First Grade – Kitah Alef

Ms. Lewis and Morah Rachel

15th Week of 1st Grade – General Studies

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!  What a wonderful time to think about all we are lucky to have in our lives…including our students and parents!!!  Thank YOU for being so involved in your child’s life :)

We started our Thanksgiving week by doing Thanksgiving Boggle!  Sophia found the most words-15!  We saved our letters and got to bring it home in case we want to try to find more words. Next we jumped into math.  We are almost wrapping up our numbers through 20 unit.  We have really taken our time and gotten lots of practice!

We next moved on to a Thanksgiving project that can be found on our bulletin board outside the room!! Enjoy :)

Art was the next thing on our schedule.  Afterwards, we cleaned up and went right to lunch.  After lunch, we got to enjoy the rest of our PJ party movie!!

On Tuesday we were getting excited about Intergenerational day!  We started our morning with a Thanksgiving word search!!  We jumped into math and did a review in our workbook.  After math we had time for some freeze dance before we headed to PE!

When we came back from PE, we finally finished our PJ party movie!! Whew! Then, when everyone finished snack, we had a few things to do to get ready for our visitors tomorrow!!!

WOW!!!!  What fun we had on Wednesday!  We started our morning with a math mystery Thanksgiving picture, however we could hardly contain our excitement!!  Before we knew it, it was time to head to the sanctuary to meet out guests!!!

2 3 5 11 12 1 4 6 7 8 9 10 13

After singing songs, and giving out some awards, everyone came back to our classroom to do some fun crafts!!!  We made two different types of turkeys :) It was fun to have our special guests help us put our turkey’s together!

15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27

When we were finished with our crafts, Morah Rachel met us in the lobby and we ended our fun morning with some Israeli dancing!!!  The kids had picked 5 songs they wanted to share with our guests :)


Thank you to everyone who came and made this day so special for us.  We are so appreciative of all the love that we got to feel on Wednesday :)


We are back to a normal week starting on Monday!  We will have a new homework packet and new spelling words.  We will continue to work on the Daily 5 and we will also be getting ready to start a new math unit on shapes!

We hope you have a wonderful holiday and enjoy the long weekend!!!

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Weeks of Nov. 24 and Dec. 1–Jewish Studies

We  are SOOOO thankful for our amazing students and their families in Kitah Alef.  We aren’t just giving thanks on Thanksgiving but every day!!  מודה אני Modeh Anee!!

Enjoy the holiday with family and friends!

We will soon have 2 new workbooks…. a new one for the holiday of Chanukah and a new Ariyot!

We are  just beginning our newest Ariyot book… it is purple!!!

Our new letter, כ , (with a dot in the middle) has lots of new words like:

כד  kad  pitcher

כדים  kadim  pitchers

כותב   kotev  writes for a boy

כותבת kotevet writes for a girl

כואב  ko-ev  hurts

כחול  kachole  blue

כיתה  kitah  class

The portion this week is  ויצא Vayetze and next week’s is וישלח Vayishlach about Jacob and Esau.

AND we have begun practicing our parts for Haggigat HaSiddur.  No need to memorize… we are reading our parts at school and will send them home if needed.  SAVE THE DATE.. 2/7/15!!

Before we know it, a favorite holiday will be here….

חנוכה Chanukah!!!!

חנוכה שמח Chanukah Sameach Happy Chanukah!!

We are learning lots in our חנוכה שמח  Chanukah Sameach  Happy Chanukah workbook.   Eventually, just ask any of us which is the correct way to light the  חנוכיה Chanukiya and we will show you  how!!

We are learning words for the holiday :

יהודים Yehudim  Jews

יונים  Yevanim  Syrian Greeks

בית המקדש  Bet HaMikdash  The Holy Temple

אסור  asoor   forbidden

פסל  pesel   idol

נס נסים  nes,  nisim    miracle (s)

שמן  shemen   oil

חנוכיה   Chanukiyah    Chanukah menorah 9 branched candleholder

סביבון  sevivon    dreidel

לביבות   levivot   latkes

ספגניות  sufganiyot    jelly donuts

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14th Week of 1st Grade – General Studies

We started our Monday morning with a journal question and our morning meeting.  We jumped right into daily 5…..but first, we took our shoes off.  Why not?! We wanted to make Monday exciting ;)

