Ulichnie’s Update September 23rd

 - by erinulichnie

We have been working on short e words this week, like bed and then.  Students are building words in a variety of ways.  They can make word bracelets, build with foam letters, stickers, stamps, magnets, chalk, window markers, or paint.  We have even put our words in ABC order and written sentences with our words.  We are focusing on starting with a capital letter and ending with punctuation, I call it a stop sign.  Our class is having a great time playing games on Spelling City.   Check it out at home!

Homepage Template

In reading, this week I recorded a fall oral reading sample for each student.  These will be on student blogs soon!  We are also reading nonfiction books to go with our science unit.  We have read about the solar system and the moon.



In math, we are continuing to work on addition.  The highlight of last week was our M&M’s guestimation jar lesson.  We estimated how many candies were in the jar and then counted.  Little did I know, there were 633 M&M’s in the jar!  We counted by 2’s and grouped into groups of 10’s and 100’s.  We also graphed our candies and finally, got to eat them.  This week we solved story problems with manipulatives.  Then, students created their own story problems with different themes, apples, the ocean, and farm.  We wrote words to tell the story, wrote number sentences, and number bond.  Then we shared our stories and solved the student created problems.  On Friday, we measured apples.  Students used a balance to weigh their apple and yarn to measure the circumference.  We also predicted if it would sink or float and tested it out.  After all of that fun, we estimated how many seeds are in a apple.  We found 7 seeds inside.  I also introduced our class to a new website.  We played car wash and diaper derby.  You can pick addition games at the top of the site.


We spent time learning about the solar system and the moon this week in science.  Here are a couple of the fun videos we watched.  We made a diagram of the phases of the moon using Oreo cookies.  Yum!  We will visit the science lab next week and learn about constellations.

Moon rap


Solar system song


In social studies, we read a Weekly Studies magazine.  We learned about citizenship, the U.S. flag, and our rights as citizens.

Week of Sept. 19—Jewish Studies

 - by Morah Rachel

We enjoyed seeing y’all at our Open House.  If you weren’t able to attend, please look on the blog for more information about our class.   And continue reading our blog!!!!  And continue reviewing the letters and vowels found on the circled pages in Ariyot (the orange workbook).     Practice is key!!! And bringing Ariyot to school everyday is extremely important to our success!!

Get ready….. a new letter is here!!!  Some of us have been really looking forward to this one…..

 ג  Gimel!!!!

We get to meet more friends in our virtual class and more words with this letter like:

גדי   Gadi    a boy in Morah Shira’s virtual class

גילה  Gila    a girl in Morah Shira’s virtual class

גג   Gag    roof

גב   Gav   Back  (on a body)

גב של גדי  Gav shel Gadi    back of Gadi

גב של גילה Gav shel Gila    back of Gila

גן  Gan   playground

At this point we are also introduced to vowels that makes the sound–

EEEEEE      and meet new friends:

בינה  Bina   a girl in Morah Shira’s virtual class

אמא  Ema    mother

HIGH HOLIDAYS are approaching and we are getting ready!  We know the names of the notes of the Shofar.  We will be very ready for the new year 5777!!!

We will be going on a Sukkah Hop on Thursday,  Oct. 20 at about 1:30 PM.  If you would like us to come and visit your sukkah in the neighborhood, please let us know!!  (Thanks in advance for your hospitality!!)   We have a few drivers that signed up already, but we could always use more!  It’s a great afternoon and learning experience for everyone who “hops” with us!!

Ulichnie’s Update September 14th

 - by erinulichnie

Our class has been hard at work this week with our new spelling words.  We are focusing on short a words this week.  You can use the student login I sent home Friday to log on to http://www.spellingcity.com/ to play games and practice words.  I taught the class about it this week.  Send me a note if you need me to resend the login information.  Students will get a spelling packet on Monday each week, which needs to be completed and turned in on Friday.  We have our first spelling test this week on Friday.

We are also having fun reading poetry each week.  This helps early readers practice reading fluently.  Students identify rhyming words and discuss punctuation.  Soon, we will be discussing nouns.  Reading groups have been going great.  Students are discussing stories and working on reading fluency.  You should be noticing your child bringing home readers on their level for homework to practice each week.

