First Grade – Kitah Alef

Ms. Lewis and Morah Rachel

Week of October 27–Jewish Studies

We have completed the letter  ו vav… and must underscore how important it is to review this with your child. It is confusing!  FYI  — the letter vav can be a letter AND  a vowel.  It makes the sound of O when it has a dot Over its head like in the word  שלום Shalom.

ז the letter Zayin is next with words like:

אוז Avaz   a male goose

אוזה  avazah   a female goose

אוזון  avazone  a baby goose

זז  zaz  moves for a boy

זזה   zazah  moves for a girl

זהב  zahav   gold

We meet the cutest little goose in this story ….

זוזו האוזון   Zozo HaAvazone   Zozo the baby goose.

Enjoy reading and re-reading this story with your child.  Act out the parts…. it’s fun!

פרשת השבוע  Parshat HaShavua    Portion of the Week

תורה  TORAH  5 Books of Moses

As we explained before, we have a new workbook for Torah portions.  Each week we discuss the portion and  cut, glue and color 2 pages relating to the portion.  It is ok if the whole page is not colored.  We are looking for the important elements in the portion to be colored. Most of this work should be completed during class time on Fridays, so you probably won’t see the workbook at home.  However, if more time is needed (or wanted), the workbook can go home to be returned ASAP!!

לך לך Lech Lecha    GO!!!    is this week’s Torah portion.  It’s about Avraham and Sarah and their journey that they took after God commanded them to GO!

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10th Week of 1st Grade – General Studies

What a wonderful Monday!  We started with our morning meeting and then went right to vision screening.

When we got back, we got right to work by starting read to self.

IMG_3751 IMG_3752 IMG_3753 IMG_3754 IMG_3755

After reflecting and sharing some wow words, we jumped into word work.  Before we started word work, our Queen and King of read to self were awarded.  We also decided that tomorrow we will take some time to review what read to self looks like!

We have almost made our rounds during word work so that everyone has been to each station once.  We are excited to go back to our favorite stations and to have some choice before we get new stations next week.

IMG_3757 IMG_3758 IMG_3761 IMG_3762 After word work we were excited to have snack and hear Ms. Lewis read Junie B.

After snack we enjoyed recess and then we were off to art!  When we finished art we were already off to lunch.  Since our tummies were filled and we were re-energized, we started math.  We had POTD and then took a test all about subtraction.  We even reviewed the synonyms (same meaning words) for addition and subtraction.


When we finished math, we packed up our stuff and got our folders.  Those of us who were able, got our chatter prizes, and headed towards Jewish studies!

Tuesday morning we started with our usual morning routine; journal and morning meeting.  We began our work with read to self.  We had our books, found our cozy spots and began our reading!  Ms. Lewis took turns reading with us and she even recorded some of sure to keep an eye out on our Blogfolios for a new post!

After reflecting, we started word work.  We were excited to work with our new words!!   We also finished going to each station and we can’t wait to learn about the new stations Ms. Lewis has come up with!!

When we were finished with word work we were off to PE.  Tuesday is our running day, so we were extra hungry when we came back from PE..good thing it was snack time!!  We listening to Junie B Jones while we munched and the we started math.

We did POTD and also took a test!  We took a cumulative test, which means it was a review of everything we have learned so far this year!  When everyone was finished, we had time to go to recess before lunch :) Then after lunch we went right o music then came back to Ms. Lewis to get our folders and head off to Jewish studies.

We were busy on Wednesday.  We started our morning and took our time since we were going to science first!  After the pledge and hatikvah we headed to the science lab for the 2nd time in 1st grade!! We were learning about bird nests–how cool!!

When we were finished with science we went right over to the gym for PE and came back to enjoy snack.  What a fun morning!! We listened to Junie B and moved on to Daily 5!  We started with read to self.

IMG_3800 IMG_3801 IMG_3802

We enjoyed our time and even went a little longer than 10 minutes!!  WOW :) Ms. Lewis loves getting to read with us, too!  Such a treat.

During word work we enjoyed bringing back some old favorite stations and trying out a new station or two!  We brought back the magnet words, and rainbow writing.  We kept the iPad station, and Ms. Lewis’ station.  The new station was that we got to write a story using our spelling words, or we could write a sentence with each word!!  We were pretty excited.