IMG_4612 IMG_4614

During read to self, Ms. Lewis taught us about character traits!  We read a few stories together and Ms. Lewis modeled how we find character traits.  We also talked about some examples.  Tomorrow, we will get to think about the character traits of the characters in our own stories!  We started word work next.  During word work, we did something a bit different.  Ms. Mcvearry made each of us a word back; in our word bank, we will be able to find all the spelling words we have had in the past!  So, during word work, we took time to write in the words we have already had, and now it’s just something we will do each week!  We will also get to use our word bank during work on writing :)

IMG_4615 IMG_4616

We started math.  We continued to work in our workbook after we did problem of the day!  Then, it was time to celebrate all the November birthdays in class–Elie, Sam, and Lily…and Ms. Lewis :) what a treat!!!

IMG_4619 IMG_4624 IMG_4627 IMG_4621

After we ate all the sugar, we were off to art ;) then we went right to lunch!  After lunch we got to go outside until Jewish studies.  We had to come inside a bit early because of the weather, but we still had fun!

Tuesday morning we were so busy we started our morning meeting early!  We jumped into work on writing.  Most of us got to finish our first narrative!!  Keep an eye on our blogfolios to see them and hear our reflection.  Also, you may be able to see them on Intergenerational Day (November 26th, 2014).  If we were able to finish our first narrative, we got to start on a second one that is all about us!!!

We also did read to self before we headed off to PE.  When we came back it was time for snack!  After snack we worked in our workbook during math.  We finished with enough time to play freeze dance before lunch!

We went right from lunch, to music, to Jewish studies.

On Wednesday we were excited to be heading to the science lab after our journal and morning meeting!  We got to experiment with light and shadows!  We made our own puppets and got to look at their shadows.  Check out our science bulletin board for our work!

IMG_4693 IMG_4694 IMG_4695 IMG_4696 IMG_4697

After science we were off to PE and then we came back to have snack.  When snack was over, it was time to start math.  We are getting really good with our adding and subtracting!!  It is a good thing we get so much time to practice.  We worked in our workbooks until it was time for lunch.

After lunch we began work on writing.  Most of us finished our hamburger writing!!  Ms. Lewis started to help us post them to our bolgfolio with a reflection, take a look!  Those of us who finished their hamburger writing, we got to start a new piece of writing that we are using in art too!!  It’s another narrative, but this one is all about US!!  We were so busy working that we lost track of time and were a tad late to Jewish studies! Oy!!

Thursday was such a FUN day!!! We were sure busy though, whew!  We had our morning meeting and did a spelling review word search to start our day.  Then, we did a project for math!  We made flower clocks.  They are all on display in our classroom, on the math bulletin board..come by and take a peak!  We made a clock face, and numbered it.  Then we added petals that tell us what the numbers mean, like when you count by 5’s!  We even used leaves for the hands on the clock; a long leaf for the minute hand, and a shorter one for the hour hand.  We had to take a break for PE and we finished when we came back.  We got to have snack, too!

Between our flower clock and PE, we used all our time and started AR quizzes after snack.  We took our quiz with Ms. Lewis and went to the library to pick out a new book with Mrs. Mcvearry.  There will be NO AR QUIZZES next week.  Our next AR quiz will be Thursday, December 4th.  When we finished AR, we headed to lunch.

When we got back from lunch, it was finally time to start the PARTY part of our PJ day!!!!!!  Mrs. Scharf brought us fruit and chocolate covered popcorn.  What a treat!!! Ms. Lewis brought in a special move—Rio 2!!!!!!!!  We got to relax and enjoy until it was time to go to Jewish studies :)

IMG_1431 IMG_1435 IMG_1438 PJ


Next week we only have 2 and a half days of school, one of them being Intergenerational Day!!  We will use these few days to review and catch up on work we may have missed.  There will be no homework packet, but we will be busy during the day.  We will also use this time to have some fun :)

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Week of Nov. 17–Jewish Studies י Intro to VOICETHREAD




We had a great time acting out the story או או הטוסט   Oh, Oh  The Toast!! About a

טבח Tabach  a Chef (Just like somebody’s dad in our class!!)    And how he gets

distracted while watching TV about a new car and burns the toast!!  OY!

