End of the year!!! :( Jewish Studies

 - by Morah Rachel

Our last blog post of Jewish Studies for this year 聽馃檨

The school year has flown by!! We have enjoyed every moment with this fabulous group!!聽 Don’t forget over the summer to read, write, and speak Hebrew. 聽Also, even if we are not at school, Shabbat and Torah readings continue!! 聽See you at shul???

We have enjoyed our Torah service on Thursdays with the Chazzan. Each one of us has had the opportunity to be called to the Torah and say our full names in Hebrew and say the blessings. 聽Thanks to 聽Chazzan Holzer for leading us!!

Check out their blue writing notebooks to see what they can read in their own cursive handwriting. 聽We’ll be writing lots more in cursive from now on!! 聽Please use their blue writing notebooks to practice cursive reading & writing over the summer!

Thank you to Rabbi Tilman for davening with us on Tuesdays. 聽We appreciate you taking the time to be with us and answering a lot of 聽our questions!! 聽We wish you all the best in the years to come!!! 聽Good luck in New Jersey and with the new addition to your family!!!


诇讛转专讗讜转 聽L’hitraot……. See you later!!!


To our sweet 讻讬转讛 讗 聽Kitah Alef class and loyal readers:

Thank you for the generous gifts that you so kindly gave us. 聽We appreciate all your kindnesses!

We have truly loved teaching this class and expect great things from them in the future. 聽Thanks also to the wonderful families who have been so supportive.

讘讗讛讘讛 B’Ahava 聽 With love,

诪讜专讛 专讞诇 讜诪讜专讛 讞谞讛 聽Morah Rachel and Morah Hanna

Weeks of May 22 and 29–Jewish Studies

 - by Morah Rachel

We are learning the cursive letters and finding them very YUMMY!!!聽Here are the letters 讻 讻 讱 聽Kof, Chof and Chof Sofit made out of Twizzlers!

On Wednesday May 24, we will celebrate 讬讜诐 讬专讜砖诇讬诐 Yom Yerushalayim. 60 years that Jerusalem is reunited!!!

The holiday of 聽砖讘讜注讜转 Shavuot is the next holiday after that 聽and we will celebrate it on May 30-June 1. We are so proud that we are learning all about the 10 Commandments! Memorizing them in Hebrew 聽 AND we can write them in聽cursive!!

In order to honor the holiday of Shavuot, the giving of the Torah, the Martin J. Gottlieb School聽is issuing our Ten Commandment challenge to all students in Kitah Alef. 聽The challenge is to memorize all Ten Commandments in Hebrew. Students will first recite them to their Hebrew teacher in class the week of聽May 22.

All students who demonstrate that they have met the challenge will be HONORED at Shavuot services at the Jacksonville Jewish Center on Wednesday, May 31.聽聽 The students who are being honored will be called up to the bimah. They will recite the Ten Commandments for the congregation and receive a special reward.

On Tuesday, May 30 ( Erev Shavuot—a half day of school) we will have our Bikkurim ceremony in the morning. 聽We will wear white clothes 聽and bring fruit baskets for the needy.

讞讙 砖诪讞 聽Chag Sameach!! Happy Holiday! We will finish counting the Omer….49 days!!

We have lots of fun planned for the last few weeks of Jewish Studies this school year filled with reading and writing and singing and dancing!!

The students take their cursive Hebrew handwriting 聽very seriously!! 聽We will be well prepared for Kitah Bet!!! 聽And many of us are writing sentences!!

驻专砖转 讛砖讘讜注 聽Parshat HaShavua These weeks’ Torah portions are 讘诪讚讘专 聽 讜谞砖 聽 聽 Bamidbar V’Naso. 聽 We are starting the next book in the Torah!!!

Ulichnie’s Update May 14th

 - by erinulichnie

Upcoming Dates: 聽Mark your calendars!