We wrapped up just in time for lunch.  When we got back, it was time for math.  We jumped right into our textbook.  We are starting a new unit about position and direction!!  Usually Ms. Lewis introduces this in a super fun way and we get to go all around the room in different ways and directions!!  We started by going UNDER our desks and over to the LEFT of the room…

IMG_3803 IMG_3805

….unfortunately, when we got to FAR AWAY, we lost all control.  It was very disappointing :( instead of running around the room and learning, we ended up back at our desks using our fingers in our textbook to learn.  We still learned new things, but it wasn’t as fun as Ms. Lewis wanted it to be.

When we finished up math, it was almost time for Jewish studies!  So we packed up our folders, got our chatter prizes, and headed down the hall to meet Morah Rachel and Morah Hannah.

Thursday, Friday, and Monday Ms. Lewis is will be out of town.  Mrs. Raitt will be our substitute and we are excited to spend time with her and show off our skills!

On Thursday we will be coming home with NEW AR books! Make sure to read them 3 or more times before next Thursday, unless you have a chapter book.

Friday will be a fun day as always!  We will start our morning with a Rosh Chodesh assembly and then go to library.  We will have our spelling tests, play Homeworkopoly, and even do SHOW and TELL!!!!  It’s been so long since wer have been able to do Show and Tell!!

We even get a birthday celebration, and mystery reader on Friday!! Wow. Ms. Lewis is bummed that she will miss all the fun!!!


On Monday, even though Ms. Lewis will not be there, we will get a new homework packet.  Homework will be due on and spelling tests will be on Friday, October 31st.

We have an upcoming field trip!  November 3rd, we will be heading to the Florida Theater to see Junie B. Jones!!  We are still reading the stories that will be in the play; it’s been so much fun.  We will be back to school for lunch, so there is no need to do anything special!

PLEASE make sure you have signed up for a CONFERENCE, if you would like one.  Here is the link to sign up:


Don’t hesitate to contact Ms. Lewis with any questions, concerns, or compliments :) An early Shabbat Shalom to you and your family!!!

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Week of October 20—Jewish Studies

תודה רבה TODAH RABA  MANY THANKS to all our families who helped make the holidays so special.  Especially, we would like to thank those who volunteered during the High Holidays,  those who drove us on our sukkah hop, those who hosted us in their beautiful sukkot  and those who helped make our award-winning class sukkah so spectacular!!  WOW!  We also loved dancing with the Torahs and our students on Simchat Torah!    We really appreciate our fabulous Kitah Alef  family!!

AND now back to our regular routine and  a full week of school!!!!

We are beginning our new book of

אריאות  Ariyot       WOW!!!!  It is green!!  Halleluyah!!

(Please remember  the homework is to READ with your child!!! )

ו The letter vav continues to surprise us!  We love meeting:

אדון בלון  Adon Balon Mr. Balloon  and the always changing balloon that is

ורוד  Varode  pink!  (In this word, it is not only a letter but also a vowel!!)

Please note that this letter can be found linking words as the word AND!!!

אבא ואמא  Aba V’Ema    Father AND Mother

שחר ושרונה Shachar V’Sharona  Shachar AND Sharona

פרשת השבוע Parshat HaShavuah  The Torah portion of the week

בראשית Breisheet  In the Beginning  (Genesis) is the name of the first book of the Torah and was also the name of the first portion that we cut, glued & colored. It includes creation and Adam & Eve and the Garden of Eden!!   This week’s Torah portion is:

נח  NOACH  Noah  Yes, the animals, the flood and the rainbow!!  We work on the Torah portion each Friday!!

We  love reading the Torah with Hazzan Holzer every Thursday.

תפילות  Tefilot  Prayers  We enjoy  praying with Rabbi Tilman on Tuesdays.  We are so glad to count him in our minyan.

שלום בכיתה  Shalom BaKitah   We  have finally returned to this book and enjoy learning all about our classroom and  the stuff in our backpacks!  :)

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9th Week of 1st Grade – General Studies

***A HUGE THANK YOU TO ALL PARENTS WHO HELPED US WIN THE SUKKAH COMPETITION!!! Please share the amazing news with our kiddos :) I found out that we won after school was over (on Wednesday)!  HOORAY FOR US!!!!! We will surely celebrate!!!!!!!***

What a fabulous Monday! We got a lot done and had a blast!!  We sure missed seeing these smiling faces over the Holiday.

We started our morning with our journal question and then moved on to our meeting where we discussed the usual-the date, weather, and days of the week!  We moved right on to start read to self.  We held our record of 10 minutes of stamina, but it was a challenge today.  We reviewed a bit and also reflected.  We even had time to share some WOW words, we had some great ones today–sprawled, moonlight, and more!  After read to self, we started word work.  Excitement was high as our stations are still new!  We had air writing (which is proving NOT to be a favorite!), popsicle stick spelling, pyramid words, iPads, and working with Ms. Lewis!

