Ulichnie’s Update in Pictures

 - by erinulichnie

Hello!  I have so many fun pictures from the last few months I wanted to share with you all.  You can tell from our pictures that there is never a dull moment in our class!

Thanks for sharing your children with me!  I have so much fun learning with them each day.

Weeks of April 18 and May 2–Jewish Studies פסח כשר ושמח

 - by Morah Rachel

YAY!! BLOGS ARE BACK!!!  THANKS for continuing to  read!!!! 

Pesach Kasher V’Sameach   A Kosher and Happy Passover!!! Have a wonder Pesach Break!!

We know that our “Ambassadors” from Kitah Alef will shine at your family’s Seders!!  We are so proud of them and how much they’ve learned about Pesach.  Enjoy!!

Please remember that our Model Seder is this Tuesday, 4/19 at 1:00 PM.  Also thanks to anyone who wants to help set up our seder….come at 12:30!!!   This is going to be a memorable (and perhaps lengthy) afternoon!!!  WE LOVE TO SING!!!!

NOTE:   There are no hot lunches this week….before Pesach!!!

And when we return after Pesach, we will finish the alef bet with the letter  ת Taf  and move on to cursive!!

Thursday, May 5 we will be remembering the Shoah and the 6 million Jews who died.

AND on Friday, May 6 we will be celebrating  יום האם Yom Ha-Em Mother’s Day   in General Studies at 9:45 AM.    DONT MISS IT!

פרשת השבוע אחרי מות  Parshat HaShavua Acharay Mot  The Portion of the Torah is about the Scapegoat…. and Yom Kippur.   Details to follow.

Ulichnie’s Update April 15th

 - by erinulichnie

The blog is back!  Thank you for your patience.  Don’t forget to scroll all the way down to the friendly reminders section.   I hope my emails have been keeping you well informed.  We had an awesome week.  The highlight was our field trip to the St. Augustine Alligator farm.  It was a beautiful day and I was so glad the weather cooperated.  We have been reading about different types of reptiles to get ready for our trip.  Students loved the hands on class on animal adaptations.  I am sure you heard that we got to touch a turtle, chinchilla, skink, and a baby alligator!  Here are a few pictures.

In word work, we are learning about the “bossy r”.  Our word list included words with ar, ir, and ur.  I hope you are using spelling city to review our spelling words each week.

For our reading lessons this week, we started a new series, Puppy Place by Ellen Miles.  We read Oscar this week and responded to our reading each day in our lit logs.  Students worked on connections and visualizations.  Connections are when a student thinks of something in his or her own life that relates to the story.  Visualizations are when we picture what is happening in the story in our heads.  The story had a sad ending, and we almost had a few tears.

In writer’s workshop this week, we are working on fiction writing.  We have already worked on personal narratives, informational, and opinion writing this year.  Fiction is our last unit this year.  We are creating characters, coming up with names and adventures for those characters.  We love writer’s workshop!

It has been great learning about money for the last couple weeks.  We should know how to identify all the coins and their values.   Students have been counting coins and dollars all week.  We even used grocery ads and showed the cost of various products with pictures.  We also got to see some old and new types of Israeli money.  Thank you Mr. Zagagi for helping me explain them to the class.  There is even an old phone token in the picture, so cool!  We had a lot of fun playing 2 money games on www.abcya.com here is the link.  The kids liked the games called learning coins and money bingo.


Students created sock puppets today in math.  They had to purchase items with play money to make the sock puppet.  For example, a sock cost 75 cents, so students would have to show that amount and pay to purchase it.  They bought various craft supplies for different amounts to create a puppet.  The puppets turned out really cute!  Here we are reading to and playing with our puppet friends.

Friendly reminders:

There will be no hot lunch served next week.  Please make sure to pack a lunch for your cutie.

Please send 6 family photos by email to me before spring break.  It can be of your child, siblings, parents, grandparents, or anyone special to the family.  I will be using them for our Mother’s Day special event coming soon!  Thanks for sending them in!

Tuesday, April 19 is the first grade Seder at 1:00

April 21-May 1 is spring break, enjoy!

Don’t forget to save the date Friday, May 6th for our special Mother’s Day poetry reading.  The poetry reading will begin 9:45-ish and shouldn’t last more than an hour.

Weeks of March 7 and March 14–Jewish Studies

 - by Morah Rachel


We made delicious salad……סלט של פילים עם פלפל ומלפפון Salat shel pilim im pilpel v’melafifon   Elephant salad with peppers and cucumber. With a drop of lemon, a drop of oil and a little salt. YUM!!  Just like in our story in Ariyot!!



