32nd Week of 1st Grade – General Studies

April 17th, 2015

Welcome back!!!  We hope everyone had a wonderful Passover break!  Ms. Lewis was thinking everyone may be tired on our Monday morning, so she was wearing bright yellow and had the tunes cranked up to wake us up :)  We did a journal question and told Ms. Lewis what we had done during our break, then we started our morning meeting.

After the pledge and hatikvah we started our day with daily 5, read to self.  We first reviewed what read to self looks like!  Then, we found our spots and got started.

IMG_7732 IMG_7733 IMG_7736 IMG_7737

Then during our reflection, we got distracted by these cuties right outside our window!

IMG_7743  We refocused and started work on writing.  Before starting a new type of writing, we made a venn diagram to review narrative and expository writing.

IMG_7744 IMG_7746

After our review, we were introduced to our new writing. ‘How To…’ writing describes how to do something!  We came up with a couple of example topics.


After we came up with topics, we wrote our own ‘How to’ together!  As we wrote our ‘How to’, we learned about the special techniques to use in this type of writing.


We are going to continue to write examples this week and we will get to start our own ‘How to’ next week!  When we finished our own ‘How to’, we reviewed it and then enjoyed snack.

During snack we read a book about trains!  Kagan had a treat for us from her Zaide!!  We learned a bit about train safety and then Kagan gave us goody-bags!!  What a treat :)  After snack we started math.

During math we reviewed our introduction to multiplication, and we continued working further on multiplication!  We learned about the multiply sign, which looks like an ‘X’ and we even compared multiplication to repeated addition.  We also got to make up multiplication stories based on pictures in our textbook, it was lots of fun!

We had time for  around or two of freeze dance before heading off to art.  Then we went right to lunch and recess and back to class to get our folders.  We packed up and headed to Jewish studies.

Tuesday we were busy!  We worked on our math to warm up our brains and then we started our morning meeting.  After our meeting we started daily 5.  We got to do small groups today and every group got to meet with a teacher!  After our small groups, we started word work.  Our word banks are getting really filled up with all of the spelling words we have had!

IMG_7759 IMG_7760 IMG_7761 IMG_7762 IMG_7763

After we added our words to our word bank, we got to choose an activity to practice our words.

IMG_7764 IMG_7765 IMG_7766 Then we were off to PE!

When we came back from PE, we got to enjoy snack time outside.


When we came back inside, it was time for math.  We got to work on our multiplication all by ourselves!  We had some trouble, but Ms. Lewis and Mrs. Mcvearry helped us work through and we did great.  Some of us even got to work on a multiplication challenge :)

Then it was time for lunch, music and then Jewish studies.

Wednesday we were excited to come into an interesting journal question….we had to imagine that we shrunk in the rain!!!!!  Woah.  We got some cool responses :)  We jumped into daily 5 after our morning meeting.  We started with word work today, which was not our norm!  After word work, we transitioned into read to self all by ourselves! We enjoyed read to self with our own books and then we reflected with Mrs. Mcvearry.  Then we were off to PE and back to Ms. Lewis for snack.

We started math next.  We worked in our textbook and learned more about multiplication, even with numbers up to 40!!  We got to take turns telling multiplication stories and we worked together to make an entire story!  When we finished our math lesson for the day, we got to go to recess (before the rain!) and then off to lunch.  During lunch, now that it’s after Passover, we get to be chazaneem during the Birkat!!


After lunch we had a special visitor come and teach us a lesson about realism and fantasy!  Our middle school friend, Maiah!!

IMG_7775 IMG_7778 IMG_7779

When our lesson was finished, we packed up and headed to meet Morah Rachel and Morah Hannah.

Thursday was another busy day!  We did our journal question and thought about realism and fantasy; Maiah asked us to draw a picture of fantasy and a picture of realism!  We had fun with that :) Then we had our morning meeting and we were off to PE.  When we came back from PE we took our AR quizzes and had snack after we got a new book from Mrs. Hallett.

When snack was over, we started word work.  We chose two activites from the board and then we got to quiz with a partner.

IMG_7790 IMG_7792 IMG_7793 IMG_7796 IMG_7797 IMG_7798 IMG_7799 We hadn’t done this activity in awhile, but we quickly remembered how easily we loose track of the goal.  During reflection, several of us felt that we learned more when we did the other activities at our desk.

After word work we got to go to recess until lunch!! When we came back from lunch we worked on our multiplication in math.  We worked hard in our workbooks and some of us even got to do a multiplication challenge project from Ms. Lewis!!  When it was time to pack up, Ms. Lewis surprised us with a quick round of freeze dance before we headed to Jewish studies.