IMG_3581 IMG_3583 IMG_3587 IMG_3585 IMG_3586 IMG_3588 IMG_3579

We reflected after word work and shared things that went well or that we didn’t like.  After word work it was finally snack time!!  During snack we started to read Junie B. Jones.  We are going to see Junie. B. Jones on NOVEMBER 3rd FOR OUR FIRST FIELD TRIP!!!  We will be back at school for lunch, but , more information on our field trip will be coming home soon.  We are oober excited already :)

After snack we started math.  We worked in our workbooks today and we are started to work with adding and subtracting; its been hard for us to remember to look at the sign!!  Sometimes we accidentally add when we are supposed to subtract and visa-versa..oy! We even started to talk about fact families!!

IMG_3591 IMG_3592 IMG_3593 We were so into math, that Ms. Lewis totally forgot about art and Mrs. Gutterman had to come get us!!  Oops!!! So, we dropped what we were doing and rushed down the hall to art. Then we went right from art to lunch.  If we didn’t get to finish our math, then we will get to work on it Tuesday morning instead of doing a journal question.

When we got back from lunch, we started handwriting.  We worked on the letter ‘e’ today.

IMG_3595 We looked at the right way to write the letter..and the wrong way (always a favorite!).  We also reviewed the letter ‘g’.  When we were finished, we got to go to recess until Jewish studies!

On Tuesday we were feelin’ good! We did our morning routine and jumped into math.  We worked in our workbooks and even got to do a mystery subtraction picture!  Since we had worked so hard, and since we had a bit of time before going to PE, we had a mini dance party!!!  Why not?!  We started with some freeze dance and then did a few classics like the Cha-Cha Slide, Cupid Shuffle, and then back to freeze dance before we had to line up.  It was a great chance to move around and be silly, especially because we won’t get to have recess today.

When we got back from PE we had snack and Ms. Lewis read Junie B. Jones!  We reviewed what we had read yesterday, because Junie B. is a chapter book!  When we were finished with snack we moved on to start read to self.

During read to self we found our cozy spot and enjoyed our 10 minutes of stamina!

IMG_3602 IMG_3603 IMG_3604 IMG_3605

We were sure to bring a pencil and our bookmark with us to write down our WOW words!  When we were finished, we reflected about how our reading went and we also shared just a few WOW words.  Then we moved on to do word work.

IMG_3606 IMG_3607 IMG_3608 IMG_3609

When we wrapped up word work it was already time for lunch! We couldn’t believe how fast the time flew by.  When Ms. Lewis came to get us from lunch, we went right to music.  When music was over we were BEYOND excited because we were getting ready to go on our Sukkah hop!!!  We crossed our fingers that the weather would hold off :)

Wednesday was short and sweet…and boooooy were we busy!!!  We started our morning by finishing our first Junie B. Jones book!! Ms. Lewis does silly voices and we love to listen to her read Junie B!!


Then, we got the announcement that it was time to go beat the willows!! So, off we went…

IMG_3623 IMG_3624 FullSizeRender IMG_3626 FullSizeRender_12 FullSizeRender13 IMG_3630 What a great way to start our day!

When we got back to class we started math.  We worked on adding and subtracting in our workbooks.  We are even starting to work with small word problems!!  After math we went outside to recess–we were supposed to go to PE, but Coach was sick–so we enjoyed recess time!  Ms. Lewis also took this opportunity to start our spelling test ;) Mwah ha ha!!!

Then, after lots of playing, we went back inside to have snack.  Ms. Lewis continued testing us on spelling while we got to watch an episode of Magic School Bus during snack.  Right after snack we played homeworkopoly and then before we knew it, it was time for our Simchat Torah parade!!

IMG_3634 FullSizeRender_2 IMG_3635 IMG_3637 We ended the parade at carpool!


We are finally back to a regular week next week!!

We will get a new homework packet on Monday.  Ms. Lewis will be out towards the end of next week, so our homework due date and when our SP tests will be is still TBD! We will know on Monday!

Please be on the lookout for an important email concerning the upcoming conference day.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with Ms. Lewis about any concerns, questions, or compliments!!  We hope you have another wonderful holiday weekend!!!

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8th Week of 1st Grade – General Studies

We hope everyone had an easy and safe fasting on Saturday for Yom Kippur.