More words for the letter Fay:

עפיפון  Afeefone   kite

טלפון  Teleephone    phone

עף  off     flies for a boy

עפה   offah    flies for a girl

אריאות  Ariyot continues….. we are finishing up the letters פ ף Pay, Fay, and Fay Sofit  and moving on…..to…

צ  ץ    Tzadee and Tzadee Sofit

This sounds like the tz in Tzedakah!!

עציץ   atzeet    plant

צב   tzav    turtle

צבי   tzvi   deer

ציפור   tzeepor   bird

צובע  tzoveh-a    paints for a boy

צובעת    tzovah-at   paints for a girl

צובעים    tzove-em   paint for many

מצביע    matz-bee-ah   points for a boy

מצביעה  matz-bee-AH   points for a girl

מצביעים   matz-bee=im  points for many

מצלמה    matz-leh-ma   camera

מציר      mi-tzayer   draws for a boy

מצירת   mi-tzayeret   draws for a girl

מצירים    mit-tza-yi-rim  draws for many

Hebrew reading and reviewing with your child is getting more and more important each week as we progress through the alef-bet.

Check out more songs on VOICETHREAD to enjoy with your child!!! Great way to review!

פורים  Purim!!!!



Kitah Alef is excited to bake אוזני המן Oznay Haman (Hamentashen) on 3/14 and we would love to have helpers!! Grandparents, parents and friends are invited to help us.  Hint:  DON’T WEAR BLACK!! Please let us know if you can bake with us and we’ll see you in the gym on Monday.

We are really enjoying all the Purim activities in our class.  Everything’s upside down!!!     We are learning about the characters in the  מגילה Megillah  The Scroll of Esther.

אסתר  Esther the queen

אחשורוש  Ahashvarosh the king

המן   Haman   (Rash, rash, rash!)

מרדכי  Mordecai, Esther’s cousin
The portion of the weeks     פרשת השבוע Parshat HaShavua  are פקודי  Pekudei  the last portion in Exodus and

ויקרא Vayikra   the first portion in Leviticus…. It is also the name of the 3rd book in the Torah.

Week of Feb. 29–Jewish Studies פף

 - by Morah Rachel

מזל טוב  MAZAL TOV to our students as we finish another book of

אריאות Ariyot.  We are completing the 3rd book and are  now ready for the 4th!

 (EXTRA CREDIT  to many students  for their creative clouds!!  THANKS for reading!!)


פ פ ף  Pay, Fay and Fay Sofit (final Fay) are our latest letters!!!!  WE LOVE these letters!! Check out all the words we know with these letters!

Note that the Pay has a dot, Fay does not!  Other words we are learning are:

פיל פילה פילים peel, peela, peelim    boy elephant, girl elephant, elephants

פילון  peelone   baby elephant  (our favorite!!)

פנים וגוף panim v’goof     face and body

פה  peh   mouth

אף  off   nose

טיפה טיפות  teepah  teepote   drop/s  (raindrops or little drops of something)

פלפל  peelpel    pepper

מלפפון  m’lafifone   cucumber

ציפור עם כנפים  tzeepor im k’nafyim    bird with wings

In this sweet story about the elephant family making and eating dinner, we will enjoy doing the same!!!  We learn that you have to eat your veggies before you get dessert!

פודנג  pudding   (chocolate is our favorite!)

More words that we know with this letter:

פרשת השבוע Parshat HaShavuah Torah Portion of the week

פורים Purim our next holiday—-You will be hearing lots of singing & fun for this holiday!!

תפילות Tefilot prayers

PLEASE check out Voicethread….. fun stuff for all!!
The portion of the week    פרשת השבוע Parshat HaShavua isויקהל Vayakhel.

Ulichnie’s Update February 22nd

 - by erinulichnie

Last week was a short week, but we got so much accomplished!

In word work, we practiced words with the long o sound like in boat and mow.  We are writing sentences with our words each week to work on capitalization and punctuation.

Last week in reading, we finished another Magic Tree House book, Dinosaurs before Dark.  Students created a literature log and responded to the reading each day.  We made predictions, wrote about the story elements, vocabulary, and made connections.

In math, we played a fun game called race to 100.  Students are working with manipulatives to build numbers using ones, tens, and hundreds.  We are also focusing on double digit addition and decomposing numbers to add.  There was also time to use some fun math apps on the iPad.  Some apps you can check out are Splash Math, Sushi Monster, and Flash to Pass.