May 17: 聽Field trip to Jacksonville Zoo-pack a lunch
May 29: 聽No school-Memorial Day
May 30: 聽Noon dismissal, wear white and bring fruit/veggies for Shavuot
May 31: 聽No school
June 1: 聽No school
June 5: 聽Father’s Day celebration @ 9:45-10:45
June 7: 聽Last day of school
Thank you for such a wonderful teacher appreciation week to all the parents and especially PTO. 聽You guys are the best!
Here are some fun moments from our Israel Independence Day celebration.
In word work, we have been working on first grade sight words, color words, and next week we will be covering number words.
In language arts, we have finished up our poetry unit. 聽Students learned how to write an sensory poem, acrostic poem, diamonte聽poem, and shape poem. 聽Now, we have started reading The Boxcar Children series. 聽We are making predictions, summarizing, making connections, and discussing vocabulary. 聽We are answering comprehension questions with our reading each day.
In math, we completed our unit on money. 聽Counting coins was difficult for most students. 聽This would be a great skill to work on over the summer. 聽We spent some time reviewing numbers to 100, including place value and estimation. 聽We are now working hard on double digit addition and subtraction. 聽We will finish the year reviewing and attempting to learn how to regroup with addition.

Counting money with grocery store ads

Science has been super fun the last couple weeks. 聽Students have been watching lima beans sprout and making observations. 聽We planted the seedlings and now are watching them grow quickly. 聽Mrs. Jaffa showed us how celery will change colors when you put it in water with food coloring. 聽One day last week, we taste tested different seeds: 聽peanuts, sunflower seeds, pomegranate, and snow pea pods.
In social studies, we have learned about saving and spending money and different careers.
Here is the stop motion video our class created with Mrs. Gutterman. 聽I love it so much!
We are also experimenting with the app, Morphi.聽 Morphi聽 is a tool that can be used to create projects for the 3D printer. 聽We used it to create our Mother’s Day bookmarks.
Thank you so much for coming to the poetry reading!
Some fun videos for moms from the Kid President.
Unexpected fun moments…

Weeks of May 8 and May 15–Jewish Studies Cursive!!! Etc.

 - by Morah Rachel


Cursive homework continues!!!! 聽We are so proud of our beautiful handwriting!! It’s sooo fun! 聽We love writing carefully in our 聽writing notebooks! 聽We will soon be writing the letters 讙 专 讛 讘 讘 聽Gimel, Resh, Hey, Bet and Vet. etc. 聽 WOW!!! We are moving very quickly —approximately one letter a day! We are being sticklers about HOW to write each letter. 聽Most letters are based on the letter Resh…. starting from the top like a crescent . 聽 Cursive writing homework 聽should be fun and not last more than 5-10 minutes each night. 聽Reading should continue at home of all the old Ariyot books. 聽 Reviewing means remembering!! (And of course reading our cursive stories as well!!!!)

The little blue writing notebook is called a 诪讞讘专转 Mach-ber-et and we are enjoying writing in it in cursive Hebrew!!!


We want to thank you and the PTA for the wonderful week we had the last 聽few weeks. 聽We feel聽very聽appreciated!!!

转讜讚讛 专讘讛 聽THANK YOU ALL for the wonderful treats and generous gifts we received during Appreciation Week. 聽We LOVE this class and 聽don’t want the year to end!! (Really!!!) 聽From Morah Hanna and Morah Rachel 聽 聽 馃檪

讬讜诐 讛注爪诪讗讜转 聽Yom Ha-Atzmaut !!!! Israel’s Independence Day

We also had a wonderful day last Tuesday for Israel’s 69th Birthday… 聽we ate yummy felafel, 聽played, sang and even prayed at the Kotel (the Western Wall in Jerusalem) with Rabbi Tilman. 聽We wrote our own personal prayers on paper and placed them between the stones.


May 14……. Mother’s Day, 聽Lag B’Omer 聽and Morah Hanna’s Birthday!!!!

We wish all of our moms 讬讜诐 讛讗诐 砖诪讞 Yom HaEm Sameach!! Happy Mother’s Day on Sunday May 14!! 聽Hope you enjoy our little gift & song! 聽We appreciate you not just one Sunday a year but everyday!!! We say thanks for being such good moms to our students and for helping us out in Kitah Alef!!

Happy 33rd Day of the Omer 聽 诇讙 讘注讜诪专 AND…….

讬讜诐 讛讜诇讚转 砖诪讞 诇诪讜专讛 讞谞讛 聽Yom Huledet Sameach l’Morah Hanna!!!

Happy Birthday to our wonderful Morah Hanna!!!!


驻专砖转 讛砖讘讜注 Parshat HaShavua—

The Portions of the Week in the Torah are…

讗诪讜专 Emor for May 8 聽We review the holidays for the year

讘讛专 讘讞拽转讬 Behar-Bechukotai for May 15. We learn about Sabbatical years…. for us and the land!!



Ulichnie’s Update April 23rd

 - by erinulichnie

Upcoming Dates: 聽Mark your calendars!