Monday morning we came in slowly; it was a busy weekend for most of us!  By the time we finished our journal and morning meeting, we had woken up and were ready to really start the day.  We began our morning with read to self, and moved right into word work.  We reflected after both read to self and word work.  We are excited to get new words to work with, AND to get new stations during word work!!

After daily 5 we enjoyed snack time.  We started working on our POTD next.  Then, we worked independently in our workbook.


We got to show off our skills with subtraction, or take aways.  We still have some work to do, but the more practice we get, the better we will do!

After math we enjoyed recess!!  We usually have art on Monday’s, but Mrs. Gutterman had to reschedule unexpectedly!  We enjoyed recess and then we were off to lunch.

IMG_3430 IMG_3431 IMG_3432

After lunch we did handwriting.  We are really getting good with our letters!  We are working slowly, but that is letting us concentrate.  Today we worked on ‘g’, it’s a kitty cat letter because it’s tail hangs down and curls like a cats tail!  Once we wrapped up our handwriting, we were able to play freeze dance before Jewish studies!!

Tuesday we were BUSY, although we barely got to see Ms. Lewis.  We started our morning with a fun surprise….

IMG_3454 We got to write about whatever we wanted!!!  We could even write a story :) everyone was SO excited that we skipped our morning meeting and shared all our stories instead!  What a treat!

Then we were off to art.  We had art today to make up for the art we missed yesterday!  Thank you Mrs. Gutterman!  You can see our great work in the hallway next to the office, be sure to check it out!!

After art we came back to Ms. Lewis’ room and we did handwriting.  We worked on the letter ‘c’ today.  We also reviewed ‘a, d, g, and o’.  Then we left Ms. Lewis again and went to PE.  Tuesday is our running day, we did 2 laps on the big field!! When we finished, we were hungry–it’s a good thing snack time was next!  We enjoyed a book while we ate our yummy snack.

After snack, we met Mrs. Brodsky, Mr. Simon, and Morah Galit in the courtyard.  They helped us to decorate our sukkah!!!

FullSizeRender IMG_3470IMG_3467 IMG_3471IMG_3472 IMG_3473

We had a lot of fun!!  When we finished tye-dying, we went out to the playground to collect branches or sticks to put on top of our sukkah.


Tomorrow, we are going to make things to hang from our sticks that we collected!!  Then we washed our hands and went to lunch.  We went right to music from lunch and then came back to get our folders and go to Jewish studies!

Wednesday we were excited to decorate our Sukkah!!  We have been working hard to make our Sukkah, and Mr. Simon has been so amazing in helping us!!  We also owe a huge todah rabba to Mrs. Brodsky and Morah Galit!!!!  We could not have made our beautiful sukkah without your help :) We made paper stars and the Stars of David!!!  Then we got to get our sticks and tie our decorations; we hung the decor and added our leaves on the top!!

FullSizeRender FullSizeRender_1FullSizeRender_2 FullSizeRender_3 IMG_3533 IMG_3534 IMG_3535 FullSizeRender_4 1 2 3 5 4 11 33 44 55 22

After we finished decorating, it was time to go to PE.  When we came back from PE, we got to eat snack and celebrate Alana’s birthday!!


When we were done celebrating, we got to do word work.  We got new stations, and boy were we excited!!!  We now have 5 stations and 3 people in each group.  One of our stations was using popsicle sticks to make letters and spell our words, another station was air or carpet writing, where we spelled our words out in the air!!  We got to make pyramid words in a station and in another station we got to play a game with Ms. Lewis!  The last station is the long awaited iPad station with hangman and scrabble :)

IMG_3541 IMG_3537 IMG_3542 IMG_3543 IMG_3546 IMG_3538 IMG_3539

After word work, we reflected.  We talked about how sometimes we don’t like the stations that Ms. Lewis comes up with, however that’s too bad ;) all the stations help us learn and we only have to go to each station once!  Even if we don’t like the station, it’s great behavior to make the best of it and have a great learning time!!

We had just enough time to get our folders and play freeze dance before carpool.


We have another short week next week.  Make sure to be working on your homework packets!  We will have our spelling test next Wednesday and we will play Homeworkopoly!!!

Please don’t ever hesitate to get in touch with Ms. Lewis if you have any concerns, questions, or compliments :) Enjoy the holiday!!

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Weeks of Oct. 6 and Oct. 13 חג שמח

Hopefully, everyone had an easy fast.  We were ready for  יום  הכיפורים Yom HaKippurim the Day of Atonement  by observing the tradition of   כפרות Kaparot the atonement ceremony before Yom Kippur that used to be done with a live chicken.  Now we use a plastic chicken and give tzedakah as atonement for our bad things.