אריאות Ariyot

The next letter we are studying is the letter  י  yod   with words like:

יד  yad   hand

יושב  yoshev  sits for a boy

יושבת  yoshevet sits for a girl

יויו  yoyo   YOYO!!! :)

חגיגה  chaggigah   celebration  (our Haggigat HaSiddur Celebration of the Siddur  is on 2/7/15)

חידה  chidah   puzzle

We have 2 people with names that start with י

יוחנן       יונתן  Yochanan and Yonatan!!



It is a busy week…and we still read the Torah!

פרשת השבוע  Portion of the Week in the Torah is תולדות Toldot is about twins—-kind of like Mrs. Yegelwel’s new twin grandchildren!!

What a great time we had celebrating Ms. Lewis’ Birthday!!  חגיגה בכיתה א Haggigah B’Kitah Alef!  Celebration in First Grade!!!

עוד חגיגה Ode Haggigah….. Another celebration…..

You will be hearing soon about חגיגת הסידור Haggigat HaSiddur (Celebration of getting a new prayerbook for Kitah Alef students  (Consecration)  at Shabbat services at the JJC on 2/7/15) and the role that the parents play in this simcha.  You will be asked to do some preparation (sh-sh-sh…it’s supposed to be a surprise for your child)   of a  personalized Siddur cover.  More details to follow. DON’T WORRY!!!

Not only will our first graders be participating in the service that morning, but parents are invited also to participate.  If you would like to read Torah or chant the Haftarah or would like some time to work on a certain prayer for that Shabbat morning, please let Scott Zimmerman or us know and we can assign that part.  Each family will hopefully have one adult participating in the Shabbat morning service on 2/7/15 whether it is a Hebrew or English or non-speaking part.  More details to follow.  If you have a preference already, let us know. We can tutor anyone who needs help!!  It will be a very memorable Shabbat and one that grandparents, etc. won’t want to miss!


 And now introducing on your own computer at home, etc.:   


“Dear Kitah Alef Parents,

We are excited to introduce the online program VOICETHREAD (Kol Kesher).  VOICE THREAD is an amazing new learning tool, which allows for conversations around images and for Hebrew to be brought into every home.

Each student has been set up with his/her own account and we are asking parents to help sign in their child at VOICE THREAD. The instructions will follow….”

Coming home on Monday, 11/17, will be more of this letter explaining about Voicethread and the  reading/singing assignment for Kitah Alef.  It will also give you your child’s password.!  These are the correct usernames and passwords!!   The homework is just to listen to the songs and point to the words.  We will practice the whole process at school so the children will be experienced.  Thanks for joining us in this new endeavor!!!  It will get better and better as we all get used to it!!

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13th Week of 1st Grade – General Studies

Tuesday morning, Ms. Lewis was so happy to be back!!!  Thank goodness all her travel plans are over..she misses us too much to be gone!!

We started our morning by doing a fun Veteran’s Day word search.  We searched for words like protect, honor, and even America! We had our morning meeting and then jumped into Daily 5.  We started with read to self.  We had a mini lesson before we all read our own books and we were on the hunt for rhyming words!!  We read a big book all together about rhyming words, and we even reviewed setting!

IMG_4464 IMG_4465 IMG_4466 IMG_4467 IMG_4471 IMG_4472 IMG_4474 IMG_4475 IMG_4476 IMG_4477 IMG_4478 IMG_4473

After reflecting, and talking about our rhyming words that we found, we moved right on to word work!

IMG_4479 IMG_4480 IMG_4482 IMG_4483 IMG_4485

We were off to PE before we knew it and then came back for snack.  After snack we started math.  For some reason, we were just not feelin’ math today so instead of suffering through, we called it quits for the day.  A lot of us were having a hard time concentrating and we were also excited to get to our Veteran’s day activities!

To celebrate Veteran’s day, 1st grade did a weekly reader all about saying ‘Thank You’ to Veterans, and why we are thanking them.

IMG_4486 We also learned about the uniforms of different armed forces–the navy, air force, marines, coast guard, and army! We even talked about the doctors and nurses who help Veterans when they get back from a war.  When we finished our weekly reader, we wanted to find a way to show OUR thanks to the Veterans!  So, we made cards!!

FullSizeRender FullSizeRender_1 FullSizeRender_2 FullSizeRender_3 IMG_4499  We didn’t quite get to finish our cards, so we will finish them in the morning when we get to school!  In the mean time, we were off to lunch and then right to music!  When Ms. Lewis came to get us, we packed up, got our folders, and went to Jewish studies.