May 12: 聽Mother’s Day poetry @ 9:45-10:45
May 2: 聽Yom Ha’Atzmaut – wear blue and white
May 17: 聽Field trip to Jacksonville Zoo-pack a lunch
May 29: 聽No school-Memorial Day
May 30: 聽Noon dismissal
May 31: 聽No school
June 1: 聽No school
June 5: 聽Father’s Day celebration @ 9:45-10:45
June 7: 聽Last day of school
Thanks to all who were able to make it to our model Seder. 聽Our class was amazing! 聽The talent show was a big hit, as well.

In word work, we have been learning about words with the bossy r, in words like car and storm. 聽We also learned about compound words.

In language arts, we have been reading books that teach us how to be persuasive, to help us with our writing unit. 聽We also wrapped up our author study of the Magic Tree House series. 聽Now, we are moving on to reading poetry. 聽Students will also be writing different types of poetry. 聽Last week, we wrote sensory poems about color to extend on a book we read, Hailstones and Halibut Bones. 聽We have also been learning about how to research online in the library with Mrs. Hallett. 聽Students researched dogs on the World Book for Kids website.

In math, we have been moving quickly. 聽Students learned how to tell time to the minute and worked on fractions. 聽Now, we are learning how to count money. 聽Homework was difficult last week, thanks for helping your child. 聽Please continue to work with them at home on counting coins.

In science, we learned about simple machines. 聽We discussed gears and pulleys. 聽Our Bricks for Kidz in school field trip was lots of fun. 聽Students built cars and powered them to actually drive. 聽They also made a vehicle that ran on a pulley. 聽Last week, we learned about the importance of reducing, reusing, and recycling for Earth Day.

We have also been enjoying exploring with some of our new classroom materials Mrs. Gutterman gave us. 聽We are learning to work together to solve problems and be creative. 聽Thanks, Mrs. G!

Weeks of April 24 and May 1–Jewish Studies

 - by Morah Rachel


Here she is…… 砖专讛 聽 Sarah!!!! 聽Finally, we got to her letter!! 聽Imagine that there is a dot on the left side for the letter Sin.


讗专讬讗讜转聽 Ariyot 聽 Yes, we are completing the 4th book of Ariyot and finishing the Alef-Bet!! 聽Mazal Tov!!

转 聽Tof is the last letter 聽and we learn words like:

转讜讚讛 todah 聽 thanks

转讜专讛 转讜专讜转 聽Torah 聽Torot 聽 聽5 Books of Moses

转注讜讚讛 转注讜讚讜转 te-u-dah 聽 te-u-dot 聽certificate (s)

讗讜转讬讜转 o-tee-yot 聽 letters

转谞讜注讜转 te-nu-ot 聽vowels

诪转谞讛 诪转谞讜转 聽matanah 聽matanot 聽present (s)

讞讜讘专转 讞讜讘专讜转 聽choveret 聽chov-rot 聽workbook (s)

转驻讬诇讛 转驻讬诇讜转 聽tefila tefilot 聽prayer (s)

There is no “test” at the end of this letter….. BEWARE!!! 聽Cursive is coming!! 聽 WOW!

住驻讬专转 讛注讜诪专 聽Sefirat HaOmer 聽Counting of the Omer 聽 聽From the 2nd night of Pesach 聽we count each day until we reach the holiday of Shavuot. 聽We are anticipating receiving 聽the 10 Commandments!!! 聽We include this in our daily prayers. 聽Ask your child what day of the Omer is it today??

转驻讬诇讜转 Tefilot Prayers 聽 At this point of the year, we are checking to see if our students can chant and read the prayers we have learned this year. 聽We are also learning more about these prayers with Rabbi Tilman.

讬讜诐 讛注爪诪讗讜转 Yom Ha-Atzmaoot 聽 Israel’s Independence Day 聽is approaching next week on May 2. 聽Listen for some great songs about Israel’s Birthday on the 5th day ( 讛 Hay) 聽of the Hebrew month of Iyar. 聽We will wear blue and white on Tuesday, 5/2 in honor of Israel’s 69th birthday!!

Don’t forget that the Community Wide Celebration for Israel’s birthday will be on Sunday, April 30 from 12-3 at the JCA. 聽Come Dance and Have Fun !!!