We also enjoyed   discussing the story of  יונה Jonah and the דג גדול  Big Fish.  And now…….

We wish everyone a חג שמח Chag Sameach  –Happy Holiday!  It is a wonderful,busy time of year in the Jewish calendar and we hope it is even more enjoyable with our students singing and reading!!  Even though there seems to be little class time, at home our lessons are reinforced by reviewing!!

This week,  starting on the evening of 10/8,  will be the holiday of  סוכות Sukkot.  We look forward to our Sukkah Hop on Tuesday, Oct. 14th  and give thanks again to those who are hosting us at their homes and those who are driving us there.

After a wonderful week of Sukkot eating, celebrating,  shaking the lulav and etrog comes:

שמחת תורה Simchat Torah Rejoicing with the Torah. We will be marching and singing with the Torah as we begin once again from  בראשית B’reisheet, Genesis.

A new workbook פרשת השבוע Parshat HaShavua  Portion of the Torah will be introduced .  Each Friday there will be a new portion of the week to discuss and color.  Most of this work will be completed at school but if time doesn’t permit, the work can be finished at home and returned by that following Monday or Tuesday.  It will be a special experience each Friday.


אריאות  Ariyot  Don’t we just love playing on our Smartboard, our iPads and enjoying all the fun stuff with Ariyot.???  Get ready….. a new green Ariyot workbook is about to appear with more letters to learn in the alef-bet!  Hooray!




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7th Week of 1st Grade – General Studies

Welcome back, and L’Shana Tova, happy new year!!

We were excited to get back into our routine on Monday morning.  We started with our journal question then moved on to our morning meeting.  We sang the pledge and hatikvah and then we started read to self.  Ms. Lewis wanted to review but the kids insisted that they were ready and wanted to start right away.  They even wanted to shoot for 10 minutes instead of 9, but Ms. Lewis had to draw the line!

IMG_3229 IMG_3228

It turns out that Ms. Lewis was right…we should have reviewed.  We were not able to make our stamina to 9 minutes, we didn’t even make it to 8!  We had to stop early and reflect on what went wrong and how we will make it better tomorrow.

We were excited to move on to word work; again, we did not review.  We are almost through our first round-which means that everyone will have gone to each station!

IMG_3230 IMG_3231 IMG_3232 IMG_3235 IMG_3237

We made it through word work with our only problem being that we had too much fun and we were a little too loud!  We are looking forward to starting some new games for word work, when it’s time :)

After word work we enjoyed snack.  We read a really cool book that Gabe brought to give to the library in honor of his birthday!  Thanks for sharing with us Gabe!!  It was a great book to read after word work because the book was called ‘The Boy Who Loved Words’.  We started math after snack.  We took a test on addition!!! Then it was off to art.

We went right from art to lunch.  When we got back to Ms. Lewis’ class we started handwriting.  This was the first time we ever did handwriting in 1st grade!!  It’s about time we started ;) Before we start our newest component of the daily 5, work on writing, we need to make sure that we can read our handwriting!  Today we started by reviewing letter recognition and then we learned about a way to remember how to write the letters–very generally!


A giraffe letter is tall and takes up the whole line but it doesn’t go under the line.  A dog, or puppy, letter is so cute and little–like most lower case letters! Ms. Lewis’ favorite, a cat letter, has a tail that goes under the line–like a y, g, p, or q.  Before we knew it, it was time to go to Jewish studies!  We didn’t even have time for freeze dance–hopefully tomorrow!!

Tuesday morning we were excited to start our day!  We came in to start our journal and we also had our morning meeting.  We were going to start with read to self, but we voted to change it up and start with word work instead!

IMG_3260 IMG_3256 IMG_3257 IMG_3262 IMG_3259 IMG_3263 IMG_3258

We did a much better job of controlling our volume and we had a great word work time!!  Ms. Lewis was very proud of us.  Also, everyone has been to each station at least once, so for the rest of the week we get to choose which station we want to go to–within reason ;)

After we reflected, we started read to self.  We finally made it up to 9 minutes!!  Ms. Lewis started giving out certificates, too.  We have ‘Read to Self’ Kings and Queens!!  Only one per day though.  We reflected and moved on!

After all our hard work so far, Ms. Lewis let us play freeze dance before we went to PE.  When we came back from PE we got to have snack and read 2 Lego books picked by one of our librarians, Andrew!