Friday’s are always full of surprises, and lots of fun!  We started our morning with a free write and Ms. Lewis even got a head start on spelling tests.  We did a fast morning meeting and headed to library.  During library, we started to learn about research!! Wait to see what we get to do :)  We stayed int he library and Ms. Lewis met us there to take the STAR test.  Then we went back to class to have snack.

We started snack, but then had a surprise visit from our middle school friend Julia!!  She came to teach us a lesson about adjectives.  We had a lot of fun!! She even had a cool activity where we had a partner and had to guess the animal that our partner described by using adjectives!

IMG_7818 IMG_7820 IMG_7824 IMG_7825 IMG_7827 Julia also read us a book and we had to listen for the adjectives!

Next, we did math.  We took a test on multiplication!  Look for our math tests, and our spelling tests in our folders.  One of the test questions was kind of hard, so we did it together on the board.

FullSizeRender(2)  After math we were off to lunch!  We love getting to see our friends as leaders when we do the birkat!!


When we finished lunch, we went to the big blue playground for recess and then came in to pack up right before going to Jewish studies.


There is NO SCHOOL on Monday, April 20th.

We will get new homework packets on Tuesday, April 21st.  They will include math and spelling.  The packet is due the 24th.

THURSDAY is Yom HaAtzmaut!!!  We will be celebrating at school, but everyone should be wearing blue and white to celebrate!! (I am finding out if this means no uniforms, or still in uniforms…I will let you know!)

We are hoping to see lots of our favorite faces at Community University on April 26th.  This is a great event…if you have questions…ask!!

Shabbat Shalom y’all :)

Week of April 13–Jewish Studies ת

April 12th, 2015

Welcome back after a lovely Pesach break!  We know our “ambassadors” from Kitah Alef participated/led/sang at  their family Seders.  We’re so proud of our students, their enthusiasm and their love of Jewish Studies!!

It’s great to be in כיתה א Kitah Alef!!  Lots of interesting and fun happenings occur daily…. like loosing teeth!!! מזל טוב Mazal Tov to all those who have lost teeth recently.  We’re growing up!!!  Everyone seems taller, too!

And now…..

אריאות  Ariyot   Yes, we are completing the 4th book of Ariyot and finishing the Alef-Bet!!  Mazal Tov!!

ת  Tof is the last letter  and we learn words like:

תודה todah   thanks

תורה תורות  Torah  Torot    5 Books of Moses

תעודה תעודות te-u-dah   te-u-dot  certificate (s)

אותיות o-tee-yot   letters

תנועות te-nu-ot  vowels

מתנה מתנות  matanah  matanot  present (s)

חוברת חוברות  choveret  chov-rot  workbook (s)

תפילה תפילות  tefila tefilot  prayer (s)

There is no “test” at the end of this letter….. BEWARE!!!  Cursive is coming!!   WOW!

ספירת העומר  Sefirat HaOmer  Counting of the Omer    From the 2nd night of Pesach  we count each day until we reach the holiday of Shavuot.  We are anticipating receiving  the 10 Commandments!!!  We include this in our daily prayers.  Ask your child what day of the Omer is it today??

תפילות Tefilot Prayers   At this point in the year, we will be praying with

חזנים  chazanim   prayer-leaders from our class.  This is also true when we say the Birkat HaMazon (Grace after meals) in the lunchroom.  Two of our students will  lead the Birkat with the older kids and  we will continue  this alternating daily .  We are proud of  all our students who  lead prayers!

יום השואה  Yom Ha-Shoah  The Day to remember the Holocaust is this Thursday, 4/16.  We will hear a story and remember the 6 million Jews who died.

יום העצמאות Yom Ha-Atzmaoot   Israel’s Independence Day  is approaching next week.  Listen for some great songs about Israel’s Birthday on the 5th day of Iyar.

פרשת השבוע  Parshat HaShavua  Portion of the Week  שמיני Shemini about Kashrut!

31st Week of 1st Grade – General Studies

April 2nd, 2015

We were busy and back to our norm on Monday!  We started our morning work by doing math problems, we added 3 numbers!  Next we had our morning meeting and started daily 5.  We began with small groups and then we even had time do do our own reading from our seat sack books!!  Then, we moved on to work on writing.  We are continuing to record, write, and revise!!  We had snack next.  We had a surprise before math, Lily’s grandparents came to read us a story!!! What a treat.

IMG_7413 IMG_7414 IMG_7418 IMG_7419

Next we started math.  We worked in our textbook and learned about counting by 2’s.  We also worked in our workbooks; we continued to practice counting by 2’s and we also started a review! When we were finished we were off to art.  We went to lunch next and then right to recess!  We came inside to pack up and head to Jewish studies.