On Wednesday morning we finished our Veteran’s day cards and we also did something different for our journal!  Instead of responding to a journal question, we corrected sentences.  We were looking for capitals, punctuation, and making sure the sentence made sense!  For example, the two sentences we had were 1) ‘dog runs the’ corrected to: The dog runs. and 2) ‘the dog rolls around’ corrected to: The dog rolls around.  When we finished we had our morning meeting and went over the schedule for the day.

Before starting read to self, we had our mini lesson.  We talked more about both rhyme and setting with a great giant book!  Then we were off on our own, making sure to be on the lookout for rhymes and the setting of our story!  During reflection, we got to share what we found!  Then we moved on to work on writing.  During work on writing…we actually wrote!!!!!!  For the first time in 1st grade, we are going to write our own narrative.  Last week we were introduced to narrative writing; we learned there is an overall topic to the narrative.  Then, we have an opening sentence, 3 details that give information, and a closing sentence that wraps it all up.  Today, we took all that we have learned and we started brainstorming!  We used a hamburger-graphic organizer to help us organize our thoughts :) Ms. Lewis did an example on the board and then we did our own!  We focused on the overall topic and opening sentence today, we should finish our organizer by the end of the week!

IMG_4512 IMG_4505 IMG_4508 IMG_4509 IMG_4510

We were off to PE and then came back to have snack.  When we finished snack we moved on to math.  We caught up what we didn’t finish yesterday from our textbook and we moved on to work in our workbook.  In our textbook we were practicing making tens to help us add and subtract! When we got to our workbook, we we organizing numbers from smallest to biggest or we were learning about counting backwards from a bigger number!  We finished math right in time to go to lunch.

When we got back from lunch, we learned a new letter in our handwriting–the letter ‘f’.  It was a pretty simple one! When we were finished, we packed up and got to play outside until going to Jewish studies.

Thursday, Ms. Lewis was overwhelmed with all the birthday love!!!  Thank you all so, SO much for making my day so special.  I love being able to celebrate with our kids!!  It was hard to focus, but we corrected sentences in our journal and had our morning meeting before going to PE.

When we came back form PE, we did something a bit different; we switched our AR to have our quizzes earlier instead of rushing right before lunch.  So, we took our quizzes and got new books.  Even though next Thursday is our PJ party, we will STILL TAKE OUR AR QUIZZES next week.  After our quizzes we had snack!


We started math and we jumped into our workbook.  We are still practicing adding by making 10’s.

We moved on to Daily 5 and started read to self!  We enjoyed read to self even more today because Ms. Lewis let us not bring our bookmarks and we just enjoyed our books.  We really just LOVED our reading time.  We reflected and headed off to lunch.

We did word work after lunch!

IMG_4537 IMG_4538 IMG_4539

We had time time to play freeze dance before Jewish studies!!  We played a round and then got our folders to pack up.  Morah Rachel and Morah Hannah came to celebrate Ms. Lewis’ birthday, too!!

IMG_4533 IMG_4535 IMG_4541

On Friday, we were all excited to celebrate Elie’s birthday!!!  We came in to start our morning with a spelling review word search.  We had a new word in the was so strange..Elie’s name somehow got into our review!!! ;) We had our morning meeting and were off to the library.

When we came back we had snack!  Elie got to pick the episode of Magic School Bus as a treat for his birthday.  During the show, Ms. Lewis started spelling tests.

We started work on writing next.

IMG_4548 IMG_4549 IMG_4550 IMG_4551

We finished our hamburger writing and we started/finished our first rough draft of our narrative!!! Ms. Lewis and Mrs. Mcvearry are so excited to read our drafts and conference with us next week!  After we conference, we get to write our final draft and post it to our blogfolio!

We jumped into math after our writing.  We worked in our workbook again.  We are getting so good at working with our number up to 20!!!  We got to enjoy show and tell after math.  Ms. Lewis continued testing in the hall and Mrs. Mcvearry did show and tell!  It was time for lunch before we knew it.

After lunch we had a mystery reader……

IMG_4566 IMG_4565

THE HAZ!!!!!!  We were happy to welcome the Hazzan as he read 2 wonderful books to us.  What a treat!  When he was finished, we got our folders and headed down the hall to meet Morah Rachel and Morah Hannah for Israeli dancing!