We were anxious to start math and we started with our POTD.  It was a new kind of addition problem where we had to draw our own unit bars!!  We did one together and then did one on our own, so we got 2 stickers!!  Then we moved on to take a cumulative test.  We worked until lunch time and then we were off to enjoy yumm-i-ness!! :) Right after lunch, Ms. Lewis took us to music.  Then we got our folders and headed off to Jewish studies.

Wednesday was our first day with our Chatter Chart.

FullSizeRender  The Chatter Chart is going to help us a lot!  We have been having been losing some class time because Ms. Lewis always has to wait for us to quiet down–we love to chit chat!  So, the Chatter Chart will help us to not call out, not interrupt, and it will also help to minimize the time we waste during a transition.  Here are the rules: strikes one and two are warnings.  These sticks help to refocus us and help us get back on the right track-hopefully.  If you get to the last stick, OUT, then a consequence will happen.  A consequence would be missing some time of recess or freeze dance and if the problem continues, maybe even a note home! However, if you keep all your sticks for your time in general studies, then you get to pick a prize from the treasure box!!!

We started our Wednesday morning like usual and jumped into math instead of the Daily 5!  We needed to change up our schedule :)  During math we started to learn about subtraction stories.  We each got to tell a story and when we finished, we stood up in our chair to take a bow!  An example of a subtraction story would be: There were 6 children playing ball.  2 children walked away to play jump rope.  There were 4 children left playing ball.  The number sentence is 6-2=4.

IMG_3285 IMG_3286 IMG_3287

After math we went to PE and came back to enjoy snack.  Then we started word work!  Today was the first day that we got to choose on our own which station we wanted to go to!  We made it fair by letting those who were highest on the behavior chart pick where they wanted to go first.  Everyone made a great choice!!

IMG_3289 IMG_3288 IMG_3290 IMG_3292

We moved on to read to self and finished right in time to go to lunch!  When we got back from lunch we started to work on our handwriting.  We are doing a little at a time and only started with 2 letters.  We worked on ‘a’ and ‘d’ today.  Now that we have learned how to write them properly, it is expected that we write them correctly from now on, in all our work!!

IMG_3293 IMG_3294 IMG_3295

After we finished handwriting we got to play outside for a tiny bit and then we were off to Jewish studies.

Thursday we did our morning routine and went right to PE!  Then we came back to start our day for real.  We started with math.  We continued in our textbook to learn about subtraction.  We did some more stories and really focused on the number sentences.

After we finished math we combined snack and AR quiz time.  Mrs. Mcveary read books to us during snack time while Ms. Lewis was in the hall giving us our AR quizzes.  WE DID NOT GET NEW AR BOOKS!!!!  While we celebrate the holidays for the next two weeks, we will not take AR quizzes on books from Mrs. Hallett’s library.  However, we will still take AR quizzes on the books we read during Daily 5 from Ms. Lewis’ library.  The next time we checkout AR books from Mrs. Hallett will be October 23rd.

After snack and AR we moved on to Daily 5.  We FINALLY reached our stamina goal of 10 minutes!!!!!!!!!!!!  What a great day :)  We reflected, awarded our king and queen, and moved on to word work.  Again, we got to choose which station we went to during word work!  We are excited to get new stations (and new spelling words) next week!!

IMG_3310 IMG_3311 IMG_3312 IMG_3313 IMG_3316

We were off to lunch before we knew it!  We came back to do another letter from our handwriting book.  We worked on ‘o’ today and also reviewed ‘d’.  When we were finished, we got our folder and went to play outside until Jewish studies.

We are loving our chance to get a prize everyday from the treasure box if we keep all our chatter sticks!!


Friday morning we were excited to play Homeworkopoly!!  Unfortunately, we rushed through our journal so that we could move on to the game ;) At the carpet, we discussed the days of the week, the month, and the weather.  Then it was FINALLY time to play!  We reviewed the rules–you only get to play if Ms. Lewis or Mrs. Mcveary has checked your homework and it id fully completed.  Making sure your homework is complete also ensures that you get to roll 2 dice instead of 1; if you miss some spots on your homework, you may only roll one dice.  We each took our turn and we cheered on our friends!  We then said the pledge and hatikvah and went to library!

When we got back from the library we got to watch an episode of The Magic School Bus during snack, its our Friday treat!!  Ms. Lewis started to pull us into the hallway one at a time for our spelling tests.  When we were finished with snack, Mrs. Mcveary started show and tell with us while Ms. Lewis continued testing in the hallway!