In writer’s workshop, we are continuing to write personal narratives.  Students are loving being writers.  Here are a few great ways to encourage writing at home:  have your child write letters or emails to family members.  They could even start a journal.  You could let your child help write the grocery list.  A great website for writing is http://www.storybird.com.

In math, we have been focusing on number bonds.  We played games with dice and dominos to make number bonds.  We are writing addition and subtraction sentences.  Here is a number bond video we watched in class.


Math games

Math games

On Thursday, you are invited to join us for Back to School night.  We will be meeting in Morah Rachel’s room 207 at 7:00.  We will go over first grade curriculum and basic information.  We look forward to seeing you!



Israeli dancing

Israeli dancing

Upcoming Events:

Thursday, September 15 Back to School Night

Friday, September 23 Picture Day


Week of Sept. 12—Jewish Studies

 - by Morah Rachel

טוב בכיתה Tov BaKitah  It’s Good in our Classroom!!  NO!! It’s  really GREAT!! And we’re all here….except  אלי ELI who was absent that day 🙁

Don’t we just love enjoying all the fun stuff with Ariyot??  Maybe you need to know more details about our class!!  Don’t worry…. you’ll get to see all this in action and know much more when you attend Back to School Night  this Thursday evening 9/15 at 7 PM.    See you there!!

Many of our parents are learning along  with us as we learn the alef-bet.  Keep up the good work!  Reading at home is so important for all to succeed!!  Please read and listen to our books and CD’s from our class library and return the next day!!!

Here’s the next letter we are learning:

ב BET!!!  (Imagine it has a dot in the middle) With words like:

ברק (Barak) a boy’s name (like the President’s!)

בית (bayit) house

בלון (balone)  balloon

אבא (abba)  father

סבא (sabba) grandfather

שבת (Shabbat)

The story with this letter has Barak so excited that father is coming home…. especially when father brings him a balloon.

And we have one student who has a name that begins with this letter!!!

בנימין Benyamin


And then there’s more…..  This letter has a twin… almost the same but one difference:

ב Bet (with a dot in the middle) and Vet (without dot)  We  can identify words with Vet like:

צבע   Tzevah    color

צהוב  Tzahove    yellow

לבן  Lavan     white

סבתא  Savta    Grandmother    (This is what Morah Rachel and Morah Hanna are called by their grandchildren!!!  We LOVE being called  Savta!!!)


We are working on becoming better people throughout the new year.  Hopefully this will be evident at school, at home and wherever we go.

טוב  Tov   Good

לא טוב Lo Tov    Not good

We hope to fill up the good side of our scale with good deeds and not fill up the “not good” side EVER!!!  We are working on this daily (even after the holidays!!).

Here are some useful words we will be learning for the New Year:
ראש הנה   Rosh Hashanah   The head of the year
שנה טובה  Shana Tovah       A good year  (greeting)
שופר   Shofar       A ram’s horn used to announce the new year
מחזור  Mach-zor   Special prayerbook for the High Holidays
תקיעה  Tekiah One long note blown on the shofar
שברים   Shevarim  Three shorter notes
תרועה  Teruah  Nine really short notes
תקיעה גדולה  Tekiah Gedolah  One really loooooooong note
We have some excellent shofar blowers in this class.  Perhaps, we are just full of hot air!!

Ulichnie’s Update September 6th

 - by erinulichnie

Last week was fun filled.  We worked on some review sight words last week.  We practiced a variety of ways.  Students wrote words on marker boards, painted words with water colors, and even  wrote in shaving cream.  I have started reading groups and am loving working with our amazing readers is small groups.  Students are also learning about the different pieces of the “Daily 5”.  So far, we have practiced reading to self, listening to reading, and this week we added our word work center.  Students build words a variety of ways.  They get to use play dough, beads, stamps, magnet letters, and window markers to build words, just to name a few.

In math, we wrapped up our first chapter on numbers and counting.  We worked on skip counting and finding the number patterns on a hundreds chart.  You can work on making sure your child is not writing numbers backwards.  Have them correct it on homework.  Also, you can give them a number line to help make sure the numbers are not backwards.  Students have done a great job completing math homework each day.  Check the first grade homework sheet to see what pages are assigned each day.  This week will be all about number bonds.