Tuesday morning we started our day with daily 5.  We did read to self and every group met with a teacher!  During word work, we had our options: collages, sentences, 3 times, pyramid writing, or rainbow writing. Then we were off to PE!  When we came back from PE it was snack time, and we all got popcorn…just because :)

After snack we took a math test.  Our math test was all about adding and subtracting numbers to 40, adding 3 numbers, and counting by 2’s!  When everyone was finished with their math test, we got to play freeze dance before going to lunch!

Normally we would go right to music after lunch, but why was this Tuesday different from all other Tuesday’s??  WE HAD OUR SEDER!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday we were feeling silly since it was April Fools Day!!!  We were missing Mrs. Mcvearry, but we were glad Ms. Rosi was with us!  We had our morning meeting.  When we sent the lunch count, we told Ms. Robyn that everyone forgot their lunches–April fools!  Then, we started our day.  We began with work on writing; everyone is going to finish their second expository writing before Passover break! Ms. Lewis is still working on recording everyone’s first expository writing, to be put on our blogfolios!  We started word work next.  We had our same options from yesterday and we got to work!  We stopped a bit early for some fun..we had a plan!  We went to Mrs. Teitelbaum’s room with our level reader books.  Ms. Lewis dropped everyone off and said she would be back later to get them!  Then we all cried April Fools!!!  She was a great sport.


Then, on our way to PE, we all took turns going to Ms. Sarah and telling her we broke an arm, or leg, or hurt something really bad…another April fools!!!  Then, we got Coach on our way to PE.  Ms. Lewis told him that no students came to school today so he got to relax instead of doing PE with 1st grade……April fools!!!

When we came back from PE it was time for snack.  When we were finished with snack, we went to recess and then lunch.  On our way back from lunch, we got Mrs. Hallett with a great April fools!!!  We went into the library and said we were ready to get our new AR books.  She was very confused!! As we were pretending to look for new books, we all said ‘April Fools!!!’ and Mrs. Hallett loved it.  When we got back to class it was time for math.  We started multiplication!!!!  We are just beginning and we will continue to learn when we get back from Passover break.  We worked in our textbook, together, today.  We got familiar with counting groups, and how many were in each group.

When we were finished, we got our folders ready and we planned out our last April fools to Morah Rachel and Morah Hannah.  We brought our backpacks into the closet and first we got Morah Hannah by saying that no one came to first grade today!  Then she got us back by saying she won the lottery and was going to get everyone ice-cream!!!  She got us good :) Then, we got Morah Rachel and told her that we didn’t know how we would learn since we all left our backpacks at home!! We finally told her April fools and we headed to the blue playground for recess in Jewish studies.  What a fun day!!!!!

Thursday we were buzzing with excitement because it was our last day before Passover break!!!!  We did our morning meeting and then we were off to PE.  When we came back from PE we took our AR quizzes and then had snack.  During snack we enjoyed watching a Passover show from Morah Galit!!! Todah!  After snack we started math.  We worked in our workbook on our multiplication!!  When we finished our multiplication, we were able to finish our writing during work on writing; those of us who were already finished got to color!  When everyone was finished it was time to go to lunch.

After lunch we got to go to recess with Ms. Rosi and then we were off to Jewish studies.

COMING SOON TO 1st GRADE…………………………..

Enjoy Passover!!! A Happy Pesach to you and your families.  Enjoy the break and relax :)

30th Week of 1st Grade – General Studies

March 27th, 2015

We had a relaxing Monday since we were still testing.  We started our morning with a dot-to-dot and then we even had a morning meeting before we got ready to take our test.  We took our test and then had snack.  We are trying to get back into some of our routine as we wind down testing, so instead of watching a movie during snack, we read a book!  After snack we had indoor recess since the weather was yucky.  Then we were off to art and then lunch.  When we got back from lunch we got to go out for outdoor recess since the weather got better!!  Then we came in to pack up for Jewish studies.

Tuesday we were excited since it was the LAST DAY OF TESTING!!!!!  Only a few of us have make-ups to do, but for the most part, we are finished!  We had our morning meeting and then we took our LAST TEST!!!  After our last test we were off to PE, then we got to watch a movie during snack time…we are going to finish the movie we started and then no more movies!!  After snack we went out to recess, but before we got to play, we got MESSY!!

Ms. Lewis made a special combination and we discussed if what she made was a liquid or a solid, or both?!