In science, we are still learning about the states of matter.  We are making “magic crayons” this week.  Students will melt crayons into a liquid and them watch them form back into the solid state.  So, if you have any old broken crayons please send them to school.

In social studies, we learned about George Washington and Abraham Lincoln in honor of President’s Day.  We read their biographies and watched a couple short videos.

Have a great week!

Ulichnie’s Update February 14th

 - by erinulichnie

In spelling, this week, students practiced learning words with the long e sound in words like green and tea.  We are writing sentences each week in class with our words working on sentence structure, capitalization, and punctuation.  We are also learning  a new poem each week.   We discuss nouns, contractions, rhyming words, punctuation, and contractions.  Soon, we will be adding verbs.

In reading, this week, we started a new Magic Treehouse book.  Students are responding to each day’s reading in our lit logs.  We are writing about predictions, characters, setting, making connections, visualizations, vocabulary, problems, and solutions.  This is a great series to read at home with your child.

Writer’s workshop has been productive this week.  We continued with our opinion writing and learned to use description and “sparkly” words in our writing.  We also completed several writing prompts for the 100th day of school, including, when I am 100 years old, what would I do if I had $100, and my 100 Legos creation.

In math, we are continuing our unit on place value.  We had a great 100th day of school celebration.  Thanks for all of your work on your children’s t-shirts, they were adorable!  We were able to write 100 words, write our numbers to 100, build with 100 Legos, have a special 100’s day snack, and much more.  We even used the app Aging Booth to make ourselves look 100 years old.  It was so funny, the kids had a huge laugh at themselves!

We were so lucky to go to the science lab this week!  We learned about matter.  Students learned that matter is made up of atoms and can be in the form of a solid, liquid, or gas.  Students used balances to measure solids and put them in order from most to least mass.

Lastly, we learned about Abraham Lincoln to honor President’s Day.  This will be continued next week, in which we will also learn about George Washington.

It appears flu and cold season is here.  I am practicing good hand washing habits at school and using Lysol at the end of each day.  Please be aware that there have been flu and strep cases in our class.  I am doing what I can to keep your babies healthy.  I, myself, have been taking lots of vitamin C.  Hopefully, this will pass quickly.  🙂

Weeks of Feb. 15 and 22–Jewish Studies

 - by Morah Rachel

We had a wonderful 100th day last week and realized that we are truly 100 days smarter than we were at the beginning of the school year!!  We each wrote 100  Hebrew letters and then……. without any help, we came up with 100 Hebrew words in a very short amount of time!!!  WOW!!  WE are 100%!!  מאה אחוז  May-ah Ah- chooz!!!



See BELOW for extra credit!!!


A secret surpise might be happening this week.  We are almost finished with the letter ס Samech when…..סבא וסבתא  Saba V’Savta ——————-grandpa and/or grandma) will read to our class!!! It will be a great secret!!      איזה סוד   Aizeh sode!!!! SH-H-H-H!!!


*********TO OUR REGULAR READERS***************

Please see below for an extra credit fun activity for your child! It’s for everyone!!!


אריאות Ariyot brings us a new letter in the coming week

ע Ayin with words like:

ענן עננים anan ananim cloud clouds

עין עינים ayin aynayim eye eyes

עיגול עיגולים eegool eegoolim circle circles

מעיל עם כובע meh-eel im kovah coat with a hat (hood)

נעל נעלים na’all nalayim shoe shoes

עוגה oogah cake

Notice that this letter is as quiet as the Alef!

*************EXTRA CREDIT*******************

If you are reading this, thanks for doing so!! Your child can get extra credit in Jewish Studies if they draw a picture of CLOUDS עננים ananim that they see in the sky. Maybe a cloud looks like something special to them, like a shoe or an animal or a cake or whatever they see.   Please send the sketch to class by Friday, February 19!! 🙂


The portion of the week פרשת השבוע Parshat HaShavua  for this coming week is    תצוה Tetzaveh and the following week is    כי תשא   Ki Tisa which includes the story of the golden calf.

For your information,  in the Hebrew calendar it is a leap year.  Instead of adding one day every 4 years like in the secular calendar, we add a whole month 7 times in 19 years.  So, we are in the Hebrew month of Adar 1 and then we will have another month Adar 2 .  That’s why Purim is so late this year… but that way, the calendar evens itself out!!