I introduced writer’s workshop this week.  Students have a writer’s notebook to write their stories.  We are working on our first unit, personal narratives.  Students are writing stories about things that happened to them or things that they can do.  They love sharing in the “share chair” each day.  We are working hard to stretch out our sounds, capitalization, and punctuation in writer’s workshop.

We are so excited about show and tell.  It is rescheduled for this Friday.  We will be adding spelling homework next week.  Be on the look out for a spelling packet on Monday, next week.

Here are a couple of the videos we have been watching to help us remember our vowels.

Bat Vowel


Vowel Song


Upcoming Events:

Sept. 9     Show and tell rescheduled from last week

Sept. 15   Back to school night


Week of September 5—Jewish Studies

 - by Morah Rachel

We are so proud of our students in Kitah Alef and their enthusiasm for Jewish Studies!!! Thanks to all our families for reviewing the circled pages in אריאות Ariyot.   The homework (reading with an adult or older sibling) should  not take more than 10-15 minutes.  When a CD and Booklet come home from our library, it should be read (and listened to) also with an adult and then returned the next day to our class. Reading is fun and productive!!!  (CD could be listened to in the car and booklet could be read on the way to or from school)

We look forward to meeting new friends in Morah Shira’s “virtual” classroom!!!

ש  The letter Shin is what we will  work on this week.  Words in our dictionary include:

שחר    Shachar   A boy in the virtual classrom

שרונה Sharona   A girl in the virtual classroom

שחור  Shachor   black

שלום  Shalom   hello, goodbye and peace

שבת  Shabbat    Sabbath

שבת שלום  Shabbat Shalom   a peaceful Sabbath  (greeting)

המורה שירה  HaMorah Shira  is the teacher in the virtual classroom


We made the letter with our bodies!!!



We have a  boy in our own class who has a name that starts with the letter ש Shin—-

שמואל  Shmuel!!



Week of August 22–Jewish Studies

 - by Morah Rachel

0    שלום כיתה  א Shalom Kitah Alef    Hello, First Grade!!!

PLEASE NOTE:   Our Jewish Studies class blog gets updated early on Sunday mornings .   It’s a great way to keep up with what we’re doing in our Jewish Studies class.  If there are questions, even after reading the blog, please contact us!!!   NO STRESS!!  We want everyone to enjoy this wonderful time!!!

We have been singing and learning lots this week.  The letter א Alef  is at the beginning of words like:

אריאות ariyot (our Hebrew letter lion)

אבא abba (dad)

ארון  aron (cabinet)

אדום adome (red)

אני anee (I)

We also have many proud students who have names that begin with א —–

אורה איתן אליענה Orah, Eitan and Elianah

See their picture below!!!



We have made the letter א alef  and various vowels that sound like AHHHHH with our bodies, on the board and even out of Twizzlers!!!  What’s not to like about Kitah Alef????



Please note once again that the pages that are circled in Ariyot are the ones to practice with your child for homework.  Those are the pages that we have completed in class and these pages should seem somewhat familiar to your child.  Enjoy!!  Please don’t worry if you don’t see the orange Ariyot workbook coming home on Thursdays.  That’s because there is no HW on Thursdays—that’s the day we, the teachers, check  the work in Ariyot!!


We pray once a week on Tuesdays with Rabbi Tilman and it already has been a pleasure for all of us!  We also pray on Thursdays with Hazzan Holzer in the chapel and will be taking part in the Torah service there.


:)  On Thursdays, after praying, we have הפסקה  Hafsaka or recess with our friends in 2-5 grades!! Can’t wait to see our siblings and make new friends outside!!



On Friday afternoons at about 3:25 PM in the chapel, we would love to have “Mystery Readers” read in ENGLISH OR HEBREW to Kitah Alef.  If you are interested,  let us know a date that works for you and we will try  to work it out.  It’s a great opportunity for parents or grandparents to be with us!

Also, we have a fabulous library in our classroom and the students occasionally get to check out a book and matching CD.  PLEASE read and listen with your child and then RETURN the book and CD the next day.  That way, everyone will get a turn to read the books!!  These books are a great way to learn along with us.

It’s been a great first week and we’re looking forward to more fun ahead!!! !