IMG_7334 IMG_7335 IMG_7316 IMG_7317 IMG_7319 IMG_7321 IMG_7323 IMG_7326 IMG_7327 After we were hosed down by Ms. Lewis, we got to play at recess.  Then it was time for lunch, then music, then packing up for Jewish studies.  Tuesday went by pretty quick!

Wednesday we were back to a pretty normal day!  We started our morning with a free write in our journal!  It had been so long since we had written in our journal.  After our morning meeting, we did read to self.  We really enjoyed our reading time!  After reflection and reviewing a few key things, it was already time for PE.  When we got back from PE we enjoyed snack time.

After snack we got to work in our math workbook!!! Again, we were excited to be working on math again!!!  We worked in our workbook and reviewed adding with numbers up to 40.  Tomorrow we get to work on subtraction with numbers up to 40!  When we were finished with math, it was time for lunch.  After lunch we enjoyed recess before packing up for Jewish studies.

Thursday Ms. Lewis was absent.  Ms. Rosi was with us.  We still had a great day!  We worked in our math workbook on our subtraction.  We also did a word work spelling review!

On Friday Ms. Lewis was back, but Mrs. Mcvearry was missing. Oy vey!  We started with a journal question and our morning meeting.  Then, we were off to library.  When we got back from library we had snack time and then started math.  During math we worked in our textbooks and learned to add 3 numbers at a time!  We have to always remember to make a ten, and there are usually a few ways to do it!

IMG_7390 IMG_7391 IMG_7392 IMG_7393

We worked in our workbooks too!  Then we moved on to work on writing.  Some of us are finishing our second expository writing!!  We are all working on a new piece of writing or on our final.

Then we were off to lunch and recess and Israeli dancing with Morah Hannah!!!

COMING SOON TO 1st GRADE……………………….

Next week is our last week before Passover break. The kitchen will be closed, so everyone needs to have a packed lunch!

We will have abbreviated homework next week, not too much.  There will be spelling and math.  Our spelling test will be on THURSDAY.

We are excited to have our Seder on Tuesday at 1pm.

If there are any questions or concerns don’t hesitate to get in touch with Ms. Lewis!  Shabbat Shalom :)

29th Week of First Grade – General Studies

March 23rd, 2015

We are doing STANDARDIZED TESTS (and Monday-Tuesday of next week, plus make-ups) this week, so unfortunately there won’t be a lot of pictures on this post.

Monday we enjoyed starting our day with a very challenging dot to dot!!  There were 652 dots, can you believe it?! It’s a great, relaxing way to get our brains working for testing! We took only one test on Monday, so we could get familiar with the process again–we didn’t push it too hard.  We enjoyed recess and even got to go to art!  After lunch we watched part of a movie.  Then we got ready to go to Jewish studies.

Tuesday we started our morning again with a new dot to dot, this one had over 1,000 dots!!!  Most of us didn’t finish it ;) We took our first test for the day and then took a break for snack and PE.  When we got back from PE it was time for our second test.  Ms. Lewis gave us each a mint to help get us back into testing mode.  When we finished, we got to play at the big blur playground before going to lunch and then music.  We packed up after music and went to Jewish studies.

Wednesday we started our morning with an old dot-to-dot and then we got ready to take our test.  When we finished our first test we enjoyed snack with a movie and then we were off to PE.  When we got back, we got our mints, and started test number two.  When we finished our last test or the day, we got to go outside and then right to lunch.  After lunch we enjoyed more of our movie and even some popcorn (todah raba to Morah Galit!!)!!!

Thursday we were super busy!!  We had some hard tests to take, and we were ready!!  We took one of the shorter tests before we went to PE, then we had snack and took a break when we got back.  After snack, we had our mints and started test number 2.  When we were finished with testing for the day, we got to play at recess until it was time for lunch!!  Wow!!  Then we were off to lunch and came back to watch our movie and relax before Jewish studies.

Friday we enjoyed ourselves and relaxed a bit more.  We took our time in the morning and even had a morning meeting!  Then we went to library.  After library we had snack and then got ready to take our one and only test for the day.  We had our mints and got our pencils ready.  When we were finished with our test, we enjoyed recess until lunch time!  Then after lunch, we got to relax and watch a movie with popcorn (still from Morah Galit!!!).  We got our folders and packed up to go dancing with Morah Rachel and Morah Hannah.

COMING SOON TO 1st GRADE……………….(or THIS WEEK since this was a late post!)