驻专砖转 讛砖讘讜注 聽Parshat HaShavua 聽Portion of the Week

TWO Double Portions ….. lots to learn…. 转讝专讬注 诪爪讜专注 Tazria-Metzora

讗讞专讬 诪讜转 聽拽讚讜砖讬诐 Acharei Mot-Kedoshim


Week of April 19—Jewish Studies 砖 Sin…. Happy Pesach!

 - by Morah Rachel

Hope you are having a wonderful Pesach!!! We know how proud you are of your children…..we’ve heard great things about how they participated in your own Seders!! We’re kvelling!!

Now back to work….. On Wednesday… April 19th!! 聽Enjoy eating Chametz 馃檪

讗专讬讗讜转 聽Ariyot!!!!

We just completed the letter 聽专 聽Resh

专讞诇 讜专讬讬谞讛 讛讚住讛 讜诪讜专讛 专讞诇 聽Rachel, Rayna and Morah Rachel 聽LOVE THIS LETTER!!

We will be moving ahead with the letter 砖 聽Sin. 聽Imagine a dot on the left side! 聽We have 1 girl who is so happy to have this letter at the beginning of her Hebrew name!! 聽砖专讛 聽Sarah!!!

Words with the letter 砖 聽 聽 sin :

诪砖讞拽 mesachek 聽 plays for a boy

诪砖讞拽转 聽mesacheket 聽plays for a girl

诪砖讞拽讬诐 mesachakim 聽plays for many

砖诪讞 聽sameach 聽happy for a boy

砖诪讞讛 聽 s’mecha 聽happy for a girl

砖诪讞讬诐 聽 s’mechim 聽happy for many

讬砖专讗诇 聽Yisrael 聽 Israel

砖砖讜谉 注讜砖讛 Sasson (name of a boy) 聽o-seh 聽 Sasson does

讙讬诇讛 注讜砖讛 聽Gila 聽(name of a girl) 聽o-sah 聽Gila 聽does

诪注砖讬诐 讟讜讘讬诐 聽 Ma-a-sim Tovim 聽 Good deeds

砖诪诇讛 聽simlah 聽 dress

砖诪诇讜转 聽s’malot 聽 dresses

讬讚 砖诪讗诇 yad s’mole 聽 聽left hand

专讙诇 砖诪讗诇 聽regel s’mole 聽 left foot

砖拽 聽 sak 聽 bag

砖注专讜转 聽s-ah-rot 聽 hair


Next week we will commemorate Yom HaShoah… to remember the Holocaust. 聽AND THEN……

讬讜诐 讛注爪诪讗讜转 Yom Ha-Atzmaut…. Israel’s Independence Day!!!

Listen for lots of fun songs as we celebrate Israel’s birthday on 聽讛 讗讬专 Hey Iyar the 5th of the Hebrew month of Iyar!! 聽We will wear blue and white on May 2 in honor of Israel’s 69th birthday!

驻专砖转 讛砖讘讜注 聽Parshat HaShavuah this week’s Torah portion is

砖诪讬谞讬 Shemini where we learn about Kashrut!!

Ulichnie’s Update March 26th

 - by erinulichnie

It has been a while since my last post. 聽Please forgive me for the length of this post, we have been so busy!

Upcoming Dates:

Tuesday, April 4: 聽Model Seder for first grade @ 1:00
Thursday, April 6: 聽Talent and Art Show-first grade performance
Friday, April 7: In school field trip-Bricks for Kidz
Monday, April 10-April18: 聽Spring break
Friday, May 12: 聽Mother’s Day poetry reading @ 9:45-10:45
Monday, June 5: 聽Father’s Day celebration @ 9:45-10:45
TBD field trip to Jacksonville Zoo

Pictures from Purim…

In word work, we have been working on sight words and words with ch, sh, and th.

Wiki stick for word work

In reading, we have been reading the Magic Tree House series by Mary Pope Osborn. 聽So far, we have read Dinosaurs Before Dark, The Knight at Dawn, and Mummies in the Morning. 聽We are practicing visualizing, or making pictures in our mind, as we read about different times and places. 聽We are also working on comprehension questions and learning new vocabulary words as we read. 聽We even wrapped each other up as mummies.

In writing, we are continuing to write opinion pieces. 聽We are learning to write reviews. 聽Students have reviewed books, movies, toys, games, restaurants, and more! 聽Our next unit will be writing fiction. 聽Writers have also been writing letters and comics during daily 5 time.

