbj8 jbj7 jbj5 jbj2 jbj3 jbj6 jbj9 jbj10 jbj11  When we came back to school, it was perfect timing to begin our celebration in Jewish studies!!  Like I said, Tuesday was a FABULOUS day!!!

Wednesday we started our morning in the Book Fair!!  We went in to make our wish lists.  When we came back from the book fair, we started Work on Writing.  Ms. Lewis was able to conference with a few friends and some of us are working on our final product!!  When our final project is finished, Ms. Lewis will be able to upload it to our blogfolio!!  The people who were working on their writing while Ms. Lewis was conferencing had some trouble.  Tomorrow, we will spend some time reviewing..just so we are sure that everyone knows what their option are during Work on Writing.

We went to PE after we took some time to reflect.  When we came back from PE we had snack.  During snack we started reading a Magic Tree House book!  We are excited to start reading a different series, but we may come back to Junie B. Jones, she’s just so fabulous!!

Even though some of us weren’t finished with our snack we started math.  During math, we worked more with multiplication.  We were working in our textbook!  It is great practice when we work together in the textbook; we get to work the problems orally and written out in our books.  We finished math with enough time to go outside for recess!!  After we played outside, we washed our hands and went to lunch.

We came back to lunch to work on our Read to Self stamina time.  We worked for 20 minutes, by the time we picked our books, took AR quizzes on books read in class, and got ourselves situated!  We had a really great Read to Self block though.  We got our folders and headed off to Jewish studies.

Thursday we were BUSY!  The day flew by though.  We started our morning making some corrections on a math test that we took on Monday.  Ms. Lewis gave us the chance to revisit our work, especially since she wasn’t there on Monday..we may have just been off our game!!  Our tests will be in our daily folder on Friday.  Then we were off to PE.  When we came back, we enjoyed snack!

After snack we started our review of Work on Writing.  We spent quite a lot of time talking about different things we have done, different places we have been, all sorts of different scenarios.  When we were finished talking about all of our experiences, we realized that we could WRITE about all the experiences we just talked about!!!  Tomorrow, we will scale back on our Work on Writing time, but we will still be able to have conferences!

We moved right into math after we did some jumping jacks :)  we worked in our workbook during math.  We were showing off our multiplication skills!  We got so into our math that we accidentally worked until lunch!  We came back from lunch to take our AR quizzes!  Then we were off to Jewish studies.

Friday we had a fun day!!!  What a wonderful treat to start the day out with so many beautiful flowers!!  Thank you so much :)  We spent most of our morning making something special for Mother’s day.  We didn’t have library class because the book fair was shutting down, but it worked out great for us!!  We hope all our Mommies love our Mother’s Day present.  When we FINALLY finished, we enjoyed snack and an episode of Magic School Bus!  Ms. Lewis has been SO proud of everyone’s hard work, so we took it easy today!!

When we finished snack we started math.  During math we took a test.  This was our final multiplication test and we did great!! After math we got to play at recess until lunch.  When we came back from lunch, we did show and tell.  We also did our ticket drawing!  Congrats to Ari, Brian, and Efrat!!!  We got our folders and packed up for Jewish studies.

We will have our Spelling test NEXT FRIDAY!  We will also have a new homework packet for next week.  Our spelling homework will be included, along with new math homework.

**Please be on the lookout (in the daily folder) for your conference time appointment for May 23rd.  **

Shabbat Shalom :)

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Week of May 5–Jewish Studies

Many important days ……..

יום השואה    Yom HaShoah   Day to remember the Holocaust  4/27

Last  Monday, Morah Liat  read to the students in Kitah Alef,  Bet and Gimel, the book, “The Yellow Star”, about Denmark during WWII.   We  commemorated this day by sitting around a large yellow  מגן דוד Magen David with 6 yahrzeit candles on each point and heard Morah Hanna’s story of her birth in the forest and the miracle of her life after the war.

יום הזכרון     Yom HaZikaron Memorial Day in Israel is this Monday.

We will remember the soldiers who have fought in Israel’s wars.  Unlike America’s Memorial Day, there are no picnics!  And then immediately afterwards, we celebrate

יום העצמאות   Yom Ha’Atzmaut Israel’s Independence Day!!  Tuesday, May 6th!!

יום הולדת שמח   Yom Huledet Sameach!  Happy 66th Birthday, Israel!! We’re going to have fun, fun, fun (after their great field trip!!).  Lots of Hebrew speaking, Israeli food eating and more!  Wear blue & white!

אריאות כותב  Ariyot Writes!!!  Cursive homework is fun!!  It should not be too tiring for them to finish up any work not completed in class.  We are moving fast (almost a letter a day!) and please let us know if there are any difficulties.

פרשת השבוע בהר Parshat HaShavuah Behar.  The portion of the week in the Torah is Behar.  We learn a little about the land and growing crops.

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