We are still doing standardized tests this week on Monday and Tuesday only.  We will be celebrating the end of testing on Tuesday with a super messy science experiment :)

This is our last week of no homework; next week we will resume normal routine and homework packets.  We are trying to start some of our normalcy again this week…no more movies during snack, back to reading, starting small groups later in the week and more of Daily 5, resuming math lessons daily, etc.  We WILL have our AR quizzes on Thursday, March 26 as per our regular routine.

REMINDER: The kitchen is closed next week, March 30-April 2, due to Passover cleaning; please remember to send your child to school with a healthy lunch!

Please get in touch with Ms. Lewis if you have any questions, concerns, or compliments.  Thank you for your cooperation as we finish up testing!

Weeks of March 23 and 30–Jewish Studies

March 22nd, 2015

Don’t forget our Class Seder is on Tuesday, March 31 at 1:00 PM!

LOYAL READERS ***see below for extra credit winners!


אריאות  Ariyot!!!!

We will be moving ahead with the letter ש  Sin.  Imagine a dot on the left side!  We have 1 girl who is so happy to have this letter at the beginning of her Hebrew name!!  שרה  Sarah!!!


Words with the letter ש     sin :

משחק mesachek   plays for a boy

משחקת  mesacheket  plays for a girl

משחקים mesachakim  plays for many

שמח  sameach  happy for a boy

שמחה   s’mecha  happy for a girl

שמחים   s’mechim  happy for many

ישראל  Yisrael   Israel

ששון עושה Sasson (name of a boy)  o-seh   Sasson does

גילה עושה  Gila  (name of a girl)  o-sah  Gila  does

מעשים טובים   Ma-a-sim Tovim   Good deeds

שמלה  simlah   dress

שמלות  s’malot   dresses

יד שמאל yad s’mole    left hand

רגל שמאל  regel s’mole   left foot

שק   sak   bag

שערות  s-ah-rot   hair


פסח כשר ושמח  Pesach Kasher V’Sameach  Happy and Kosher Passover to everyone!!

We are preparing for our class Seder ( Tuesday, March 31  at the new time 1:00 PM in the kitchen half of the Social Hall)  and we should be really ready for our family sederim as well.  Listen for songs and parts to be practiced at home. Thanks in advance to those who will help us set up! (HELP us at 12:30!!!) Don’t miss this opportunity to see us in action as we show how much we have learned and how ready we are for our own seders at home next week. This is a true Kodak moment… videos, photos, etc. are welcome.

We will be searching for חמץ Chametz in our classroom and hope you will do the same in your own homes on Thursday evening, April 2.

בדיקת חמץ Bedikat Chametz After cleaning our classroom, we will be searching for the Chametz (Bread, etc. that we don’t eat on Pesach) in our class using a feather, wooden spoon and candle. Not only are we cleaning Room 207 (talk about Spring Cleaning!!) but we will also search inside ourselves to get rid of any “chametz” that we are not proud of. We all live together in our community of kindness and strive to be mensches! Hope this works at home as well!

פרשת השבוע Parshat HaShavuah  Portion in the Torah

This week’s portion is:

צו Tzav  about the work of the Kohanim (Priests).  Are you a Kohen or a Levi or a Yisrael???  It is passed down from father to children.

LOYAL READERS*******************

***EXTRA CREDIT goes to Avi, Elie, Esther, Chaya, Alana,  Itamar, Leela, Maytal, Shmuel and Sarah for turning in the correct name in Hebrew and English of our new book in the Torah.

ויקרא Vayikra   Leviticus!!  Good job!

Have a wonderful Pesach Vacation and enjoy our Kitah Alef students as they show  all that they know!!


Week of March 16–Jewish Studies

March 15th, 2015

Just a quick look at  the letter  ר Resh!!



Not only does Morah Rachel love this letter but so do

איתמר אסתר גבריאל קירה שרה ואריאות Itamar, Esther, Gavriel, Kyra V’Ariyot!!!

אריאות Ariyot We are soon completing the letter Resh and moving on.   Always review past stories & letters!!

Check out Voice Thread for new letters and Pesach songs!!

פסח כשר ושמח Pesach Kasher V’Sameach   Happy Kosher Pesach!

Spring arrives this week… just like in our song  אביב הגיע פסח בא Aviv Hegeeyah    Pesach Ba!    Spring arrives and Pesach  comes!



פרשת השבוע

This week in the Torah, we begin a new book.  Please send in with your child the name of the new book in Hebrew and in English for extra credit!!!  That name is also the name of this week’s Torah portion!


28th Week of 1st Grade – General Studies

March 13th, 2015

Monday morning we were already buzzing with excitement about our field trip to the zoo!  After we discussed ALL the ‘what-if’s’ of the zoo, we started daily 5.  Mrs. Teitelbaum joined us for read to self and them we moved on to do work on writing!  Most of us have finished our first expository writing and have started another one!  Be on the lookout on our Blogfolios.