In math, we just finished up multiplication and division. 聽Students solved problems using manipulatives, pictures, skip counting, arrays, and story problems. 聽Now, we will be working on fractions. 聽Thanks for keeping up with homework!

In science, we have been so excited about our butterfly life cycle unit. 聽Students have been making observations each day in our butterfly observation journals. 聽We watched our larva change into pupa and then to butterflies. 聽It was an amazing project! 聽We released our butterflies last Thursday. 聽It was bittersweet, because the kids really were sad to see them go. 聽We even held up flowers and watched as the butterflies used their proboscis to feed themselves. 聽It was amazing! 聽Here are a few pictures and videos from our experience. 聽Mrs. Gutterman also completed several projects with our class. 聽Students learned about symmetry and how butterflies contract their wings to fly.

Animation of student created symmetrical butterflies with student photos.

Butterfly ball model gif

First Grade Butterfly Unit


Weeks of March 27and April 3–Jewish Studies 驻住讞 专

 - by Morah Rachel


On Wednesday, March 29, we look forward to a special guest visiting our class and teaching us about the map of Israel. 聽 She is Dana Marmari…. Our Community聽Shlicha, Israel Emissary!! Pictures will follow!!

We are continuing in Ariyot……. and enjoying every minute.

After the letter 拽 Kof (WE loved the story of the voices of the animals at the zoo!!) comes…..

专 聽Resh!!

专讞诇 讜专讬讬谞讛 讜诪讜专讛 专讞诇 聽Rachel V’Rainna V’ Morah Rachel

We have been waiting for this letter!!!


Here are more words we are learning:

讛讬讜诐 拽专 hayom kar 聽today is cold

讙讜专讬诇讛 聽gorilla

讗讚讜谉 讙讜专讬诇讛 聽adon gorilla 聽Mr. Gorilla

讙讘专转 讙讜专讬诇讛 g’veret gorilla 聽Mrs. Gorilla

诪注专讛 聽ma’a-rah 聽 cave

专注砖 聽 ra-ash 聽noise

专抓 聽ratz 聽runs (for a boy)

专爪讛 聽ratza 聽runs (for a girl)

专爪讬诐 ratzeem 聽runs 聽( for many)

讙专 聽 gar 聽lives (for a boy)

讙专讛 聽garah lives (for a girl)

讙专讬诐 聽gareem live (for many)

专讜拽讚 roked 聽dances (for a boy)

专讜拽讚转 聽rokedet dances (for a girl)

专讜拽讚讬诐 rokdeem 聽dance (for many)

驻住讞 讻砖专 讜砖诪讞 Pesach Kasher V’Sameach 聽 聽A Happy and Kosher Pesach


We are busy preparing for Pesach. 聽We love singing the songs from the Seder. 聽And learning words like:

讘谞讬 讬砖专讗诇 聽B’nai Yisrael 聽The children of Israel

讛诪砖驻讞讛 砖诇 诪砖讛 聽Hamishpacha shel Moshe 聽 The family of Moses:

讬讜讻讘讚 聽注诪专诐 聽诪专讬诐 聽讗讛专讜谉 聽Yocheved, Amram, Miriam, Aharon –Moses’ dad, mom , sister and brother

驻专注讛 聽讘转 驻专注讛 聽 诪爪专讬诐 聽Paroah, Bat Paroah, Mitzrayim 聽 Pharoah, Pharoah’s daughter , Egypt

诪诇讱 讛注讜诇诐 Melech Haolam 聽 聽King of the Universe

讞讙 讛讗讘讬讘 Chag Ha-aviv 聽 聽Holiday of Springtime

讞讙 讛讞专讜转 聽Chag Ha-cherut 聽 Holiday of freedom

讞讙 讛诪爪讜转 聽Chag Ha-matzot 聽 Holiday of matzahs

注讘讚讬诐 聽avadim 聽 slaves

讘谞讬 讞讜专讬谉 聽b’nai choreen 聽 free people

讞诪抓 聽chametz 聽 all the leaven we have to not eat and get rid of on Pesach.

We will search for the Chametz in our classroom before Pesach.. This is true Spring Cleaning!!!!

We know that our “Ambassadors” from Kitah Alef will shine at your family’s Seders!! 聽We are so proud of them and how much they’ve learned about Pesach. 聽Enjoy!!

*********KITAH ALEF’S MODEL SEDER !!!*******************

Please remember that our Model Seder is on Tuesday, 4/4 at 1:00 PM . 聽Also thanks to anyone who wants to help set up our seder….come at 12:30!!! 聽 This is going to be a memorable (and perhaps lengthy) afternoon!!! 聽WE LOVE TO SING!!!!