We have a 4 day week next week.  There is no school for students on Friday, November 21st.  We will get a new homework packet on Monday and it will be due on Thursday, the 20th.  We will also have our spelling tests on Thursday.

On Monday, we are looking forward to celebrating all the November birthdays in our class (there are a lot!).  We will celebrate Elie, Lily, and Sam :)

Thursday, November 20th, is our PJ party!!  Either come to school in your PJ’s with sneakers for PE, or come to school in your uniform and change after PE!!  We will enjoy a movie and popcorn.  What a treat for all the box-tops…great job everyone, thank you to all who brought some in!!

Between now and November 26th, we are asking for one dollar from every child in the school.  We call this Turkey money–the middle school and Morah Eta deliver turkey’s as a mitzvah during thanksgiving!!  Please don’t forget to bring in your dollar, or more if you can.

Please get in touch with Ms. Lewis if there are any concerns, questions, or compliments!  Have a wonderful weekend and Shabbat Shalom :)


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Week of Nov. 10—Jewish Studies

רפואה שלמה Refuah Shlayma  A Complete Recovery to our students who have had a rough time this week!! We can’t wait to have everyone back at school!!!

If anyone has any further questions about Jewish Studies and their child this semester, contact us and we’ll be happy to answer.

We loved wearing our כחול Kachole Blue  on Wednesday and  here we are in our

אדום  Adome  Red.


Our newest letter is:

ט tet

טבח  tabach   chef

אוטו oto  automobile

טלויזיה televisia  television

טוסט toast  toast

טוב tov good for boy

טובה tovah  for girl

It’s a great story about a crazy chef who loves cars!!!  FUN!!

Every week a new portion in the Torah is read.  This coming week is חיי שרה   Chayai Sarah   The Life of Sarah (Avraham’s wife)

שרה   Sarah is also the Hebrew name one of the girls in our class!!  Beautiful name!

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12th Week of 1st Grade – General Studies

On Monday we could barely contain our excitement as we headed to the Florida Theater to see Junie B. Jones!!!  Ms. Lewis brought us a special surprise snack: cookies and popcorn!  What a treat :)

IMG_4220 IMG_4221 IMG_4231 IMG_4229 IMG_4222 IMG_4223 IMG_4224 IMG_4225 IMG_4226 IMG_4228

After the show we had to divide and conquer for a quick trip to the bathroom.  Those of us who didn’t have to go to the bathroom ended up getting to go on stage and meet Junie B!!!!!!!!


We got back from the field trip right in time for lunch.  We got to spend the rest of general studies out in the courtyard for recess.  What a great day!!

On Tuesday we were back to our normal schedule.  After our morning meeting we rearranged our desks!!  IMG_4241 Ms. Lewis was regrettably nice enough to let us help her make the new seating chart ;)

We then jumped into something new!  We started to learn about narrative writing.  We learned today that an narrative story has an opening sentence, 3 details that give information, and a closing sentence that wraps up our whole story.  Ms. Lewis modeled 2 narrative stories for us!!

IMG_4242 IMG_4243

Tomorrow we will make a T-Chart about working on writing and then on Thursday Mrs. Mcvearry will model a narrative story for us!  We had time to play freeze dance before going to PE.

We had snack and then started math.  We took a cumulative test.  We all did fabulous because we have been spending a lot of time reviewing before moving on to our next unit.

We finished math and headed to lunch.  We went right to music after lunch then came back to pack up for Jewish studies.

Wednesday we were busy!  We started our morning with work on writing.  We wrote another narrative and then we made our T-chart!

IMG_4263 IMG_4284

We moved right on to read to self.

IMG_4264 IMG_4265 IMG_4266 IMG_4267 IMG_4268 IMG_4271 IMG_4272 IMG_4273 IMG_4274

We finished right in time for PE.  Then we worked all together in our math textbook!  We started a new unit that is going to help us learn about numbers up to 20!!! Before we knew it, we were off to lunch.

We came back to do word work after lunch.

IMG_4275 IMG_4276 IMG_4277 IMG_4278 IMG_4279 IMG_4281 IMG_4282

When we finished word work, we did a quick reflection and then packed up to go to Jewish studies.

Thursday morning we started our day with a fun spelling review word search!  We had our morning and were off to PE.  When we came back we started snack.  Since there is no school tomorrow, Ms. Lewis let us watch an episode of Magic School Bus during snack!  She started to give us our spelling tests while the rest of us enjoyed the show.