We took a break and had snack.  We even got to celebrate Itamar’s birthday!!  His Ema brought us donuts and we sang Happy Birthday.

IMG_7001 IMG_7002

Next, we tackled math!  We worked in our textbook and we learned about adding and subtracting numbers up to 40.  We still have to remember to think in 10’s!


We were working so hard that we took a break to do some jumping jacks!

IMG_7009  We got back to work and finished our lesson!  We were supposed to go to art next, but Mrs. Gutterman is away at a conference so we have art later this week.  Instead, we went to recess since we had been sitting all morning!  Then we were off to lunch.

After lunch we were introduced to two new 1st graders–Liberty and Justice.  The cool thing about these first graders is that they are actually two bald eagles from Davenport, Iowa!!  We learned a little bit about them today and we are looking forward to learning more and eventually writing an expository story about bald eagles!  The best part about Liberty and Justice is that they just layed an egg!  We get to watch their journey of taking care of the egg and seeing the new eaglet when it hatches!  We get to watch all of the excitement through as live feed!  Today was just our first introduction and we were so excited to see Mama sitting on the egg!

IMG_7006 IMG_7007

We watched our new eagle friends as we packed up and went to Jewish studies.

On Tuesday we had a BLAST at the Zoo!!! Click HERE to check out more pictures from the trip!  We loved our educational program about animal adaptations!  Due to a bus issue, we were late..but they let us see the animals and have a shorter presentation!!  We loved it and learned lots!!

IMG_7024 IMG_7023 IMG_7022 IMG_7026 IMG_7029 IMG_7030 IMG_7032 IMG_7033 IMG_7035 FullSizeRender

IMG_7056 IMG_7060 IMG_7063 IMG_7076 IMG_7079 IMG_7086 IMG_7081 IMG_7083 IMG_7084

Wednesday we started our morning quickly because we would soon be off to the science lab!  After our meeting and morning work, we enjoyed complete choice of daily 5!   We got to choose if we wanted to do read to self, work on writing, or word work.  We knew our choices within the Daily 5 options, so Ms. Lewis let us pick all on our own!

Then we were off to the science lab!  We were so excited to be there.  We learned about eggs!  This was really cool since we are now watching Liberty and Justice with their egg.  Next, we went to PE.  When we came back from PE, we enjoyed snack time with frozen treats and a story!

We started math.  During math we worked in our workbook and then took a test.  We took a test on our tens and ones up to 40!  When we finished our test, it was time for lunch.  After lunch we got to enjoy the beautiful weather while we played outside for recess.  When it was time to come inside, we packed up and went to Jewish studies.

Thursday we were busy!  We started our morning by going right to PE, then we went right to art, and finally back to Ms. Lewis for snack time.  After snack we got to work with Daily 5; Ms. Lewis let us have our own choice again!!  Most of us chose work on writing :) When it was time, we had to stop writing and take our AR quizzes.  Then we were off to lunch.

After lunch we came back to class to do math.  We worked in our textbook and continued adding and subtracting with our numbers up to 40.  We are remembering to think about our numbers in tens and ones.  We had some extra time and we were able to play at recess for s short while until it was time to pack up for Jewish studies.

Friday morning we enjoyed our review spelling word search!  Then we were off to library.

IMG_7157 IMG_7158

When we came back from the library, we were able to enjoy our Magic School Bus episode during snack time while Ms. Lewis started testing.  Our episode was about a trip to the zoo ;)

Next, we moved on to math while Ms. Lewis kept testing.  We worked in our workbook and then we took a test.  Our test was a great review right before testing next week!  Then we went outside for recess.

We were off to lunch!


Then we came back to have a mystery reader.  We had good clues and had a guess but we weren’t sure…………

IMG_7153 IMG_7150 IMG_7156 It was Evan, Andrew’s brother!!  What a treat.

When mystery reader was over we packed up and then we had a chat about testing week, next week.  We remembered how to fill in the bubbles, and we talked about how this is just another test..no big deal!  Nothing to stress about :) We also talked about bringing in ONLY healthy snacks.  After we finished talking about the perks of testing week, like no homework and lots of recess, we went to meet Morah Rachel and Morah Hannah for Israeli dancing and Jewish studies.


Next week, and the following Monday and Tuesday, we are doing STANDARDIZED TESTS.  Everyday, we will START testing at 8:45, promptly.  This means we need to be at school no later than 8:30.  We will need to go potty first and get our brains ready for our test.  Everyone should have a great healthy breakfast before coming to school, and we should be waking up from a great nights sleep!!