NOTE: 聽 There are no hot lunches that week….before Pesach!!!

And when we return after Pesach, we will finish the alef bet 聽and move on to Hebrew聽cursive!!


驻专砖转 讛砖讘讜注聽 Parshat HaShavua 聽The聽Portion of the Torah. 聽 We are beginning the next book of the Torah….called 讜讬拽专讗 Vayikra 聽Leviticus 聽 and the following week 聽the Torah portion is

爪讜 Tzav. 聽That Shabbat (4/8) has a special name called

砖讘转 讛讙讚讜诇 聽Shabbat HaGadol 聽The Big Shabbat right before Pesach begins. 聽馃檪

Week of March 20–Jewish Studies

 - by Morah Rachel

Thanks SO MUCH to the moms who helped us bake our hamentashen;

Melanie, Marissa and Whitney

We had a great time on Purim!!!

讗专讬讗讜转 聽Ariyot continues…..

爪 聽抓 聽 聽Tzadee and Tzadee Sofit (Final Tzadee found only at the end of a word)

This sounds like the tz in Tzedakah!!

注爪讬抓 聽 atzeet 聽 聽plant

爪讘 聽 tzav 聽 聽turtle

爪讘讬 聽 tzvi 聽 deer

爪讬驻讜专 聽 tzeepor 聽 bird

爪讜讘注 聽tzoveh-a 聽 聽paints for a boy

爪讜讘注转 聽 聽tzovah-at 聽 paints for a girl

爪讜讘注讬诐 聽 聽tzove-em 聽 paint for many

诪爪讘讬注 聽 聽matz-bee-ah 聽 points for a boy

诪爪讘讬注讛 聽matz-bee-AH 聽 points for a girl

诪爪讘讬注讬诐 聽 matz-bee=im 聽points for many

诪爪诇诪讛 聽 聽matz-leh-ma 聽 camera

诪爪讬专 聽 聽 聽mi-tzayer 聽 draws for a boy

诪爪讬专转 聽 mi-tzayeret 聽 draws for a girl

诪爪讬专讬诐 聽 聽mit-tza-yi-rim 聽draws for many

Hebrew reading and reviewing with your child is getting more and more important each week as we progress through the alef-bet.

And more 聽讗专讬讗讜转 Ariyot 聽We are still working on the letters 爪 聽 抓 聽 拽 聽Tzadee, Tzadee Sofit (final)

Beginning the new letter Kof 拽

Here are words from this new fun story:

诪拽砖讬讘 聽 maksheev 聽pays attention for a boy

诪拽砖讬讘讛 聽maksheeva 聽 pays attention for a girl

诪拽砖讬讘讬诐 聽maksheevim 聽pays attention for many

诪拽诇讬讟 聽makleet 聽 records (a voice or sound) for a boy

诪拽诇讬讟讛 makleeta 聽 聽records for a girl

诪拽诇讬讟讬诐 聽makleetim 聽records for many

拽讜诇 聽kol 聽 voice

诪讚讘讬拽 聽madbeek 聽 聽glues for a boy

诪讚讘讬拽讛 聽 madbeeka 聽glues for a girl

诪讚讘讬拽讬诐 聽madbeekim 聽glues for many

拽讜祝 kof 聽boy monkey

拽讜驻讛 聽kofah 聽girl monkey

拽讜驻讬诐 聽kofim 聽 monkeys

拽讜驻抓 聽kofetz 聽 jumps for a boy

拽讜驻爪转 聽kofetzet 聽jumps for a girl

拽讜驻爪讬诐 聽koftzim 聽jumps for many

爪讜讞拽 聽 tzochek 聽 聽laughs for a boy

爪讜讞拽转 聽tzocheket 聽laughs for a girl

爪讜讞拽讬诐 聽tzochakim 聽laughs for m

驻专砖转 讛砖讘讜注 聽 讜讬拽讛诇 驻拽讜讚讬 Parshat HaShavua- Portion of the week from the Torah… This week we have 2 portions 聽Vayakehl and Pekuday. 聽Sometimes we have to double up the portions so that we can finish the Torah 聽in a year.

You should be hearing lots of Pesach songs….. we are really going strong and will be ready for our Seder on April 4 at 1:00. 聽SAVE THE DATE!!!