We started math after the show finished.  We started in our textbook, but ended math by working independently in our workbook!!  We are working on getting familiar with our numbers up to 20; reading them and writing them.  We are also learning to count and add by looking for 10’s!

We jumped into read to self after math.  Before we started reading on our own, we met Ms. Lewis on the carpet for a mini lesson!  Today, we focused on setting.  We talked about what setting is and we also read a book together and talked about the setting.  When it was time for us to read on our own, we made sure to think about the setting of our own story!!
IMG_4295 IMG_4296 IMG_4297 IMG_4298

After asking everyone about the setting from their story, it was time to go to lunch.  When we came back from lunch, we did work on writing with Mrs. Mcvearry!!  It was HER turn to write a narrative with us!


We reviewed our T-chart and then we got to go outside for a little bit before going to Jewish studies.


Thank you for your cooperation in coming in for parent-teacher conferences early!  Ms. Lewis will not be at school on Monday, November 10th.  She will be returning from her Zaidie’s Bar-Mitzvah in Maryland, and will be back on Tuesday!!  We will still get a new homework packet on Monday and our spelling test and homework packets will be due on Friday, November 14th.

Next week we are looking forward to starting our own narrative writing!  We are also excited to be moving forward in our math–we are counting and adding up a storm!!

Please be prepared and ready to take an AR quiz every Thursday on the AR book from Mrs. Hallett’s library.

On November 17th, we will be celebrating several November birthdays!! It will be a fun day :)

Please don’t ever hesitate to get in touch with Ms. Lewis with any questions, compliments, or concerns.  The door is always open and I am always reachable via email or phone call.

An early Shabbat Shalom to everyone and enjoy the long weekend!

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Week of Nov. 2–Jewish Studies

Please note that you can find a new video of your child reading in Hebrew on their individual blogs.  The name of the video is “Fall Reading א”     Enjoy!   If you don’t know how to get to your child’s blog, please let us know. We are  proud of them!

אריאות  Ariyot   We learn a new letter:

ח  Chet    (Clear your throat!!)  like in the word Chanukah!!  חנוכה

Whose name begins with this letter????

מורה     חנה  our very own Morah   CHANA!!    AND     our sweet  חיה  Chaya!!!!



Some other words that we learn  are:

אח  ach  brother

אחות achot  sister

חגיגה  chagigah   celebration   (our חגיגת הסידור Chagigat HaSiddur  Celebration of us getting our new Shabbat prayerbooks  is coming soon!)

חדש  chadash   new (for a boy)

חדשה  chadasha  new (for a girl)

משפחה  mishpacha family

The story this week tells us about a wonderful event ….

ברית מילה  brit milah  (covenant of circumcision— bris).

תפילות  Tefilot  Prayers  We are moving forward with many prayers like ואהבת  V’Ahavta  “And you shall love”  which is the paragraph after the Shema.   We also wrote our own personal prayers with the help of Rabbi Tilman!!

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11th Week of 1st Grade – General Studies

On Tuesday Ms. Lewis was back, with big hugs for everyone!!!  She sure did miss everyone.

We enjoyed our morning routine and began our day!  We started the morning by taking the STAR test; this test helps Ms. Lewis and Mrs. Mcveary determine our reading level.  It helps us to decide which books would be a ‘good fit’ book!  We enjoyed doing new activities in word work!!

IMG_4075 IMG_4076 IMG_4084 IMG_4079 IMG_4081 IMG_4082

Our two new stations include painting our words and writing them in play-dough!!

We were off to PE before we knew it!  After PE we stopped into the book fair to make our wish lists, what wonderful books we saw!!!  *A HUGE thank you to those of you who purchased books for our class from Ms. Lewis’ wish list!!! Such a treat!!*  We enjoyed snack and read Junie B. Jones.  We are getting really excited for our field trip in less than a week.

After snack, we started math.  We took a test on position, direction, and ordinal numbers!  We were off to lunch and then right to music.  When we were finished, it was already time to pack up and go to Jewish studies.

On Wednesday we started our day right after our morning meeting.  We did Read to self first.

IMG_4096 IMG_4092 IMG_4093 IMG_4094 IMG_4095 IMG_4097 IMG_4098 IMG_4099 IMG_4100

We moved right into word work after Ms. Lewis gave out the read to self ‘King and Queen’ awards.