Due to testing, there will be no homework next week :) We are looking forward to a great week of testing and fun things to do afterwards!!!  If there are any concerns, please get in touch with Ms. Lewis.

Shabbat Shalom

Week of March 9–Jewish Studies ר פסח

March 8th, 2015


We finally made it to the letter  ק  Kof  AND look who is so pleased???

קירה   Kyra!!!!

We are  enjoying the letter ק  and are really getting our bodies into it!!!

In the meantime, here are some great pictures of Baking Hamentashen  and Purim!!

March 2 2015 063

March 2 2015 051 March 2 2015 055

March 2 2015 067

March 2 2015 066March 2 2015 050


March 2 2015 054 March 2 2015 058



WOW!!!! We had the best time last week!!  It was a  פורים שמח  Purim Sameach Happy Purim!!

We baked Hamentashen אוזני המן Oznay Haman!!  YUM!!!

תודה רבה Todah Raba A BIG THANK YOU to the parents who helped us….  the  parents (& some siblings)  of Lilah, Elie, Kira, Yochanan, Yonatan, Avi, Shmuel & Sarah,   And Morah Hanna really has the golden hands to make our dough just right!! Thanks also to Galit for the photos!!

Our costumes were terrific and we had such fun!! And it felt like summer and it is still winter again!!….. Purim is so upside down!!!

Now moving on…..

אריאות Ariyot  We will be continuing in our workbooks  with the next  letter which is:


מורה רחל   Morah Rachel  loves

this letter!!

Here are more words we are learning:

היום קר hayom kar  today is cold

גורילה  gorilla

אדון גורילה  adon gorilla  Mr. Gorilla

גברת גורילה g’veret gorilla  Mrs. Gorilla

מערה  ma’a-rah   cave

רעש   ra-ash  noise

רץ  ratz  runs (for a boy)

רצה  ratza  runs (for a girl)

רצים ratzeem  runs  ( for many)

גר   gar  lives (for a boy)

גרה  garah lives (for a girl)

גרים  gareem live (for many)

רוקד roked  dances (for a boy)

רוקדת  rokedet dances (for a girl)

רוקדים rokdeem  dance (for many)

It’s hard to believe but we’ve started preparing for  another holiday….. פסח Pesach (Passover!)  OY!   SEE  BELOW!!

Listen for our songs and parts in the Seder.  Please note that our Model Seder is on Tuesday, 3/31 at 1:00 PM in the kitchen half of the Social Hall.  It will be another memorable experience with this class!!  PLEASE NOTE ****NEW EARLIER STARTING TIME FOR OUR SEDER!!! Thanks in advance to those who can help set up our seder!!

פסח כשר ושמח Pesach Kasher V’Sameach    A Happy and Kosher Pesach

We are busy preparing for Pesach.  We love singing the songs from the Seder.  And learning words like:

בני ישראל  B’nai Yisrael  The children of Israel

המשפחה של משה  Hamishpacha shel Moshe   The family of Moses:

יוכבד  עמרם  מרים  אהרון  Yocheved, Amram, Miriam, Aharon –Moses’ dad, mom , sister and brother

פרעה  בת פרעה   מצרים  Paroah, Bat Paroah, Mitzrayim   Pharoah, Pharoah’s daughter , Egypt

מלך העולם Melech Haolam    King of the Universe

חג האביב Chag Ha-aviv    Holiday of Springtime

חג החרות  Chag Ha-cherut   Holiday of freedom

חג המצות  Chag Ha-matzot   Holiday of matzahs

עבדים  avadim   slaves

בני חורין  b’nai choreen   free people

חמץ  chametz   all the leaven we have to not eat and get rid of on Pesach.

פרשת השבוע ויקהל ופקודי Parshat HaShavua Vayakhel and Pekuday

To fit all the Torah portions into the year, sometimes we have to double up.   This is one of those weeks with 2 portions!!!

27th Week of 1st Grade – General Studies

March 6th, 2015

What a fun Monday!!!  We celebrated Dr. Seuss ALL DAY in general studies!!!  We enjoyed crafts galore, shows, and reading our old favorites.

We started our morning with a Dr. Seuss word search and a fill in the blank of all our favorites by Dr. Seuss!  Next, we moved on to make our own ‘One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish.’


Next, we got to make our very own Cat in the Hat!! We made ‘-at’ hats and we even got tickets if we used words with blends.

IMG_6849 IMG_6850 IMG_6865

We took a break for snack and Thing 1 and Thing 2 joined us in the form of strawberries and blue icing :)

IMG_6851 IMG_6856 IMG_6858

Finally, we met, and made, the Lorax!!