When everyone shared their show and tell, we started math.  We jumped right into our textbook.  We worked on our subtraction sentences and even got to work independently!

IMG_3326 IMG_3325

Ms. Lewis loved walking around and seeing everyone’s pencil moving so busily :) we’ve got some real brain busters in 1st grade!!  We went over our work together and then closed up our textbook.

We gathered our folders and packed up, ready to go.  Then, Ms. Lewis said that we were going outside..she tricked us!!  We got to play outside until it was time to go to carpool.


We get a new homework packet next week.  We will continue to work on our math subtraction skills.  Our spelling words will be new too, however instead of 4 spelling ideas, we will only do 3 since it is a shorter time period.  This homework packet will be due WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 15th.  We will also have our spelling test on that Wednesday, October 15th.  

We have 2 short weeks coming up, but we will still be busy and working hard.

We hope you have an easy fast and we will see you on Monday!! Shabbat Shalom.

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Week of Sept. 29—Jewish Studies יום כפור

Happy New Year to all and an easy fast  on Yom Kippur.

Here’s a picture from last week with our FISH!!! דגים  Dagim!!


Just wanted to inform y0u that this week we will perform the mitzvah of Tashlich which means that we will  throw all of our “bad” things away into the pond. (Actually this is old bread that will be enjoyed by the fish!) Now we can start the new year with a clean slate and become the best we can be.

We ate  apples and honey (THANKS PTA) and pomegranate seeds in honor of the holiday! How many seeds are there in a pomegranate? 613! The same number as there are mitzvot (commandments) in the Torah.

Some vocabulary words for יום הכפורים Yom HaKippurim  Day of Atonement:

טוב  Tov  Good

לא טוב Lo Tov   Not good

סליחה Selicha    Forgive me

נמר חתימה טובה G’mar Hatimah Tovah   May you be sealed in the book of life for another year.

We made our  scales ( out of hangers and paper plates) to remind us to fill up the good side!!!  We encourage this for all of 5775!!

We continue with our regular schedule in Ariyot—hoping to complete the first book and then move on to the next. We will progress as best we can with all the holidays ahead.  Making the letters out of Twizzlers and eating them is a great way to practice what we’ve learned.  ENJOY!


Thanks goes to our  Kitah Alef parents who go out of their way to help make this class so wonderful!  We appreciate all your efforts!   (Donating Tzedakah boxes,  providing computer expertise, driving on the Sukkah hop, opening your sukkah for us to visit, reading and reading some more with your child,  taking awesome photographs for our siddurim,  etc.)  תודה רבה Todah Raba!!

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6th Week of 1st Grade – General Studies

What a wonderful Monday!!  We knew it was going to be a short week, but we still had lots to learn!

We enjoyed hearing the shofars for one of the last times…only one more day left!

IMG_3076 IMG_3079

After our morning routine, we started read to self.  Ms. Lewis wanted to review, but the kids insisted on getting started right away. Ms. Lewis was SO proud, not only did we not review, but we even reached a stamina goal of 6 minutes!!!!!!!

IMG_3081 IMG_3080 IMG_3082 IMG_3084

We reflected and shared some of our WOW words before me moved on to review word work.  We get to start the games for word work on Tuesday! We will use our spelling words :)

After we reviewed word work, we got to do a weekly reader!  We learned how to be a scientist.  We learned all about the tools that a scientist uses! Then we enjoyed snack.

We started math with our POTD.  After we got our owl stickers, we started to work independently in our workbook!  Ms. Lewis was very impressed with our math talent!!  What a treat it was to watch as everyone worked so nicely :) when we finished, we had time for a round or two of freeze dance before we headed to art.

When we came back from art, it was time for lunch and then we got to go to the big blue playground for recess!!  Before we went to play, we got our folders and packed up–that way, we could have extra time at recess!  When we came back inside, we were stinky and ready to go to Jewish studies ;)

Tuesday morning was FABULOUS!  It was wet, and dreary outside, but inside..we were having a blast!!  We started our morning with the usual: journal, meeting, pledge and hatikvah.  Then we moved on right away to start read to self.  We came in with our game faces on and made it to 7 minutes of stamina!!  We realized just how long 7 minutes really is!! We reflected on our time and even got to share a few WOW words.  As we moved on, we were buzzing with excitement as we got to start our word work activities for the first time!!! We had 4 activities to try on the first day; we each tried one activity and will rotate tomorrow!  We were able to use the ipads to draw our words, we used magnets to spell our words, we used popsicle sticks to spell our words, and we even did rainbow writing with Ms. Lewis’ special boards and expo markers!