Ulichnie’s Update August 26th

 - by erinulichnie

Our first week has been so great!  We have worked hard on learning classroom routines and expectations this week.  We also are learning about the Daily 5, which is our reading program.  Students are practicing the read to self piece this week and how to pick a good fit book.  Students have been writing sentences to respond to our reading.  We have been reviewing letters and sounds, as well.  Ask your child:  How many vowels does the alphabet have?  I hope they remember!  There have been great read alouds, writing, and art projects.  In math, we practiced writing our numbers to 100 and skip counting by 2’s, 5’s, and 10’s.  Here are some silly videos we watched in class to help us count.



We even learned about maps in social studies.  For science, this week, we watched a fun animal video from the series Zoo Clues.  Please check your child’s homework folder and sign daily, here you will find your child’s daily homework and behavior.  I will be assigning math homework next week.  Be looking for a yellow workbook.  It will need to be returned daily, so that I can check homework.  Please email if you need anything!  Thank you for helping us get off to a great start!

Here are a few fun pictures from the week.  Enjoy!

Ulichnie’s Last Update

 - by erinulichnie

The last few weeks have been busy and fun filled.  We have spent the last few weeks reviewing and assessing for second grade.  Here are some pictures of the memories we have made.   I am so grateful to have been this amazing group’s teacher this year.  Thank you for all of your support during our first grade adventure.  I know great things are ahead in second grade.  Don’t forget to read this summer and practice those math facts.  Have a wonderful summer!

Color Wars included tug of war, basketball race, sack race, scavenger hunt, capture the flag, popsicles, and the egg race.

Thanks for coming to the Donuts with Dad event.  Here are the superhero pictures of our kids.  One cutie wasn’t feeling the superhero theme, but I think he’s super cute anyway.  It makes me sad seeing them flying off into second grade.

Here are the last week of first grade pictures.  You have such adorable children!  Think of how much they have accomplished this year.  Yes, I am getting sentimental.  These are our portraits of success.  This year has been full of word work, spelling, handwriting, writing personal narratives, informational writing, opinion writing, fiction writing, daily 5, reading groups (my favorite), addition, subtraction, fractions, telling time, measuring, multiplication, division, place value, science, social studies, art, music, P.E., library, and best of all friends.

Happy Summer!

Happy Summer!


 - by Morah Rachel

Our last blog post of Jewish Studies for this year  🙁

We had a wonderful time for לג בעומר Lag B’Omer and enjoyed Color War last Thursday!

The holiday of  שבועות Shavuot is the next holiday and we will celebrate it on June 11-13. We are so proud that we are learning all about the 10 Commandments!  AND we can write them in cursive!!

חג שמח  Chag Sameach!! We will finish counting the Omer….49 days!!

The school year has flown by!! We have enjoyed every moment with this fabulous group!!

We have lots of fun planned for the last days of Jewish Studies this school year filled with reading and writing and singing and dancing!!  Don’t forget over the summer to read, write, and speak Hebrew.  Also, even if we are not at school, Shabbat, Shavuot  and Torah readings continue!!  See you at shul???

פרשת השבוע  Parshat HaShavua This week’s Torah portion is בחקותי Bechukotai  And we learn that if we do—

מעשים טובים  Ma’asim tovim  good deeds, we will be rewarded!


We have enjoyed our Torah service on Thursdays with the Chazzan. Each one of us has had the opportunity to be called to the Torah and say our full names in Hebrew and say the blessings.  Thanks to  Chazzan Holzer for leading us!!


Check out their blue writing notebooks to see what they can read in their own cursive handwriting.  We’ll be writing lots more in cursive from now on!!  Please use their blue writing notebooks to practice cursive reading & writing over the summer!

Thank you to Rabbi Tilman for davening with us on Tuesdays.  We appreciate you taking the time to be with us and answering a lot of  our questions!!  You are a great Jeopardy player!!!

We know the Birkat HaMazon… the Grace after Meals… and we all led it at lunch !!



להתראות  L’hitraot……. See you later!!!


To our sweet כיתה א  Kitah Alef class and loyal readers:

Thank you for the generous gifts that you so kindly gave us.  We appreciate all your kindnesses!

We have truly loved teaching this class and expect great things from them in the future.  Thanks also to the wonderful families who have been so supportive.

באהבה B’Ahava   With love,

מורה רחל ומורה חנה  Morah Rachel and Morah Hanna