IMG_6861 IMG_6862 IMG_6863 IMG_6869

As we were finishing our Lorax’s, it was just in time for art.  When art was over we came back to class and enjoyed watching The Cat and the Hat: The More You Know!  Then, to end our Seussical day, Ms. Lewis handed out treats that Mrs. Brodsky got for the class!!!  We each got our own pencil, eraser, and book mark!!!  A HUGE todah raba for our treats..they made our day perfect :)


Then we got our folders and packed up for Jewish studies.

Tuesday morning we enjoyed a journal question and our morning meeting.  We jumped into daily 5 with read to self.  Every group got to meet with a teacher!  During word work we added our new words to our word bank and then we enjoyed an activity from our usual choices: 3 times each, collage, rainbow writing, pyramid words, or sentences.  Then we lined up for PE and headed to meet Coach Goldman.

When we got back, we had snack and then started math.  We started a new unit in our textbook!!  We are working on our numbers up to 40!  We are breaking them into 10’s and ones.  We are even starting to add big numbers!  When we were finished with math, we had 10 minutes to go outside and play :) we are loving the sun and warm weather!  We were off to lunch and then right up to music.  When we got back, we packed up and headed to Jewish studies.

Wednesday morning we started with read to self.  Again, Mrs. Teitelbaum was able to join us and every group got to meet with a teacher!  During work on writing, Ms. Lewis and Mrs. Mcvearry continued to conference with us about our expository writing.  Most of us have started our final draft!  Be on the lookout to see them on our blogfolio.

We were off to PE and came back to enjoy snack.  After snack, we started math.  We worked independently in our workbooks on our numbers to 40 unit.  When everyone was finished, we had a little time for freeze dance before going to lunch.  After lunch we got to play at the courtyard until it was time for Jewish studies.

HAPPY PURIM!!!!!!!!!!


We did not have reading group homework because Ms. Lewis knew we would be busy celebrating :)  We started our morning with a Purim word search and we listened to Ms. Lewis’ favorite Purim song, meeshe!!

We enjoyed listening to the Magilla and shaking our groggers at Haman!!!

IMG_6923 IMG_6926 IMG_6919

After we listened to the Magilla, it was time to go to the Purim carnival!!

IMG_6929 IMG_6930 IMG_6931 IMG_6932 IMG_6933 IMG_6935

When our time was up, we came back to class.  We took our AR quizzes and got new books from Mrs. Halletts library.  When everyone was finished, we took our snack and went outside until lunch!!!!!!!!!

When we came back from lunch, we had to buckle down a bit.  We did some math but we had to stop early because we were all pretty hyper and excited about Purim.  Luckily, it was time to pack up and go to Jewish studies.  However, since we weren’t able to finish our math lesson..we will be doing that instead of show and tell on Friday.

Friday we had our spelling review word search and then we went to library early!!  We went to library early because we got to Skype with an author.  We read a book that she wrote, 1 Zany Zoo, and then she even read up her new book!!!  Plus, guess what we learned?  She is Jewish, just like us!!!!!  So cool; we were so glad that Ms. Lori Degman gave us her time!!!

IMG_6966 IMG_6968 IMG_6972 When we got back from library, we enjoyed snack and the Magic School Bus.  Ms. Lewis began our spelling tests and Mrs. Mcvearry took over after our sho wand started math with us while Ms. Lewis kept testing.  When everyone had finished their test and their math, we got to go to recess!  We made sure to bundle in our jackets.


We came back in and did a weekly reader!  It was all about nonfiction books and fictions books.  Wer even talked about Dr. Seuss again!!  Next, we got ready for lunch.  When we came back from lunch we had a mystery reader!!!

With great clues, we were excited to welcome……………

IMG_6978 IMG_6982 IMG_6986 Mrs. Werwa, Alana’s Mommy!!!  She read us a great book that reminded us of Cinderella :)

After our reader left, we did our ticket drawing, played a quick round of freeze dance, and then we packed up for Jewish studies.

COMING SOON TO 1st GRADE…………………………..

Next week we will have new homework packets including spelling, math, and reading homework to be sent home on Wednesday.

TUESDAY we are off to the ZOO!!!!!  PLEASE BRING A BAGGED DAIRY LUNCH!!  Also, please let Ms. Lewis know if you plan to join us. 

The week of March 16th, we will be doing standardized testing.  Please start thinking about how this will effect your schedules and eating habits :)

If there are ever any questions, concerns, or compliments please let Ms. Lewis know!!  Shabbat Shalom