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After we reflected we were off to PE.  We came back to have snack and enjoy a book fair book donated by Andrew!!  What a fun book we read; it was called ‘The Three Pigs and the Somewhat Bad Wolf’.  It was a cute twist on an old tale :) Thank you, Andrew!

We started math with our POTD, then jumped into our workbook for our 1st of 3 reviews!  This is a great time for Ms. Lewis to see what, if anything, we need to review before we move on to our next unit.  We had time to play one round of freeze dance before it was time to go to lunch.

After lunch we did handwriting.  In handwriting, we are also reviewing!  We are practicing all the letters we have learned before we move on to new letters.  Some of the letters we reviewed include: c, d, g, e, and a.  When we were finished, we got to enjoy recess until it was time for Jewish studies!!

On Thursday we had lots to do!  We had our morning meeting and went right to PE.  When we got back from PE we enjoyed a nice snack time with Mrs. Mcveary.  Ms. Lewis was letting us read to her in the hallway and we put it on our Blogfolios!! We love comments, be sure to check out our hard work!

We enjoyed read to self after snack time and then we got to play at recess!!  We came inside to take our AR quizzes and we also got to get new AR books!!  WE HAVE AR QUIZZES, on our books from Mrs. Hallett’s library, EVERY THURSDAY!!!

We were off to lunch and then came back to do another review in our math workbook.  We finished in time to play some freeze dance!!  Morah Rachel and Morah Hannah were waiting for us as we packed up for Jewish studies.

Friday we started our morning with a Kabbalat Shabbat assembly!!!

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When we came back, we started math.  We did our last review before moving on in our textbook!  We are looking forward to starting a new unit next week.

We had a special snack for Kagan’s birthday – and we got to watch an episode of the Magic School Bus!!  What a treat!!!

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During snack, and through show and tell, Ms. Lewis was giving us our spelling tests!  Then we were off to lunch.

When we came back, we were anxiously awaiting our mystery reader.  We were happy to welcome……..

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Elie’s Aba!!  We were happy to have him; and he even read 2 books for us!!  When he finished, it was perfect timing to pack up and have one round of freeze dance before heading to Jewish studies.


On MONDAY we get to go to the Florida Theater to see Junie B. Jones!!!  You do NOT need to do anything special for the field-trip.  We will ride a bus to the theater and we will be back for lunch time.  Quick and simple..but so fun!  It will be extra special for us because the Junie B. books we have been reading in class are the same ones that will be in the play!

We will be introducing a new component to Daily 5 next week – work on writing!!  It will be lots of fun. Stay tuned!

There is no school for students on Friday, Nov. 7th…or parents since Ms. Lewis will be out of town ;)

Shabbat Shalom!!  Thank you for being so flexible and meeting for conferences this week and next!  Don’t hesitate to get in touch with Ms. Lewis about any questions or concerns.

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Week of October 27–Jewish Studies

We have completed the letter  ו vav… and must underscore how important it is to review this with your child. It is confusing!  FYI  — the letter vav can be a letter AND  a vowel.  It makes the sound of O when it has a dot Over its head like in the word  שלום Shalom.

ז the letter Zayin is next with words like:

אוז Avaz   a male goose

אוזה  avazah   a female goose

אוזון  avazone  a baby goose

זז  zaz  moves for a boy

זזה   zazah  moves for a girl

זהב  zahav   gold

We meet the cutest little goose in this story ….

זוזו האוזון   Zozo HaAvazone   Zozo the baby goose.

Enjoy reading and re-reading this story with your child.  Act out the parts…. it’s fun!

פרשת השבוע  Parshat HaShavua    Portion of the Week

תורה  TORAH  5 Books of Moses

As we explained before, we have a new workbook for Torah portions.  Each week we discuss the portion and  cut, glue and color 2 pages relating to the portion.  It is ok if the whole page is not colored.  We are looking for the important elements in the portion to be colored. Most of this work should be completed during class time on Fridays, so you probably won’t see the workbook at home.  However, if more time is needed (or wanted), the workbook can go home to be returned ASAP!!

לך לך Lech Lecha    GO!!!    is this week’s Torah portion.  It’s about Avraham and Sarah and their journey that they took after God commanded them to GO!

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