IMG_3089 IMG_3099 IMG_3102 IMG_3091 IMG_3097 IMG_3093 IMG_3094 When our time was up, we put our materials away and reflected before we went to PE.  During our reflection, we talked about what went well during our word work time and what we needed to change.  We also talked about how read to self and word work can be similar and different!

We went to PE and then came back for snack time.  During snack, we watched a cool, funny video about Rosh Hashanah.  It was to the tune of ‘All about that Bass’ but it was called ‘All about that Rosh’!!


After snack we started math.  We worked in our workbooks independently and had more practice with addition!  We are really getting good at our math facts :) When we finished our math work, we got to have recess time!  Since it was so wet and yucky, we enjoyed freeze dance in our classroom!!  We got to play 3 rounds–woah.  Then before we knew it, it was time for lunch!  We enjoyed our lunch and then got to go upstairs to music.

When we finished music class, it was time to get our folders and head off to Jewish studies!

**TUESDAY: In our daily folders, you will find our individual pictures from picture day!  Orders are due back to school on OCTOBER 7th!!  Please see attached instructions in the daily folder.**

On Wednesday we started our morning with some fun–word searches!!  We like to change it up every now and then.

IMG_3112 IMG_3114

We moved on to our morning meeting and started our day.  We got up to 8 minutes of read to self today!!  We could sense the excitement of the half day and of Rosh Hashanah; some of us had a hard time concentrating..but we made it!!!  We filled out our stamina charts, reflected, and shared some WOW words!

IMG_3115 IMG_3116 IMG_3118 IMG_3119 IMG_3120

We also couldn’t wait to start word work!!

IMG_3121 IMG_3129 IMG_3122 IMG_3123 IMG_3125 IMG_3126 IMG_3127

After word work we put our materials away and reflected before moving on to science.

In our science textbook we have been learning about trees and plants.  What they need to survive and how they grow!  We’ve also learned the parts of trees and plants!  Mrs. Brodsky and Ashton brought in avocado pits (2)


for us, and we planted them today!!  We reviewed what we had learned and we also discussed where would be a good place to plant them based on what we know they need.  We decided to plan the pits outside of our window.  We can keep an eye on them and we get to really watch them grow–hopefully!!!

IMG_3131 IMG_3130 IMG_3133 IMG_3135 IMG_3136 IMG_3141 IMG_3145

After science we came in for snack time!  We got to watch an episode of Magic School Bus all about storms and weather changing.  We could definitely tell that fall has arrived :)

We started math after snack.  We skipped our POTD and jumped right into our workbook.  We got to color a mystery picture and practice our addition!!  When we were finished, we ended our day at recess.  What a treat!!


As you may have noticed, we did not have AR this week.  We will take our next AR quiz next Thursday, as usual.  We are also able to take AR quizzes on books that we read during Daily 5!!  Ms. Lewis always encourages us to take a quiz if/when we are ready :)

REMEMBER: Our homework packet is due NEXT FRIDAY, October 3rd.  We will also have our spelling test, even though it is a half day!

Ms. Lewis’ door is always open, don’t hesitate to get in touch about anything.

Thank you for sharing your children with us.  We love them as our own and hope that their new year is full of good health and happiness!!!  L’Shana Tova from the First Grade Teaching Team :)

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Week of Sept. 22–Jewish Studies שנה טובה

שנה טובה ומתוקה  Shana Tova U’metuka  Have a sweet and happy new year.  5775 will be a great one for Kitah Alef.


We had a great time with the letter Dalet and enjoyed our time fishing!  We also made a bottle of blue water  with fish swimming!!!  WE LOVED the letter Dalet!!


ה  The letter Hey   We finally will get to finish this letter and complete this book!!

הללויה Halleluyah!

הר    har  mountain

הרים  harim  mountains

הבהב  HavHav  a dog’s name and the sound a dog makes in Hebrew (BowWow!)

הלל  Hillel  a boy student in  Morah Shira’s virtural classroom

הדסה  Hadassah   a girl student in Morah Shira’s virtual classroom

המורה שירה  HaMorah Shira  the teacher whose name is Shira in the virtual classroom


ה the letter Hey (with a vowel that makes an AH  sound)   in the beginning of a word means THE _____

מזל טוב  Mazal Tov  Congratulations as we approach the completion of this book.  Much more fun to follow!!
Enjoy all the holidays and the yummy treat that others made for us.  Listen to the songs of the holidays!!

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